The Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Travel

Why You Should TravelYou’ve dreamed it, planned it in your head, saved tabs on your computer for destinations, checked the cheapest flights and talked about it with your friends but you still have not come around to actually doing it. You say you have wanderlust but the only travelling you have done are the commutes to and from work over and over again. You’ve memorized the road, the streets, and even the faces of people you meet like they were drawn at the back of your hand.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the top reasons why you should travel, whether you are in your twenties or at your prime.

Why You Should Travel

Travel to feel

There comes a point when you wake up and see things differently. The usual routine doesn’t seem right or the mandatory morning coffee just doesn’t do the trick anymore. Almost like a robot, you’ve been reduced to functioning according to what is required that you might have forgotten how it is to ‘feel’. The good news is that’s just the glitch you need!

Breakaway from your routine and take a risk! Book a flight or a campervan with Salamanda Travel now or go to a cruise! Even if you’re not entirely sure if you’ll be free on those days. Make yourself available. There is a lot out there that is waiting to be felt, to be seen (up close and personal) and to be experienced!

Travel to discover

The sheer size of the Earth alone should give you an idea of how much there is to discover! Every country (nay, even just another city) is different. With travelling, you can learn about diverse modern and traditional cultures that will help you understand the nature of people, discover the birth, the growth, and sometimes the end of a nation or empire through it’s history, open your eyes to different beliefs and heritages or marvel at how beautiful a place is. Plus, given the chance, you can even learn a new language or two!

Travelling not only gives you the opportunity to discover about the place you’ll be going to; surely you’ll discover more about yourself. The thing is, you never really know if you like something until you’ve tried it and the same goes about the things you’ll discover. You could find out the career you really want to be in, get a new set of skills or discover hobbies that were otherwise unknown  to you.

Travel to unwind

You might be thinking you don’t deserve a break because you haven’t met any of your goals. But really, don’t we all deserve a vacation? Sometimes, being away will be good for you. It relaxes your mind from the conundrums of work or life in general, it could give you a new perspective to an issue you’ve been hard-pressed trying  to solve or simply, you just need to give your body a rest.

Everyone needs a day off, now all you are required to do is have one that will be meaningful as well as meeting your needs and desires.

Travel to meet

There is more to the world than your immediate surroundings and your social circles. Travelling helps you meet other people and perhaps gain insights and see the world through their eyes. Expose yourself beyond your horizons and talk to people. Build meaningful relationships with someone from across the globe.

There are many perks that go along with meeting other people while travelling. Someone could help you get your itinerary in order and teach you of places not found on the Internet. It’s also important to try and talk to socially diverse people to better understand cultures and maybe even discover a few more things about yourself in the process.

Travel to experience

Wouldn’t it be great to one day look back, remember what has been and have a silly smile on your face because of all the amusing experiences you had?

Travel for the food that you’ve never tasted or only heard about. Although there may be “authentic” versions near you, nothing beats the taste of the food’s home country. Travel for the activities you’ve been meaning to challenge. Go on heart-pounding adventures and thrilling experiences. Step out of your comfort zone. Most of all, travel for yourself. Whether you earn battle scars or you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face for months, wisdom originates from experiences and that is something money cannot buy.

Travel to connect and disconnect

Connect to the real world and unplug from the digital. Nowadays, you’ll find a lot of  people glued to some kind of screen from phones and tablets to laptops and desktop computer. You might be one that abhors it or is gratuitously unaware of the fact but all you really need is a quick break.

Although it could be good to see images through the lens, it’s better to actually be able to be there. When I say be there, I mean breathe the air, taste the food, talk to the people or be one with nature, and many more.

Travelling is a way to make memories, if not a way of life. Every place has a story but with travelling, you’ll have your own stories to tell. When it all comes down to it, travelling is a learning process. Go on adventures, go exploring, take that leap of faith and experience. Experience because it’s the best thing that could happen to you.

Why should you travel? Because you can!

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Top 5 Things To Do in Hobart, Tasmania

Your first step in Hobart is unmistakably deceptive. The peace that envelopes the capital city of Tasmania, Australia’s southernmost state, makes it hard to believe that it once was a penal colony. Through the years, however, Hobart has successfully found its silver lining, rapidly growing as a city on its own; creating a community that has long since outgrown the prejudices and pretexts of its history.

Almost reaching the bottom of the world is not the end but a string of new beginnings. Little is known about Hobart’s tourism, but it certainly is one that strives to create a name for itself. Hobart has long since become an open home; one that is slowly being frequented by travellers and visitors who are always on the lookout for the next big thing.

