The Festivals in Australia You Must Experience

When it comes to festivals, Australia is definitely a country that knows what it’s doing with great events lined up all year round. It could be hard to choose just which ones to go to. From food and wine to cultural, arts and music festivals, whatever your age or taste may be, you’ll get what you want. Arranged by date, here are some of the best, the biggest and the brightest festivals you can drive to!

Festivals in Australia

National Multicultural Festival
When: February
Where: Canberra

  • Festivals in AustraliaThe National Multicultural Festival started in 1981 and is now one of the most successful festivals in Australia. Rain or shine, every year, thousands upon thousand of guests and visitors flock in Canberra for a splash of colour, culture and candid merrymaking. In this festival, everyone can explore the world in three days through a rich and fascinating display of sounds, sights, food and dancing from across the globe! Also happening during these dates is the Fringe Festival for even more partying and corroboree. The National Muticultural Festival’s website is and you can click for more information.

Perth International Arts Festival
When: February to March
Where: Perth

  • 2A Perth ArtsAs the oldest and longest-running  international cultural and arts festival in Australia and the oldest annual international multi-arts festival in the southern hemisphere, the Perth International Arts Festival will give you enriching stories and experiences through other people’s art. From theatre, dance, music, film, visual arts and literature, there are numerous activities the festival offers. There are also two mini festivals held within namely the Perth Writers Festival and the Lotterywest Film Festival held from November to April of every year.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
When: February to March
Where: Melbourne

  • 3CThis list will never be complete without a festival for food and wine in the roster. Though there are many festivals of this kind in Melbourne, the best is the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival presented by Bank of Melbourne where you can take a journey through the many new and different flavours the city and the country has to offer. Also drive your motorhome rental from Salmanada to restaurants, bars, pop-ups, and hidden cellars for a gastronomic exploration that will rival the rest. Of course, food and wine isn’t all there is. There are 17 days full of events where you can “create memory-making experiences”. Visit the website,, to get to know more about the festival.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
When: March to April
Where: Melbourne

  • 4AIf there’s only one festival you can go to in Australia, then it should definitely be the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. World-renowned, this event is the third largest comedy festival in the world and the largest cultural event in the land down under! For over four weeks, thousands of  shows and performances entertain the festival-goers through stand-up and cabaret acts, plays, debates, musical shows and art exhibitions, among many other acts. Also in this festival are three of the biggest and flagship shows namely Raw Comedy, Class Clowns and Deadly Funny. Low ticket prices also make the festival one of the most accessible ones.

Vivid Sydney
When: May to June
Where: Sydney

  • 5DWith more than a million visitors each year, Vivid Sydney is a massive lights parade of a festival in 18 great nights. It also is the largest festival of its kind in the world while its borders expand even more to accommodate its progressive growth. Be impressed with over 60 light installations and projections that turn some of Sydney’s architectural masterpieces into stunning spectacles on their own right. The Vivid Sydney is composed of numerous programs that include Vivid Ideas, Vivid Music, Vivid Light Walk and Vivid Live. For updates on the Vivid Sydney festival, the website to visit is

Darwin Festival
When: August
Where: Festival Park, Darwin

  • 6COne of the biggest events in August in Australia is the Darwin Festival. Unlike other festivals, it’s grandeur does not depend on what is thought to be extreme. The 18-day event is a balance of local and international performances and exhibitions with the heaps of food in communal long tables. Part of Darwin’s legacy is on the Asian food and, naturally, it is one of the main cuisines served in the festival. Plus, there are also feats of theatre, music and comedy! Festival goers are in for a more relaxed feel without losing an ounce of festivity. The perfect words to describe the event: amazingly simple! For details on shows and the programme go to

Margaret River Gourmet Escape
When: November
Where: Margaret River

  • 7BHere’s one dream come true for all foodies and food connoisseurs! The Margaret River Gourmet Escape blends in some of the world’s best chefs and culinary magnates to cook up and transform Western Australian produce to wonderful gourmet and gastronomic explosions. The food, meanwhile, is not the only thing to look forward to in this event. The location, Margaret River, also makes the festival entirely special with the venue set by the coast. The breeze and the weather raise the bar in terms of ambiance. Drive away to this food adventure through the help of a recreational vehicle from Salamanda Travel. Also, get more information about the event through the official website,

Tropfest Australia
When: December
Where: Sydney

  • 8BWhat started out as a screening for 200 people in a Sydney cafe in 1993 has now become the world’s largest short film festival and is now known as the “world’s first global film festival”. Nothing beats Tropfest Australia when it comes to scope with satellite events reaching most of the Australian regions, encompassing more than 33 countries including major cities like Tokyo, New York and London. In this festival, filmmakers are not only asked to showcase but actually create content that serves uniqueness and artistry. Every year, there is an “item” which the 7-minute short films must include to ensure that they are made specifically for the event. Also, through the years, Tropfest Australia has become studded with A-list stars serving as judges and attendees.

Taste of Tasmania Festival
When: December to January
Where: Hobart

  • 9A Taste FestivalWhen Tassie said Taste Festival, they meant it in a literal way. Explore all sorts of flavours that will explode right off your taste buds here! Stallholders and even food junkies exploit some of the best ingredients and the freshest of produce to create the newest and most exciting flavours. Discover delicious from savoury snacks and delicate desserts to full on gourmet goodness. Celebrate the end of the year and welcome the New Year with awesomely delicious food products. Get here by flying to Hobart from Australian capital cities, book a vehicle from Salamanda Travel and drive away to Salamanca or its nearby waterfront areas. Visit the official website, for more information.

Falls Music and Arts Festival
When: December to January
Where: Lorne, Victoria; Marion Bay, Tasmania; and Byron Bay in New South Wales

  • 10CHere’s something for our younger road trippers and those who will always be young-at-heart. Commonly known as “The Falls” or simply “Falls”, this series of music festivals is one of the most famous of its kind in Australia and was previously named Rock Above The Falls when it first started in 1993. The music festival attracts thousands of locals and tourists who enjoy cool music and good times. With contemporary music, theatre, circus and cabaret performances, The Falls, surely is one giant festival that you shouldn’t miss. Drive to one of the three locations the artists perform at. The venues have nearby beaches that are perfect for camping in your motorhome rental from Salamanda Travel. Visit their website,, for more details.

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