Camper Comfort: Make Life Easier While Living in a Motorhome

Camper Comfort - Make Life EasierWe have heard, time and time again, among travellers and avid tourists, that joy is found not only when reaching the destination, but also in the journey itself. True enough, the ride is where the bonds are first formed, where stories are first shared and energies often first spark up and replenished (during the travel back). Driving a campervan, RV or motorhome provides such joy while filling you in with beauteous wonders from the scenery and the excitement of discovery of new places.

Still, many people would dread spending time outdoors as it’s no folktale that camp life is a hard nut to crack; with most moments being full of things to remember and things to prepare. We at Salamanda Travel always want to make your experiences better, if not the best so far, so here, we write about how you can make your camping trip in a campervan or RV easier and comfier!

Make Life Easier in A Campervan or RV

The bed

Whether you are in your hometown or travelling elsewhere, after a long day out or a long drive, you’ll want your rest and respite to be as luxuriant as possible. Campervans, RVs and motorhomes have built-in beds with linens and pillows. To make it even more comfortable, plush ‘em up with fresh extra comforters and even more fluffy pillows. Also, you can opt to add more linens or bring your own ones depending on your preferences or overall theme of the campervan or RV design. If you’re feeling extra crafty and have more time on your hands (or maybe just looking save), consider sewing the pieces yourself. Meanwhile, To get access to stuff that you need while in the bed, replace or remodel your headboard so that you can add pockets to place your things.

The study

Call us workaholics but there are some of us who find it hard to take a regular break just like everybody else. For those who, like me, must get out and travel once in a while but have a demanding job at the same time, making use of a regular table and chair just won’t do the trick. There are some of us who feel more productive when the environment is right, professional and not too relaxed. Inside a campervan or RV, consider putting up a study with a table attached to the wall of your campervan that can also flip away when unneeded. Then, you can use a foldable chair to save space when you aren’t using it.

Pop up is the way to go

One of the best aspects of a campervan or RV is its compactness. This feature makes it easy for you to travel anywhere you want as you can fit even the narrowest of streets. With it, you can drive anywhere and anytime you want. The only downside this may cause is compromising space. We’ve done as much as we can for you to have more space but if you want to up your game, you can add pop-up tables and chairs, pop-up chopping boards, slide-out shelves and you can even install more drawers. Another thing you can consider, which you probably already have, is getting rid of any belongings that aren’t really necessary. Dispose of all unwanted items and knick-knacks with help from skip bins sydney or wherever you are, and you might just find yourself with more space than you thought possible!

Food storage

One of the quickest ways to have an easier life while traveling in an RV is by careful planning and preparation. One of the first things that you should take care of, meanwhile, is food. To avoid spoilage, damage, and bad odors, carefully separate items from the wet goods to the dry ones in different containers. Refrigerate those that need to be frozen or chilled while you can also buy while on the road to ensure freshness. If the days of your road trip are definite, you can already plan ahead and divide ingredients according to how you will cook the meals. This will ensure that while traveling, you’ll have less hassle as everything is ready. Also, you’ll see the ingredients you’re lacking so you can run to the market if need be. Another way to separate ingredients is to use old tic tac containers for spices. Don’t forget to label!

Quick fixes

  1. Add hooks behind doors for quick hanging (or when you just could not be bothered to sort stuff out). Use them for bags, clothes, towels, dish rags and pot holders.

  2. Add organizers (hangers) behind car seats for easy grabbing. When you need something, it will definitely be easy to locate it.

  3. Stick strips of Velcro to pieces that tend to move so you can keep them in place while driving.

  4. Staple strips of elastic or garter in your bathroom wall for your toilet essentials to keep them in place. No moving and no spills! Whilst you’re making bathroom renovations, take a look at the Best RV Shower Heads too. The last thing you want is to have a rubbish shower whilst on the move!

  5. Always have Ziplocs, enough said.

  6. Install a skylight! A skylight can make your campervan or RV much brighter by letting in natural light. Not sure where to start? Try reaching out to an rv skylight replacement expert.

  7. Look into some RV storage which you can find at this Pueblo West storage company for example. You want to make sure your vehicle is safe and compact when not in use.

Your campervan or RV is basically your home away from home as you wander around Australia, New Zealand or even all over the world. To book one, just hover over to our website on or follow our Facebook page to get more updates on travel tips and even specials.