Things To Do in Hobart

Mount Wellington

Things To Do in Hobart 1
via Wikimedia Commons

There is no use beating around the bush and the best way to begin is to see everything. Mount Wellington dominates the city’s skyline with its almost always snow-capped peak scraping the clouds sometimes even during the summer. Mount Wellington has landed the spot as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hobart. The 1270-metre mountain is drivable through sealed roads while outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, bush walking or horse riding are possible for adventure seekers.

It’s pull is not easy to resist: it is the perfect point for a near-360 view of the surroundings including Hobart, to where much of its foothills are built, the Derwent River and valley to the east and the port found outskirting the city along the Southern Ocean.

The Museum of Old and New

Things To Do in Hobart 2
via The Glimpse

The past certainly brings a hope of a better future in Hobart. Marrying the past and the present to create a collection of stark contrasts, the Museum of Old and New (MONA) is one of the most well-known museums not only in Tasmania but also in the entire country. The museum, which is also the largest privately-funded museum in Australia, is perched with the Moorilla winery.

Although half of its name may denote the museum to be historical, it much less so. Emphasis lies on the ‘new’ as MONA presents a contemporary collection of modern, progressive and often controversial (due to the dark nature of some) art pieces. The museum has been making waves across the international art scene and has tapped a many art enthusiasts and travellers although being one of the relatively newer attractions (opened on 21 January 2011). Even without anything inside, the building is an exciting, creative and vibrant artwork on its own.

Bruny Island

Things To Do in Hobart 3
via Pix Good

If there’s one cruise that you are to take in Tassie, the it has got to be in Bruny Island. Located 56 kilometres south of Hobart, it is the destination to go to if one is looking for a relaxing tour. Many say that it’s natural beauty rival those located in mainland Australia; even going as far as saying the island surpasses in terms of being unspoilt and untouched. The tour will take you closer to nature with encounters with wildlife such as seals, dolphins, albatross and even whales. The view is splendid; with natural rock formations creeping out from the water.

There are many ways to visit the Bruny Island but cruising is one of the more popular ones. The Bruny Island cruises provide any kind of trip you are looking for whether it’s a slow, relaxing course to high-adrenaline rides in jet boats much like being in a 4WD but in the water.

Battery Point

Things To Do in Hobart 4
Via Explore Australia

If you’re not entirely convinced that Hobart is a place of contrasts, then you might not have been to Battery Point. Being here is akin to arriving via wormhole back in time. The architecture is reminiscent of their colonial origins. A walk will take you back to the 1830’s, when the city was young; while its old world charm will captivate your eagerness for a quiet respite.

The suburb is not only dotted with homes to where most people would love to move in. Many coffee shops and restaurants give a subtle vibrancy to it’s otherwise quaint nature. On Saturdays, people flock to the Salamanca Market; a positive hubbub of trinkets, goods and food of reasonable price and of great variety.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Things To Do in Hobart 5
via Expedia

There might come a point when everything has been said and done in Hobart.  But, there is something truly revitalizing about getting in touch with nature and in Hobart, the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden does just the trick. With all the activities you’ll be doing, the Garden will relax you from being travel tired.

The Royal Tasmanian Gardens does not run out of great reviews from travellers and tourists making it one of the top-rated attractions in the city. An entire day’s trip will not be enough to enjoy the cascading vines, beautiful shrubbery and the blooming flowers. The cloud over your head is sure to dissipate upon seeing the lively greens, a cornucopia of colourful flowers and the energetic birdlife.

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Things To Do in Hobart

10 Tips for Travelling Solo

Travelling SoloWe’ve written a lot of posts about travelling with a group, with the family or with your significant other and it’s always a surefire way to have loads of fun (and it comes with a lot of perks too). But there is something about travelling alone that makes it so compelling; perhaps it is the thrill of aimless wonder or having freedom to roam without a care, both or even more!

At least once in your life, you should try to make that trip alone. Hop on to that bus going to a destination you’ve always wanted to go to or book those private jets to the country or city you’ve been dreaming of. Going solo can bring you some awesome benefits too: there’s absolutely no fuss, no drama and no searching for the “perfect” travel buddy.

