The Top End Dream Road Trip in a 4WD Campervan from Salamanda

For many it’s the ultimate boy’s dream: a road trip along the north-eastern coast of Australia – the Broome – Darwin Road trip. A trip of about 3,000 kilometers can be fitted into about 3 weeks. A 4WD campervan is a must-have as half of the trip will be off-road. You can sleep on the roof of the car or in the secure cabin, depending on the type of 4WD campervan you hire.

Salamanda Travel offers a range of 4WD campervans for hire, including the Apollo Trailfinder Camper, the Apollo Adventure Camper, and the Cheapa 4WD.

On your road trip, you will be cooking meals over a campfire, invoking the finest feeling of freedom. This road trip is designed as a real-life travel adventure; along the way you will spot crocodiles, bats, and heaps of other wildlife as well as some amazing but also isolated country.Adventure Camper Lifestyle4WD

Once upon a time, the north of Western Australia was the isolated domain of the Japanese Pearl Divers. Nowadays it is truly a paradise!


When you talk about the sunset in Broome, you are talking about the Sunset Bar & Grill, overlooking Cable Beach and the Indian Ocean. For most people, Broome is the earthly paradise; palm trees, golden beaches, the bright sunshine and the smell of the lovely frangipani. But remember, your Broome experience is not complete until you’ve ridden a camel along the beach.

Broome is a sunny and sparkling city and it is more akin a to an island resort than a bustling hub. Isolated and surrounded by wilderness, they have a so called ‘mañana-mañana’ & ‘No worries, mate!’ attitude. A few years ago tourism in Broome started to increase. Before that, the main earnings came from the outstanding pearls. Diving for pearls started in the second half of the 19th century. The divers were mainly Japanese and it was a risky job. When you visit the cemetery you will find proof, because most of the tombstones are in Japanese lettering.

Wilderness Camp Kooljaman

Camp Kooljaman is located on the tip of Dampier Peninsula. Kooljaman is a unique wilderness style luxury camp owned by an Aboriginal community. You can try mud crabbing, snorkelling, boat trips, bush tucker tours, spectacular walks, whale spotting and more. The aboriginals love to talk about their culture and they invite guests to explore the area together with them.

Malcolm Douglas Wildlife Park

When you think of Australia, you think of kangaroos. Did you know that there are more kangaroos and wallabies living in Australia than people? It’s sometimes difficult to spot them in the wild but you should not return home until you have seen kangaroos at least once. That is where the Malcolm Douglas Wildlife Park, just outside Broome comes in. Considered one of the best wildlife parks in the world, you can’t compare this Park with a Zoo; it’s a patch of fenced wilderness. You’ll be grateful the fences are there, because the park has around 7,000 crocodiles that can emerge from under the duckweed – and they are quick! Make sure you don’t miss the daily feeding tour, because this showcases some of the largest crocodiles on display in Australia.

Windjana Gorge National Park

Windjana Gorge National Park is part of a 375 million-year-old Devonian reef system and is a well known and much visited national park in the Kimberley. The Gorge is one of the Kimberley’s most stunning gorges with water-streaked walls that rise to a height of 100m. Its a great place to spot fruit bats, freshwater crocodiles and bird life. At Tunnel Creek, which flows through a waterworn tunnel beneath the limestone of the Napier Range, you can walk 750m through the cave to the other side of Napier Range. Don’t forget to make a big splash in the lake of Bell gorge. With great scenery, a waterfall and a beautiful swimming hole, it’s breathtaking. Apollo-Trailfinder-4wd-External-Photo-3-11072013114021-lg

Gibb River Road

The Gibb River Road takes you through the heart of one of Australia’s last wilderness frontiers. Drive the road and spot the age old rock formations, spectacular ranges, and magnificent rivers, vast savannahs of bushland, steep cliff faces, and delightful gorges forged over millions of years by the power of nature.

El Questro Wilderness Park

El Questro Wilderness Park is one of the last true frontiers, and definitely a place to stop during your road-trip. Its landscape offers outstanding diversity; it is a unique place, where you’ll feel the sense of adventure at every turn. Go barramundi fishing, set out on a horse trek, or explore inaccessible areas by helicopter.

Katherine Region

The star attraction of Katherine is the famous Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge), definitely a must-see. They offer the chance to cruise, canoe, walk, fly or swim around the most significant parts of the Katherine gorge area. Next to this, Katherine and its surrounds include great fishing, hidden natural wonders and a rich indigenous and pioneering history.


Discover Darwin, the relaxed, tropical capital of the Northern Territory. Visit one of the Aboriginal art galleries and cruise past crocodiles on the Adelaide River. Drink an Australian beer and take time to relax; then say “cheers” that your ultimate boy’s dream has come true.

Additional information

Travel in the dry season, which is from May to October, the easiest and most comfortable time to do the Top-End road trip. The distances are huge, but the tarmac roads are good, straight and generally empty and even the unsealed roads are well maintained. Make sure you always have enough water; the temperatures in Australia can get very high, and dehydration is a risk. Bring sunscreen, a hat and wear long sleeves. Wear comfortable footwear when undertaking activities during your road trip. Request an extra spare tyre and hire a satellite phone when you hire your campervan.

Sunset is early and night falls quickly in the Top End, so make sure you arrive at your destination in the daylight. Last but not least; watch out for the wildlife; there could be animals on the road and many Australian native wildlife is nocturnal.

