10 Hidden Travel Gems in Australia You Must Go To

Travel Gems in Australia
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As you scroll through the posts about all destinations in your favourite websites, you can’t help but feel like you’ve seen it all. Like everything about that place has been exhausted and there’s nothing new. It’s crazy how sometimes, everything seems all too familiar, like being at home and knowing how to navigate through the house even with your eyes closed. Sometimes, you just need a burst of something new.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with knowing a certain place like the back of your hand. But then, there’s always the thrill of the first time–the uncertainty of the change, the awe that discovery brings and the feeling you get from the shininess of a newly opened gift. Sometimes, you just want to take the road less travelled and not follow the norm.

We’ve all heard about the top destinations in Australia so we decided to stray away from the popular destinations to give you something new because, let’s face it, you’d rather go somewhere that’s not too crowded. Or else, like me, I’d rather stay at home to relax. We’ve scoured the World Wide Web for some of the best places you can visit in Australia. In no particular order, here are ten destinations just waiting to be discovered.

2 Elephant Rocks
Elephant Rocks

If you’re up for a triple threat (or should we say “triple treat”), then William Bay National Park is the place you should drive by with one of our campers. The stunning beaches found here namely Greens Pool, Waterfall Beach and Elephant Rocks are so pristinely beautiful you’ll wonder why you’ve never heard of them before. With rounded elephant-shaped, rocky shores, the Elephant Rocks alone is not one to be missed and something that definitely exceeds expectations.

Travel Gems in Australia

Diamond Head, Crowdy Bay, New South Wales

Crowdy Bay National Park offers breathtaking seascapes that are picture-perfect, to say the least. The beaches are where you can replenish and retreat with an abundance of wildflowers and birds and other fauna. After you go hiking, cliff-walking, fishing and relaxing, head over to the many camping areas. Its camping sites such as Diamond Head, Indian Head, or Crowdy Gap Cultural Camp are available for caravan and car-based camping.

Maria Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Tasmania

On the east coast of Tassie lies the Maria Island, a natural wildlife sanctuary that serves as a home to wombats, pademelons, Forester Kangaroos, Bennetts wallabies and Tasmanian Devils. It is also one of Tasmania’s more well-known bird watching hotspots. Aside from the remarkable wildlife of the island, there are also historic ruins, sweeping and lovely coastal bays, cliffs and mountains that make for excellent walking and cycling routes.

3 Flinders Ranges
Flinders Ranges

Some 450 kilometres north of Adelaide is the Flinders Ranges National Park. If you’re going to or are from Uluru in Alice Springs, the park is the stop over worth taking. It has The Heysen Trail, which is Australia’s longest hiking trail and definitely one of the world’s bests. The rugged mountain ranges, abundant wildlife and stunning gorges make the striking landscape that becomes the Flinders Ranges National Park. Go for wonderful, scenic drives or the bushwalking trails.

Magnetic Island, Queensland

With lovely long stretch beaches and coconut palm trees and cool blue water, it’s hard to understand how Magnetic Beach could be so unspoilt and untouched. Perhaps it is due to its remoteness that gives the island a private vibe. Magnetic Island is located in a rain shadow which makes it warm and sunny, the perfect weather to laze away and frolic under the sun.

Protesters Falls, The Channon

Here’s a history tidbit: the name “Protesters Falls” was coined after successful protests were made in the late 1970s against logging in the Terania Creek area and protection of the rainforest in NSW. Its name might not be as inviting but the falls, which is located in the World Heritage site Nightcap National Park, is as refreshing as it can get. Here, swimming is not allowed as chemicals from sunscreens and cosmetics may affect the local wildlife.

4 Port Douglas
Port Douglas

Hidden gems aren’t only tourist destinations but also food destinations! On the Inlet is a highly-rated seafood restaurant located in Port Douglas. The food is always fresh and of quality partnered with great service from the staff. The restaurant also provides splendid vista where you can see yachts passing through with beautiful hills that surround the port. Day or night, this is one relaxing stopover you’ll want to have!

Kununurra and the Ord River, Western Australia

Drive some 850 kilometres west of Darwin and you’ll get to the small and quiet town of Kununurra. Plunge in a pool of freshwater crocs from a 12-metre rock swim in the Ord River or wade through the beautiful Lake Argyle. There are wondrous scenery, handfuls of exotic wildlife, and the Zebra Rock Art Gallery you can visit. Sample fresh produce and fruits like melons and mangoes here too!

Kangaroo Valley

For less than two hours of driving from Canberra or Sydney, spot this hidden treasure chest and marvel on the treasures in has to offer. Some say that this is “the most beautiful valley in Australia” seemingly not only because of the stunning vistas it has to offer but the invigorating and relaxing vibe it provides. Any time of the year is good time to visit but if you’re meaning to go and have some added excitement, visit in February for the Kangaroo Valley Agricultural and Horticultural Show or in October for the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival.