Tips for Travelling Solo

Not only will you discover and enjoy a lot of great and thrilling adventures, you’ll also find out more about yourself and your perspective of the world widen. As they say, “you’ll never be the same person who left…” Before you go, though, here are some tips for travelling solo and tricks you need to know:

  1. Research. It cannot be stressed enough that research on information about the place you’ll be travelling to is essential and should always be the top priority. If you actually need a reason why, here are three. First, for your safety. Uncertainty could be a lot of fun but danger is surely not. Read reviews on what others are saying about safety and security about a place or the particular area that you are going to. For example, Europe is one of the safest places for solo travellers, according to Second, it would be great to know when the best time to go is. Is there a festival or celebration you can visit while you’re there? Third, there might be some promos and-and discounted accommodations or transportation that you can find online. Keep your tabs open for social media accounts, blogs and websites, just in case.

  2. But never too much! Like I said, there’s always a thrill if there is at least a little bit of uncertainty while on vacation. There is such a thing as “too planned” where travelling loses its spontaneity. Surprise yourself by going to different routes so you can explore new opportunities and maybe even find a hole-in-the-wall that serves better food than most top-rated and well-known restaurants.

  3. Talk to the locals. Locals always know where the best things are hidden and located. They’d know how to sift the authentic from marketing fluff. Still, they say that you should trust everyone and trust no one so you better take things with a grain of salt. There are also times when you’re gonna get lonely and all you’ll need is someone to talk to. Don’t be afraid. As long as you’re in a public area and within an earshot of everything, then there’s no need to fret.

  4. Book accommodation according to your needs. In some places, you’ll want to book luxuriously because the moment calls for it. There are some destinations that would be best experienced with relaxation while there are others that will only require you to have a place to leave your luggage. Take a while to know what’s what. If you’re unsure, living in your campervan would save you a lot of trouble and a lot of money.

  5. It’s okay to say no. Some of the most memorable adventures are those when you just left all your worries behind and said ‘yes’, however, it’s okay to say ‘no’ sometimes. Spare yourself (and everyone else) of the trouble if you’re not feeling too keen about something. Simply politely decline. For instance, if you’re feeling a bit unwell, you are allowed to refuse downing a drink or jumping from that cliff.

  6. Learn the language. This, I believe, needs no reminding. If you’re travelling to another country that has another language, you should learn at least the basics. Also, take time to learn some of the cultural differences like when to actually use chopsticks, an unlucky number or wearing a particular colour to an important event or celebration. Remember, you are a visitor so respect the culture and the heritage.

  7. Take it slow. There’s no need to rush on trying to get to every place in the guide book or on your list. If you do this, chances are, you might end up just taking photos and not actually stopping. Even worse, you might not enjoy at all. Imagine visiting multiple beaches in a day but not going in for a dip because you wanted to ‘see’ them all. You guessed it right: a total waste of time.

  8. Ask. There is always a pool of people who have had the experience you want to take. This is part of the research process. Try participating in forums and discussions on how to travel a particular place so you can get the most out of it. There are some things you cannot find in the guide book. You can start with a group or ask for help from other solo travellers too!

  9. Do away with fear. In the field of communication, there’s a theory that says too much exposure from the nightly news (or other forms of media) can cause people to have what is called a “mean world syndrome”. In this theory, people get scared of visiting a particular place because of the “danger” they watch from the news. However, if you’re looking to travel, the news isn’t much of a help. Try to visit more travel blog sites and watch features on places you’d like to visit for a better source of travel information.

  10. Never take away the opportunity to learn more. One of the best things about travelling solo is the chance to know more about yourself (sometimes through the eyes of others), your surroundings (the culture, the history and the heritage), the people (they say all people are the same but are also different). Why not write a travel blog and share what you learn? These Freelance Copy Editors can help polish your writing and improve your blog. There is so much to learn out there and you can discover them country at a time if you choose to do so.

There really is no actual reason and there is no perfect how-to that can help you with travelling solo. Just take this steps to make it easier with your planning and you’re good to go! We’ll keep you posted on more blog posts through our Facebook page: or follow us on Twitter: @SalamandaTravel today!

Glamping in Australia: 5 Ways You Can Up Your Camping Game

Glamping in Australia“Glamping? What’s glamping?” a voice from behind me asked. I turned and said “well glamping is short for ‘glamourous camping’. It’s a new trend where you can camp while staying stress-free, without having all the difficulty that goes along with camping (normally) and live almost luxuriously”.

Well, honestly, I wasn’t able to answer that smoothly as I was baffled myself, but I managed to sum it up. While I was researching, I got asked that question more than once. But really know, who says you can’t have best of worlds while camping? Now, you can enjoy an outdoor adventure without having to handle all the roughness of the wild side. Wouldn’t it be great to sleep under the stars sans the back pain that ensues from being cramped inside a tight sleeping bag?