Australia in a Campervan – a weekend trip from Sydney

Finally, a free weekend! The typical travel recommendation for taking a holiday in New South Wales is to visit the beautiful city of Sydney! Climb the Harbour Bridge, take in the spectacular view of Sydney Opera House from the Manly ferry and surf at Bondi Beach.

But what about the locals who have already climbed the Harbour Bridge twice, who see the Opera House every morning on the way to work and who regularly surf at Bondi Beach? They want to leave the city on their free weekends, but where do they go?

Hop in a campervan you have booked through Salamanda Travel and get ready for a great weekend getaway, Sydney’s surrounding areas offer a variety of places to see and activities to escape from the fast pace of the city.

Our supplier’s Sydney campervan hire location is only 11 km from the city centre. Once checked in and after the vehicle show-through is complete, you are as free as a bird to start your adventure across this beautiful region.

Go whale spotting at Whale Beach – 50 minutes
Whale beach is a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery. It is beautiful and one of the least crowded of the northern beaches. The beach is hidden away south of Palm Beach and the approach to Whale Beach from either directions is spectacular. Go up to the cliff and you might see plenty of whales showing up during the sunset, don’t waste your money on whale watching cruises, just buy a $3 parking ticket.

Climb the Blue Mountains – 1 hour
The Blue Mountains national park is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. The most famous attraction in the national park are the ‘Three Sisters’ rock formation. It is the most spectacular landmark, and definitely a must-see.  Explore The Blue Mountains Bushwalks which are spectacular. When you want a more adventures way to see the ‘Three Sisters’, you should catch the steepest passenger skyway in the world, the Scenic Skyway. Glide between cliff tops and gaze at the rainforest canopy through the glass floor of the Scenic Skyway! The Blue Mountains are easily accessible via Katoomba and only two hours from the harbour city of Sydney which will be easy with your campervan.

Hike the Royal National Park, Bundeena – 1 hour
The Royal National Park, know to locals as the ‘Nasho’ or ‘the Royal’, is the worlds second-oldest national park. It contains a wide variety of terrains and it is perfect for a bush-walk to see the fascinating plants or for a hike along the dramatic coastal cliffs. Pack your picknic and head down to Garie Beach in your Salamanda camper for a surf.

StarRV_PhoenixRV_4Berth_PicnicGo fishing at Jervis Bay – 1 ½ hours
Jervis Bay beaches are world famous for their white sands and crystal clear waters. Walk the beach at Jervis Bay beaches and witness for yourself the stunningly white — and uncrowded — beaches. If you like fishing you should visit Jervis Bay. It is well known for its abundance and variety of marine life, whether you fish on land or from a boat, there is a great variety of fish here.

Observe the the Kiama Blow Hole – 1 ½ hours
Kiama is an idyllic little town, with lots of nice cafés & unique shops. However the main attraction is the Blow Hole. Wait for high tide and the south-easterly winds for a spectacular 260 degree view. Don’t forget to follow the coast south, it is a pleasant walk to the little blow hole, which on some days is even better then the main blow hole.

Take a dip in the Bogey Hole – 2 hours
Newcastle is located in the heart of the Hunter Region and bordered by a stunning coastline with beautiful beaches. Take a dip in the Bogey Hole. The hole was hacked out by convict labour in 1819. Once you the Bogey Hole yourself you will realise what an achievement this was. It was constructed for personal use by order of a commandant.

Discover the ‘Great Lake Marine Park’ in Port Stephens – 2½ hours
Port Stephens offers a unique diversity of activities.  Discover the ‘Great Lake Marine Park’, which is a 98,000-hectare marine reserve. You can enjoy eco-tourism activities such as diving, snorkelling, surfing, swimming, take a boat tour or spot dolphins and whales. The marine park was established by the NSW Government in December 2005, and has since developed into a stunning habitat full of diverse wildlife thanks to its rich variety of ecosystems.
StarRV_AquilaRV_2Berth_CoupleLifestyle_Champagne-Get tipsy in the Hunter Valley – 3 hours
If you have a passion for wine, you should definitely visit the Hunter Valley. It is home to some of the oldest wine families of Australia. They produce a range of tempting wines that use traditional methods and techniques. Visitors describe the Hunter valleys as charming, romantic and picturesque. But remember, don’t drink and drive in your campervan. Give your campervan the afternoon off, there is a wide range of wine tours; which can pick you up and drop you back off to your camp site.

Surf & Golf at Mollymook – 3 hours
Mollymook is one of the South Coast’s most popular beaches. The golden stretch of sand has ideal conditions for experienced surfers and anyone else who is keen to learn to surf. Besides its gorgeous beach, Mollymook also offers two golf courses with absolutely spectacular views.

Ski the Snowy Mountain – 5 hours
Across all four seasons, the Snowy Mountain Australia’s ultimate playground is a true alpine wilderness and offers a long list of year-round activities. The roots of Australia’s Indigenous culture stretches back thousands of years. Immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture and take a Wiradjuri Wonders Tour in the Snowy Mountains. A must-do is one of the Segway Eco Tour, they offer the highest Segway tour in Australia at 1200m above sea level, a unique ‘off piste’  experience. In addition, visit the Yarrangobilly Caves. The location is divine; breathtaking scenery, kangaroos, fantastic bushwalks and spectacular rock formations. After you’ve visited the Caves, don’t forget a dip into the thermal pool.