10 Road Trip Essentials

10 Road Trip EssentialsAs I was carefully planning an upcoming trip in my head, I reckoned I should ask what my sister and cousin had to say about the things I wanted to bring. They both said I was overreacting with all the planning; they packed their travel bags the day or night before their own trips so why should I have to worry so much about what to pack.

When I told them both that I just wanted everything to be ready before I leave, they eventually surrendered and confessed they never liked the feeling of forgetting something because they didn’t plan ahead. They always seem pretty low maintenance until they realise they forgot sunscreen to a trip to the beach!

While there are some of us who would rather wing it and take the first things that pop into our heads for our travels, most of us just want everything ready so there’s no room for worry. There are a lot of types of travel and you’ll need different things for different trips. In Salamanda Travel, we specialise in motorhome or campervan hire so here are the 10 things you will absolutely need for your road trip:

Ten Road Trip Essentials

1. Travel Apps

Technology has definitely changed the way we do things and travelling was not saved from the evolution, and for good cause. Travel applications have made it easier to plan a trip, find directions or share experiences and new places to travel to. Some of the best apps to download are Google Maps, Localeur, Route Planner and Instagram, to name a few.

2. Playlists or books

You’ll definitely have a grander time with your Salamanda provided recreational vehicle with great music to accompany you. Choose your favourites and put them on a CD. Create different playlists that satisfy every kind of mood, whether you’re going for relaxing country or rhythm and blues to dancy and energetic pop and hip-hop mixes. If you’re not up for listening to someone sing their hearts out, you can opt to get your creative juices flowing with your favourite books and novels.

3. Planned meals

On a self-drive, you surely would not want to eat out if you don’t want your money to run out of the first day. Simply put, it may sound like a lot of thinking ahead but planning your meals can save you a lot more time and energy in the future and allows you to actually enjoy your travels with the family.Say goodbye to your daily woes of “what shall I cook today?” Have a list of snacks, daily meals, important diets, preferences (to buy your ingredients from where you can get them). Also, take note of allergies!

4. Toiletries

These are some of the things you’d never leave the house without. Make sure you have enough of your toiletries to last you the entire duration of the trip. It’s always nice to just purchase small containers for your care essentials to save space and be able to bring more by bringing less! Anyway, chances are, you won’t even be using the entire bottle or container. Some of the things you shouldn’t forget are some hair or beauty products, face washes, tissues, and even extra towels. Remember to take plenty of cleaning products for your vehicle too! The roads in Australia can be treacherous so make sure to stock up on screenwash fluid and other cleaning essentials from Australia’s leader in car cleaning and detailing products.

5. Clothing

Packing clothes can become really tricky especially if you’re unsure of the weather. Even with all the updates, it’s still hard to figure out what will happen next in Australia. The trick to packing clothes for Australia road trips s by bringing different types. Make sure you have light and airy with thicker and more warm clothes. Also, if you’re planning to pack light. You can do your own laundry or plan your clothes by day. This way, you can bring a very little amount of pieces that you can pair up, mix and match. Remember to bring versatile pieces too!

6. Gadgets

In the digital age, travelling without gadgets is a big no-no. How else are you going to update your social media without your phone or tablet? Kidding aside, you will definitely want to store your memories in your phone or camera by taking photos, use it as a journal, or catch up with something important while on a long-hire trip with an RV from Salamanda. If you’re a blogger, writer or photographer, these (laptop, camera and equipment, and phone) would surely be on the top of your list already but if you’re a regular guy, like me, then add them up on that list now.

**Important: do not forget your chargers!

7. Medicine, first aid kits

We’re not always so sure when we’ll feel crook but it’s always safe to take preventive measures and bring medicine just in case. You’ll want to pack some paracetamol, ibuprofen and multi-vitamins for quick remedies. If you’re suffering from other conditions, have your prescription medicine always at the ready and educate somebody you’re travelling with on how and when they should be taken. Also, save space in your bag for a small kit that contain basic first-aid supplies. Plus, throw in some bug repellents and hand sanitizers.

8. Pocket knife

There are wonders that only a pocket knife (also known as jack knife) could do like cutting ropes or strings, cutting an apple or simply opening a letter. There are a lot of types you can choose from as they vary for usage. For example, a hunting knife would have different tools from that of an everyday pocket knife. Make sure you get high-quality and heavy duty ones for more durability and strength. For campervan adventures, the sure way to go is a simple multi-purpose knife.

9. Cash

Money is probably something you won’t forget to bring but just in case you need reminding of how important it really is for your road trip, I’ve added it to this list. You’ll need some cash for a lot of different things like paying for food, for entrance or camping fees but more importantly, you’ll need cash for tolls. Also, bring a credit card or two for emergency purchases or payments you need to make while you’re away. Another tip you can follow is to divide your money and hide them in separate places in case something not-so-good happens.

10. Important documents

Again, this may seem like a no-brainer but there are some things you might forget. Pack in your driver’s licence, road assist and car documents, your passports and visas for international travels and of course, all sorts of identification cards.

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