5 Bay of Fires
Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires, Tasmania

If there’s one hidden gem out there that needs to be discovered ASAP, then it’s Bay of Fires in Tassie. Located in the east coast of Tasmania, be immersed in the pristine fine, white-sand beaches, inspirational tours and walks and awe-inducing landscapes and seascapes. Many tourists say that their trips here have been nothing short of spectacular and they are well worth the effort.

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The 10 Joys Only Road-trippers Know to Be True

Joys only road-trippers know 1
Photo by Amanda Sandlin via Stocksnap

I’ve been on all kinds of road trips in my life. I’ve experienced breakdowns in the middle of nowhere. I’ve been through huge hail storms that made me Google “hail repair near me in Denver.” I’ve gone on them alone, with friends, and with family. No matter where or what I do, they never get old — and I’m not the only one who feels this way. So, why do we even bother going on road trips? Here are our top ten reasons:

Joys Only Road-trippers Know

1. Planning your trip!

There’s nothing like being the Type A you truly are and getting everything in order. From meal plans, clothing, to every single destination on the itinerary, the only way you’ll be happy is when you have everything down to a T. I remember taking my vehicle to a car detailing Adelaide company before I set off as it was in desperate need of an interior valet! Small things like this can make a big difference to your trip so plan carefully!

Photo by  Syliwia Bartyzel via Stocksnap
Photo by Syliwia Bartyzel via Stocksnap

2. Driving with freedom!

One of the best things you can have while going on a road trip is the freedom of travelling and moving along from one place to another, without a care and at your own pace. When you hire a campervan or motorhome from Salamanda Travel, you’re sure to experience the drive of a lifetime! Obviously, driving by yourself can be a bit daunting for those who do not travel alone, so make sure you have everything that you need for your road trip. Just in case you get into an accident when you are traveling, you may want to contact an accident insurance lawyer if your car has been damaged at all, as well as speak to a lawyer that specializes in personal injury if you have any pain resulting from the collision. Driving does equal freedom but safety is always essential.

Photo by Patrick Donelly via Stocksnap
Photo by Patrick Donelly via Stocksnap

3. Driving by scenic landscapes and seascapes!

They say that the journey is the destination and if you’re a true-blooded road tripper, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Photo by Joshua Earle via Stocksnap
Photo by Joshua Earle via Stocksnap

4. The thrill of discovery!

There’s a certain magic only discovering new things can bring. Whether it’s finding a new place to eat, tasting a certain dish or snack for the first time, finding a new shop with trinkets and thingamabobs you never knew or finding out something new about a person you’re driving with, the joy of the first time is always a thrill.

Photo by Tom Eversley via Isorepublic
Photo by Tom Eversley via Isorepublic

5. All the camping food you can make!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, just think about all the recipes you can do while camping. It’s high time you experiment on making new and exciting food for all your camping adventures! Do away with baked beans on toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Photo by David Marcu via Stocksnap
Photo by David Marcu via Stocksnap

6. Getting lost (sometimes)!

Contrary to popular belief, getting lost doesn’t have to be as stressful as it sounds. Take the opportunity to learn, discover and explore new things and places. Also, by looking at it with a positive attitude, you’ll find that you’re actually having fun looking for a way out. And when you find what you’re looking for? Such bliss!

Photo by Ryan McGuire via Gratisography
Photo by Ryan McGuire via Gratisography

7. Meeting locals from everywhere and making new friends!

One of the worst advices you can take while travelling is “don’t talk to strangers”. I mean, why not? You’ll be surprised how many people are genuine, trustworthy and are actually willing to help. Some people have even found life-long friends after striking up a conversation with someone they never knew in the first place.

Photo by Joshy Washington via joshywashington.wordpress.com
Photo by Joshy Washington via joshywashington.wordpress.com

8. Bonding with your fellow road trippers!

Chances are, you’re on a road trip with your family or friends. This is the perfect opportunity to bond away from all the hullabaloo of the city, the craze of social media or interruptions from the Internet. With a road trip, you can have pure unadulterated fun and time with your loved ones!

Photo by Tom Eversley via Isorepublic
Photo by Tom Eversley via Isorepublic

9. Getting to your destination!

Sometimes you travel for the journey, and sometimes you travel to get to a destination! The excitement of knowing you’re nearing that much-awaited destination is one for the books and actually being in that place and experiencing it is like heaven on Earth!

Photo by Jay Mantri
Photo by Jay Mantri

10. Going on your way back!

There truly is no place like home. When everything has been said and done, the trip back home is still one of the best experiences one can have.

Photo by Mathieu Nicolet via Stocksnap
Photo by Mathieu Nicolet via Stocksnap

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Joys Only Road-trippers Know