10 Road Trip Songs You Need To Add On Your Playlist

Road Trip SongsThere’s no denying that long drives can get boring even with the best company. It’s either the scenic roads are just not interesting enough to drive by or everyone’s just tired on the way home.

In case you forget, sometimes, all you need is music to change your mood. You need a boost of energy that food can never provide (but if you needed that, we have it for you too). Consider yourselves lucky because we’ve got some new road trip songs to perk up your long drives! Getting an affordable subwoofer speaker for your car can make your road trips even more enjoyable as who doesn’t want to listen to their playlists on full blast?

Without further ado, here are the new top songs you should add to your road trip playlist:

Road Trip Songs



We’re starting off a little bit slowly. This track from Coldplay is pure magic (pun intended). Magic starts your road trip with something atmospheric and relaxing, just the right kind of music to kick off this adventure. And well, who could resist a little bit of our guilty pleasures, right? And yes, we could all use a little bit of magic for our adventures.

Listen here:

Top of the World

Imagine Dragons

There was a time when I dared to volunteer and take charge of the playlist. With much success, when this song played, my friend said he felt like he was in a commercial or movie. We both definitely felt we were living a scene from our favorite music videos and films! I would love to add more Imagine Dragons to this list but I’m afraid I might just be selling you the entire album so go ahead and start listening!

Listen here:

All Of The People

Panama Wedding

When the drive becomes frustrating, that’s when you know you need something relaxing. Panama Wedding’s All Of The People gives you that chill vibe, like you don’t have a care in the world but with the right dose of energy. There’s something bout the song that also hits you with some nostalgia. Do you need more of their cool vocals in your life? Try, Feels Like Summertime, Uma, and Trust.

Listen here:

Dog Days Are Over

Florence and The Machine

This song from 2010 starts with a soft, soothing voice that will give you the chills. It soon picks up some more haunting vocals and beats that just make you want to do something. It’s guaranteed to motivate, even when you aren’t sure what you will produce. When you think you’ve lost all hope for music, Florence and The Machine is here to save you.

Listen here:

Safe and Sound

Capital Cities

And here we have the perfect adventure song! This is the kind of music that you use for a video montage about your recent travel. But of course, it would also sound great whether it’s a background song for when you’re driving or if you want to belt out the lyrics with all your heart! When you’re not driving, Safe and Sound also make for the perfect mellow dance music.

Listen here:

Hey, Soul Sister


Hey, Soul Sister is the right track to keep you on the right track of positivity. With vocals that melt hearts, lyrics that inspire and instrumental solos that give you minutes of eargasmic pleasure, you’ll want to keep it on every other playlist. Everything that Train sings is sprinkled with happy so you might want to have their album in check too for those long, uneventful drives in quiet towns.

Listen here:

Dani California

Red Hot Chili Peppers

One commenter said that the Red Hot Chili Peppers don’t make music like this anymore and we quite agree. But it’s been proven that they are no one-hit wonders. They are a legend, an icon even and Dani California will be music to everyone’s ears, no matter what your age is, and whatever genre you prefer. If you’re not entirely convinced with this track, go and check out their numerous albums that have demolished the charts.

Listen here:

Don’t Dream It’s Over

Crowded House

Even if this one’s a little bit slower than the others, no one’s ever gonna feel sleepy with this track. We’ve all heard Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over and even if the lyrics are a bit weird and sometimes too fast, we like to sing along. This song is a gem and like wine, it gets better with age. If you’re up for a modern revival, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande did an amazing cover.

Listen here:

What’s Up?

4 Non Blondes

In 1992, 4 Non Blondes blessed us with this wonderful song that still has us reeling more than ten years since its release. A lot of covers have been done and a lot of renditions have been sung but nothing beats the original. The euphoric song and truly magnetic song will have you raping the replay button. By the end of your road trip, this is the one song that you’ll have on repeat mode. The song also was recently put in the scene by Sense8, a Netflix original series.

Listen here:

Living in a Prayer

Bon Jovi

This might just be the best song on this list and we can’t quite explain it. Bon Jovi has quite a large amount of enigmatic charm about him and we just can’t stop listening to all the music he creates. If we had to choose on from his variety of hits for our road trip song though, we have to choose Living in a Prayer. And yes, we will be with you when you start belting out the song wildly!

Listen here:

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