How to Road Trip Like a Pro

How To Road Trip Like A ProWhen it comes to road trips and adventures, we’re confident enough to say that we know what we’re saying. We know just how thrilling self-drives could be, the love-hate relationship we have with the road and the satisfaction only discovery could bring. We’ve been in the biz for years so we know just how intimidating a road trip can be, too. The unknown routes, the preparation and all the rules can be so daunting that you might not even want to hop on the driver’s seat.

Oh but you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered what we learned while on the road and have listed them down for you, the reluctant camper. After reading this, we only hope that you grab the keys and get going! From the knows-how to the more abstract, here’s what we learned and what you need to know:

Here’s a rundown of things you need to have in check before you go:

Go On a Road Trip Like A Pro!

Navigate your way to the next destination. Photo from
Navigate your way to the next destination. Photo from
  1. Have some sort of navigation system. It’s important that you know where you’re going and how to get there but we understand that you don’t always know the routes. Nowadays, you can go from the traditional guide maps or the digital Google Maps to track where you’re going and where you currently are in real time. Other apps you can download for guides are Localeur and Route Planner. A lot of vehicles now come with navigation systems already installed. You might want to keep this in mind when shopping around for a new vehicle for your next road trip. You can find a wide selection of vehicles that are ideal for road trips on the Conklin Cars website. For more information, you can visit their website or even stop by and check out their used car lot.

  1. On the subject of choosing your car, it can be best to look for a large 4×4 or a pickup truck as these cars are built for all kinds of terrain you might encounter. You can have a look at sites like to find a truck bed cover which help to keep all your belongings secure for the duration of the trip.

  1. When worse comes to worst, that’s when you should start talking. Lose your pride and ask the tough questions whether from your campervan provider or the locals in the area. Ask for help in direction on navigating your way through a route or destination or how you can get your shower to run the hot water.

  1. Have a budget. It’s always good to have some sort of idea on how much you’ll be spending so you can plan ahead. Consider necessities and important supplies when budgeting. Also, it’s good to have an idea on the distances and so you can prepare yourself and all the things you need to bring.

The 3 Other Types of Fuel You’ll Need

Though we all know that it is important to gas up before you begin and when you need to (you really do not want an unprecedented stopover in the middle of the road), there are other kinds of fuel you’ll need for your trip.

Fill up on food fuel! Photo from
Fill up on food fuel! Photo from

Food is fuel too! Stock up on food for the road. Your body is much like the car you’re on so you’ll want to fuel it up to, especially for long haul drives. Make it easy with no mess snacks like trail mixes, nuts, fruits and chips. Do away with large meals that may spill all over the car and leave a foul odour.

Have a diverse playlist for your travel. Good music can go a long way to help you get you in the mood. There have been times when the roads were so long and music has definitely spike my energy level and give me more enthusiasm to hit the road. Music can also give you the calm you need on nights when all you want is just a satisfying sleep.

While driving or travelling alone can give you ample time to reflect about your current standing in life or help you learn more about yourself, having a reliable travel buddy can give you energy as much as the next big adventure. Having someone with you can make the long roads seem shorter and the hours go faster. It’s best to have a partner you can count on to have the same wavelength and wanderlust, as when you’re drained and out of battery, a simple talk can recharge you, and the other way around, too.

Keep in mind!

Have a road trip buddy! Photo from
Have a road trip buddy! Photo from
  1. Embrace the adventure. It’s important to condition yourself well before you even press the ignition. Whether it may be a long or short drive, think of it as one big adventure and not an arduous task that you’ll have to hurdle. Drive with a passion that can break walls and think of it as being able to spend quality time with yourself, your family your friends or everyone.

  1. Like we said, driving a campervan or motorhome is definitely like having seeing two sides of the coin all at once. But have you ever thought about road trips on two-wheelers? They are known to provide some unfiltered experience and stand out memories. You just need a motorbike with fuel-injected engines for covering extra miles (which can be purchased from stores like Also, get hold of a good quality helmet and pack some essentials for the journey. Rest assured, with plenty of short breaks every once in a while, you could be able to marvel at the beautiful scenery.

  1. Have fun! This point should come as no surprise as the last in our list of tips. Although it has been said time and again that the fun lies in the destination, we cannot forget to always remember that the adventure and the journey can be as fun as getting to the destination if you let it!

Start travelling more today and we’ll help you bring that dream road trip to life! For campervan, motorhome and caravan hire, visit our website on

Travel Packing Tips and What To Bring

Travel Packing TipsWhat do you get when you put off creating a travel checklist, and packing by the last hour? The answer is a bag stuffed with clothes you won’t need and crammed, unzipped in some places, with travel “essentials”. Apart from the bumps and on the back brought about by the misplaced sunscreen, everything seems to be fine, that is, until you get to the beach and remember that your slippers are still sitting on the bottom shelf in your room.

