5 Money Savvy SA Destinations

It is regarded as the hottest state in Australia, literally and figuratively! Its climate and rich earth have blessed its inhabitants with an abundance of produce, making South Australia the food basket of the commonwealth. Its vineyards and sweet wines are also one of the most popular in the country and a campervan hired to tour … Continue reading “5 Money Savvy SA Destinations”

Top Adventures To Take Aboard Your Australian Campervan Hire

Hired campervans are one of the best ways to see tourist destinations around Australia, considering these destinations are connected by major thoroughfares. Most tourist spots remain unspoilt,  giving them a rustic beauty that definitely make for great memories. Since there are plenty of places to go, we’ve compiled 5 of our favourite destinations aboard an Australian campervan hired for a fun filled … Continue reading “Top Adventures To Take Aboard Your Australian Campervan Hire”

Awesome Adelaide Campervan Holiday Adventures

Adelaide is not only South Australia’s capital, it’s also the cultural and culinary centre of the state. The city was established as a home to the region’s first European settlers. Colonel William Light, Adelaide’s founder, helped in envisioning a “City of Churches” and gardens that could only be described as divine.  So if you’re planning … Continue reading “Awesome Adelaide Campervan Holiday Adventures”

5 Campervan Pet Holiday Hacks

Dog owners have one major concern when planning a holiday: “Should we bring the pets or not?” This question gets asked because one, not all tourist spots in Australia and New Zealand allow pets in the premises. Two, dog owners on a camper van hired for a weekend with family and friends come with challenges, mostly with keeping pets healthy and happy throughout the trip. Should … Continue reading “5 Campervan Pet Holiday Hacks”

5 Holiday Campervan Grocery Essentials

Memorable holidays would be incomplete without covering all your holiday essentials. A typical holiday checklist would include buying most, if not all, of the grocery items you will need for your trip. Buying and preparing everything you need for your holiday on a camper rental is something that you must practice all the time whether you’re … Continue reading “5 Holiday Campervan Grocery Essentials”