With a campervan or motorhome from Salamanda Travel, everything is easier. There really is no need to worry about pitching a tent. Just open up your car to feel the nature even more and you’re set! If being outdoors doesn’t sound appealing, a city break where it means staying in accommodation similar to the voco Hotel Gold Coast and exploring the city may be something worth looking into. But if glamping sounds like fun, these tips could help up your game.

But, of course, we want to make your camping experience even more worthy of a second trip down memory lane (and those Instagram photos will be a lot cooler too!). Set up tent and decorate it the way you want. Here are some tips on how you can glam up your camp:

Glamping in Australia

  1. A normal sleeping bag sounds fine until a bothersome twig keeps on poking your sides to a point of no return (to sleep). The solution? Ditch the sleeping bag and get a portable bed instead. We suggest getting a cute little sofa bed or a comfortable air mattress that you can inflate and deflate easily, fold and pack up and bring anywhere. The next step is to unpack your duvets, blankets, and quilts. It’s okay if you accidentally bring more than you intended for a softer recline. You can also stack up or cut back some depending on weather conditions. And, of course, don’t forget to bring extra comfy pillows!

  1. The outdoors are, without a doubt, a wonder unto themselves. The stars provide the best night lights and sleeping under them might just be the single most beautiful thing that happens in your glamping trip but having a great interior environment is also a fantastic plus. If you’re a serious ‘glamper’, you’ll want to move around in your surroundings at night, and to do that you’re going to need light. Create DIY task lights by using a flashlight strapped to a gallon jug of water, or bring extra decorative lights like battery-powered fairy lights or solar ambient lights. If you’ve set up a camp flag you may also want to light it up, so take a look at the best solar lights for flag poles here to really feel like you’ve got your glamp on.

  1. A simple camping trip will never, ever, be complete without great food and the same goes for glamping. Bring your A-game to camp and vamp up your food by doing away with baked beans on toast or hotdogs on the grill. You’ll find awesome food that you can easily cook up when you go to Pinterest (and follow our board while you’re at it). There’s no excuse; whether you’re prepping up breakfast, lunch, desserts or dinner, you’ll find something awesome you’ll want to try. And for most, there is no actual cooking involved. Some ‘fundeas’ you can try are zucchini chips, apple cider cinnamon rolls, quinoa salads, no-bake cakes and, of course, desserts you can make on the grill.

  1. Throw a glamping party! Sure, it could be great to just relax and cozy up with a few people here and there or even alone (by yourself or your significant other) but one satisfying way to truly enjoy a vacation getaway is by sharing the experience with more people. If you’re taking a trip with other people, it might be cool to have one night dedicated to have a party with them. Make it even more special with great food (and even some booze). The best thing about it is not only do you have a party but also a great environment.

  1. So where can you go on a glamping holiday? In Australia alone, there are already so many places you can visit for your glamping trip. These places aren’t only attractive on their own; they are also surrounded with eye-catching and inspiring landscapes and spots that will surely make you say ‘wow’. Here are some ideas: Paperback Camp in Jervis Bay, Ikara Safari Camp in Flinders Ranges or The Escape in Bawley Point. These areas might cost you some money but if you’re a bit tight on the budget, then follow our steps found above.

Glamping is a lot easier if you’ll be staying in a certain place for a longer period of time, otherwise, you might find it a tad bit pointless if you’re leaving so soon after all the prep time. Some may say that glamping is expensive and takes too much effort but with our steps above, then you’ll need not worry about the money or the energy. Also, great experiences don’t have to cost too much. With glamping, you can now have all the luxury while away on an outdoor adventure!

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10 Road Trip Essentials

10 Road Trip EssentialsAs I was carefully planning an upcoming trip in my head, I reckoned I should ask what my sister and cousin had to say about the things I wanted to bring. I had seen some reviews of travel gear and accessories which I didn’t have but looked useful. I just wanted to make sure I packed the right stuff for the trip, but I think we got off on the wrong foot. They both said I was overreacting with all the planning; they packed their travel bags the day or night before their own trips so why should I have to worry so much about what to pack?

When I told them both that I just wanted everything to be ready before I leave, they eventually surrendered and confessed they never liked the feeling of forgetting something because they didn’t plan ahead. They always seem pretty low maintenance until they realise they forgot sunscreen to a trip to the beach!

While there are some of us who would rather wing it and take the first things that pop into our heads for our travels, most of us just want everything ready so there’s no room for worry. There are a lot of types of travel and you’ll need different things for different trips. In Salamanda Travel, we specialise in motorhome or campervan hire so here are the 10 things you will absolutely need for your road trip:

Ten Road Trip Essentials

1. Travel Apps

Technology has definitely changed the way we do things and travelling was not saved from the evolution, and for good cause. Travel applications have made it easier to plan a trip, find directions or share experiences and new places to travel to. Some of the best apps to download are Google Maps, Localeur, Route Planner and Instagram, to name a few.

2. Playlists or books

You’ll definitely have a grander time with your Salamanda provided recreational vehicle with great music to accompany you. Choose your favourites and put them on a CD. Create different playlists that satisfy every kind of mood, whether you’re going for relaxing country or rhythm and blues to dancy and energetic pop and hip-hop mixes. If you’re not up for listening to someone sing their hearts out, you can opt to get your creative juices flowing with your favourite books and novels.

3. Planned meals

On a self-drive, you surely would not want to eat out if you don’t want your money to run out of the first day. Simply put, it may sound like a lot of thinking ahead but planning your meals can save you a lot more time and energy in the future and allows you to actually enjoy your travels with the family.Say goodbye to your daily woes of “what shall I cook today?” Have a list of snacks, daily meals, important diets, preferences (to buy your ingredients from where you can get them). Also, take note of allergies!

4. Toiletries

These are some of the things you’d never leave the house without. Make sure you have enough of your toiletries to last you the entire duration of the trip. It’s always nice to just purchase small containers for your care essentials to save space and be able to bring more by bringing less! Anyway, chances are, you won’t even be using the entire bottle or container. Some of the things you shouldn’t forget are some hair or beauty products, face washes, tissues, and even extra towels. Remember to take plenty of cleaning products for your vehicle too! The roads in Australia can be treacherous so make sure to stock up on screenwash fluid and other cleaning essentials from Australia’s leader in car cleaning and detailing products.

5. Clothing

Packing clothes can become really tricky especially if you’re unsure of the weather. Even with all the updates, it’s still hard to figure out what will happen next in Australia. The trick to packing clothes for Australia road trips s by bringing different types. Make sure you have light and airy with thicker and more warm clothes. Also, if you’re planning to pack light. You can do your own laundry or plan your clothes by day. This way, you can bring a very little amount of pieces that you can pair up, mix and match. Remember to bring versatile pieces too!

6. Gadgets

In the digital age, travelling without gadgets is a big no-no. How else are you going to update your social media without your phone or tablet? Kidding aside, you will definitely want to store your memories in your phone or camera by taking photos, use it as a journal, or catch up with something important while on a long-hire trip with an RV from Salamanda. If you’re a blogger, writer or photographer, these (laptop, camera and equipment, and phone) would surely be on the top of your list already but if you’re a regular guy, like me, then add them up on that list now.

**Important: do not forget your chargers!

7. Medicine, first aid kits

We’re not always so sure when we’ll feel crook but it’s always safe to take preventive measures and bring medicine just in case. You’ll want to pack some paracetamol, ibuprofen and multi-vitamins for quick remedies. If you’re suffering from other conditions, have your prescription medicine always at the ready and educate somebody you’re travelling with on how and when they should be taken. Also, save space in your bag for a small kit that contain basic first-aid supplies. Plus, throw in some bug repellents and hand sanitizers.

8. Pocket knife

There are wonders that only a pocket knife (also known as jack knife) could do like cutting ropes or strings, cutting an apple or simply opening a letter. There are a lot of types you can choose from as they vary for usage. For example, a hunting knife would have different tools from that of an everyday pocket knife. If you’re planning on going for long hikes or treks, you might want to look at the best boot knife to carry in your boot/shoe so as to not hinder your body during the trek. Whichever knife you decide to buy, make sure you get high-quality and heavy duty ones for more durability and strength. For campervan adventures, the sure way to go is a simple multi-purpose knife.

9. Cash

Money is probably something you won’t forget to bring but just in case you need reminding of how important it really is for your road trip, I’ve added it to this list. You’ll need some cash for a lot of different things like paying for food, for entrance or camping fees but more importantly, you’ll need cash for tolls. Also, bring a credit card or two for emergency purchases or payments you need to make while you’re away. Another tip you can follow is to divide your money and hide them in separate places in case something not-so-good happens.

10. Important documents

Again, this may seem like a no-brainer but there are some things you might forget. Though you may not need them, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation that requires them when you don’t have them on your person. For example, when you take the time to read this usaa auto insurance review when you wish to renew your insurance policy, you should make sure that you store the relevant documents with you in the car so you have proof of this. You should also pack your driver’s licence, road assist and car documents, your passports and visas for international travels, and of course, all sorts of identification cards that you need.

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