Just when you thought that packing would be the least of your worries, you are lost in your closet trying to figure what clothes tri bring. Don’t your trip turn into a nightmare just because of irresponsible packing, here are some of the essential travel clothing you need to have in your bag. Plus, we’ve got some travel packing tips just for you!

What to Bring:

Regular shirts and tank tops

Pack at most three casual shirts that could serve as your lifesavers, still taking into consideration how long you’ll be travelling for. Go for basic, non-print shirts that won’t be too memorable and are easy to pair up with anything. If you’re going to the beach, it goes without saying that tank tops are a must.

Something formal

You never really know if you’re going on a night out or a date with someone you met along the way so adding something fancy wouldn’t hurt the very little space you have in your bag. For the ladies, the little black dress works like magic on any occasion while the guys can wear crisp (and hopefully ironed) button-up, a nice pair of pants and shoes that match.

Sweater or jacket

No matter where you’re going, always have a sweater, pullover or jacket in your bag. you can’t always rely on the weather updates to be correct so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Scarf or sarong

Scarves and sarongs are very versatile pieces that you can never go wrong with. On cold days, these long stretches of fabric can add an extra layer of warmth. On summer days, if you need shade, put it over your head. You can also use it as a wrap around or it can double as a reliable beach towel – although these towels from Evolve beach towels might be a better option if you plan to spend a lot of time on the beach.


Jeans have and always will be an essential especially for long-haul travels. There are some countries that aren’t too comfortable with people wearing shorts while some countries abhor it altogether. If you’re travelling from one different capital a time, a good pair of jeans will are a safe bet and an even safer bet would bet getting dark ones that you can easily match with anything.


Any trip will not be complete without some shorts to accompany your travels. They’re easy to easy to wear, easy to pack and also very comfortable for days out adventuring in a cave, touring the metropolitan or relaxing by the beach.


Can we all just agree to pack swimwear even when we have no initial plans of swimming? I’ve always admired folks who swim in their finest swimwear. It’s so much fun to see someone dressed up especially when they’re on vacation. One of my friends recommended that I check out the brand WEWOREWHAT for some really nice swimwear. Nevertheless, I’ve experienced a couple of trips where I didn’t bring any as I told myself that I wasn’t even taking a dip and absolutely regretted it. Once I got there, the water was beckoning me for a plunge, and I couldn’t do anything. You may want to visit this site to see different types of swimwear that you could get so you aren’t caught short if you want a dip.

Sandals and Shoes

From top to bottom, you’ll need protection. Have a reliable pair of shoes with you for travelling to anywhere in the world. To give the shoe dilemma a solution, choose the type of shoes you’ll bring in accordance to the type of travel. A vacation will only need you to bring some casual shoes while business trips will need formal and more dressy types.


An increasing number of travelers are taking more tech devices with them as they travel. Laptops, tablets, smartwatches, etc. should all be carefully packed between layers of clothes to ensure they aren’t damaged. You should also look into what internet usage is like in the destination you’re going to be visiting. Will there be free wifi at your accommodation? Will you need an unblock xnxx vpn to bypass any blocked websites? What will you be using the devices for? Also, think about what charges you’ll need as well as plug adapters.

Travel Packing Tips

Here are even more tips about travel and clothes:

  1. Keep in mind of the place you’ll be visiting. Dress appropriately and respect the country or city’s culture and traditions. Some countries are more conservative than others; learn the dress code so you don’t offend anyone.

  2. If you need reminding, pack clothes according to the time of the year. For the colder seasons, choose clothes that you can layer up and down. Alternatively, thin and loose clothes are more applicable during warmer days.

  3. Comfort is everything. No matter how good it looks, if it doesn’t fit well. don’t use it. Always choose to comfort over style. You certainly won’t be running a fashion show anyway.

  4. If you’re going on a long vacation, then chances are, you’re going to have to repeat some clothes and no one is going to care. If you’re staying for a definite amount of time, then you can already plan your clothes on when and how they will be worn

  5. Versatility is key to packing light. Pack clothes that you can mix and match and reuse in a different way.

Now that you’ve been enlightened, it’s high time for you to wrap things up. For more tricks, tips and travel techniques, or if you have suggestions on what our next blog post should be about, don’t hesitate to give us a beep on our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter!

7 Camping Lessons You Learn When Travelling

7 Camping LessonsWhen we were younger, summer camp has taught us some of the most valuable life lessons that we brought back home. Some are still carried after all these years while others have faded away with distant memories. They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks but we say that it really is never too late to learn and it’s definitely never too late to travel, camp, or go on a road trip!

Every type of travel or activity adds a new set of knives to your arsenal or sharpens the ones existing; so it goes without saying that when you travel, you also learn. In fact, in one of our previous blog posts, one of the reasons we listed as to why you should travel is to learn and discover. We dedicated a large chunk of that article about learning but we figured it still was not enough. This time, for everyone’s benefit, we are bringing you the top 7 lessons you learn when you camp.

Camping Lessons


When you go camping, you literally throw yourself into the wild and you’ll be required, if not forced, to be alert at all times. Though most accredited camping grounds are safe from the dangers of (some) wildlife, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Camping gives you the opportunity to test your outdoor skills, whether you’re dealing with nature or everyday camping life. Preparedness is key and once you’ve made sure you’re ready, everything will come easier, even after your camping trip. Learning from those who are more experienced than you to take better care of yourself and your surroundings is important. This includes more than just the immediate area you’re camping in but also nearby bodies of water and the local ecosystem. You might want to swim in one of these bodies of water and If you end up going camping and you decide to go swimming, understanding how to read the current of rivers and lakes can help you avoid a lot of danger. It might be a good idea to improve your swimming with Brampton’s mobile swimming lessons if you decided to swim in these lakes and rivers. Being a stronger swimmer can help you to better judge the body of water in front of you so you don’t put your life in danger. This is one of the many things you should be prepared for when going out camping.

Companionship and Independence

They say that “no man is an island” and we would only be fooling ourselves if we didn’t agree. Even a pro solo traveller will ask for help at some point in one of his adventures. In camping, you’ll learn to be sensitive of the needs of people you are surrounded with, while learning the value of compromise. Plus, you’ll learn how to cooperate and be a team player or a good partner. Also, it’s always good to have a support system when things are going bit rough. Believe it or not, albeit camping with a buddy, you’ll still be able to explore a certain degree of independence. Furthermore, a lot of people like to go camping with dogs for this reason as it gives them a lot of companionship and freedom whilst they are in the wilderness, but it still good to have a human on standby for safety reasons too.


On a campervan trip, one of the first things you have to remember is that the roads are long and there is hundred percent chance that some areas will be uninhabited by locals or are not urbanised. When camping, you won’t always have easy access to the things you need. When you start to realise that some of them might be running out, you’ll be grateful for what you have. Camping allows you to pick up lessons on how to maximise and properly ration food and control portions. Plus, we can bet that you’ll be more appreciative of nature’s wonders after you’ve gotten in touch with just how beautiful it is on a personal level.


There are some things that you will only learn the hard way especially if you are a little bit stubborn. We are sure that you won’t be partying after you’ve lost your phone or after everything is swimming in a pool of water in your bag because you didn’t make sure one of the bottles was tightly closed. When you go camping, whether you like it or not, you’ll have to keep your things safe and take extra measures in making sure you and your things are secure. Responsibility does not stop with taking care of your belongings, however. You will also learn to take care of your surroundings, yourself and of nature.

Camp life is undeniably hard and is not really for the faint of heart but that does not mean you should shy away from it. While they say traveling is easy, camping is not. That’s why we’re here: by reading through some of our blog posts, you’ll get tips on essentials you need for a road trip, tips for traveling solo, and many other interesting camping stories. Be it your choice of tent (like a quarter or half dome tent) or your sleeping gear, you need to be prepared for your camping escapade!

It takes a lot of courage to meet the challenges of the adventure and in trying new things. Still, the most rewarding thing about it is knowing you survived. Even if you do get fazed at some point, you’ll get up and see that you’ve earned some battle scars.


With Salamanda Travel, just tell us what you need for your campervan adventure beforehand and we’ll let you know if we can provide through our partners. Still, like we said before, camp life will test your limits and see how you deal with situations where it’s not going to be easy all the time. Nature can be your friend and your enemy at times. And when it chooses to be the latter, you’ll have to rely on resourcefulness to pull the show-off or get quick but effective solutions to some problems you’ll encounter.


The world offers so much if you take the time to see it. Heck, if you learn to love the world, the world will love you back and give you lessons you’ll never forget. Step out from the four corners of your office and see the world from a different point of view!

Got those on your list of camping lessons? If you want more reads for your travels, keep up by following our blog. To get updates, follow us on Twitter (@SalamandaTravel) and on Facebook: