Awesome Adelaide Campervan Holiday Adventures

Adelaide is not only South Australia’s capital, it’s also the cultural and culinary centre of the state. The city was established as a home to the region’s first European settlers. Colonel William Light, Adelaide’s founder, helped in envisioning a “City of Churches” and gardens that could only be described as divine.  So if you’re planning to visit this sublime city,  a hired campervan can easily take you to any of the scenic destinations.

For a hassle-free tour of Adelaide, we have come up with a list of destinations guaranteed to inundate your senses with exceptional sights, sounds, and flavours.

  1. The Adelaide Central Market

Before travelling to any of the fantastic tourist destinations in Adelaide, why not buy some of the freshest produce in the city at the Adelaide Central Market first? Apart from being the cultural hub of South Australia, Adelaide is also one of the best places to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as premium cuts of meat at surprisingly affordable prices.

"Central Market, Adelaide Australia” by brianj.lowe available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at

"Central Market, Adelaide Australia” by brianj.lowe available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at BY brianj.lowe

Adelaide Central Market is also the oldest in the state, and has withstood several developments since 1869. From the first 500 farmers selling home-grown produce, the market is now known as the “Heart of Adelaide.”

The market even offers tours for first time visitors. You can meet locals as and observe their daily routine at the market. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience and fully understand the local culture. 

2. The Adelaide North Terrace

Tourists and art connoisseurs are guaranteed to have a splendid time at the North Terrace. Its array of art galleries, memorials and libraries provide cultural immersion like no other. North Terrace is also home to Adelaide University, where South Australia’s young local talents are honed.

"Adelaide North Terrace” by bram_souffreau available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at

"Adelaide North Terrace” by bram_souffreau available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at BY bram_souffreau

Among the major bureaucratic buildings in the North Terrace are the State Library and Parliament House; as well as the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and the “Walk of Fame”. So whether you’re interested in the cultural, entertainment, and natural attractions of the city, you won’t run out of places to check out.

3. The Adelaide Oval Stadium

Popularly known as one of the prettiest cricket grounds, not only in Australia, but also the world. The first stadium was erected in 1871 but an agreement made within the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) paved the way for the oval’s redevelopment in 2011.

"Oval and Fountain” by Michael Coghlan available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at

"Oval and Fountain” by Michael Coghlan available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at BY Michael Coghlan

Currently, the oval is host to several sporting events in the state like SANFL. Interestingly, the oval has also hosted several functions like weddings and other intimate celebrations thanks to the renovations made over the years.

Nonetheless, the true spirit of sportsmanship in the Adelaide Oval Stadium lives on. The earth still rumbles with the energy of the first sportsmen that honoured its grounds with their determination to claim victory for their team and their country.


4. The Adelaide East End

In the afternoon, buy a bottle of wine or a cup of hot coffee at Adelaide’s East End. You can get either and so much more in one area- the Ebenezer Place. The street has several independently owned shops that sell fine wines and exquisite food. 

"Adelaide. East Terrace the Fruit and Produce Exchange. Was the wholesale fruit and vegetable market. 1904.” by denisbin available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at

"Adelaide. East Terrace the Fruit and Produce Exchange. Was the wholesale fruit and vegetable market. 1904.” by denisbin available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at BY denisbin

A trip to the Ebenezer Place is also a trip down memory lane. The area was originally a place where fresh produce was sold by local farmers. In fact, the Adelaide Fruit and Produce Exchange stood in the area for more than 80 years. It was only in 1988 that the market was shut down and the structure was given a fresh coat of paint.

Amazingly, the East End withstood the test of time despite undergoing several changes. And as old habits die hard, Ebenezer Place remains a food haven. Only now, it’s a centre of fantastic restaurants and cafés that serve gourmet meals. Its shops serve strong flavoured coffee and crisp sweet wines.

5. The Adelaide Hills

Speaking of wines and spirits, Adelaide Hills is one of the best places to grab a bottle of that sweet wine you’ve been craving. Amid panoramic views of the rolling hills, you can buy wines that would complement the sumptuous food served in any of the cafés in the area.

"The Adelaide Hills from Above” by Michael Coghlan available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at

"The Adelaide Hills from Above” by Michael Coghlan available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at BY Michael Coghlan

Add to that, there are also shops that sell fresh local produce like olives and cheese. Both should never be absent on the served entrée. The seasons also bring different flavors like strawberries and other fruits that are ripe for the picking.

However, the greatest prize in visiting Adelaide Hills is the destination itself. There are several spots in the area where you can meet an occasional koala or feed farm animals when you visit any of the local vineyards.

Indeed, there are a lot of possibilities when you head out to Adelaide. From being a small community of European settlers, it has grown to include several national parks, art galleries, theatres and wineries. Its up to you how far you’d like to go on a hired campervan for a memorable vacation with family and friends.

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5 Campervan Pet Holiday Hacks

Dog owners have one major concern when planning a holiday: “Should we bring the pets or not?” This question gets asked because one, not all tourist spots in Australia and New Zealand allow pets in the premises. Two, dog owners on a camper van hired for a weekend with family and friends come with challenges, mostly with keeping pets healthy and happy throughout the trip.

Should you decide to bring your furbaby with you on a hired campervan on a holiday in Oz or NZ – and we really don’t see why you won’t -We have prepared a list of hacks for pet owners that hopefully can help you enjoy that much needed holiday with your four-legged baby.

Fleas off, please

BY CopperCatStudios

Dog owners should pay a visit to the local vet and have their pet checked before letting them inside the vehicle.

If your dog has ticks and fleas, don’t bring them on the trip and leave them under the care of a vet while you’re on a holiday. Bringing a dog with fleas on a long road trip can spell a lot of problems, chief among them fleas and ticks falling from your pet’s fur and getting in every nook and cranny of your hired campervan. With this being said, if this is realized earlier on, getting rid of the fleas your dog has could be as simple as giving them oatmeal bath for dogs, as this would be a natural way of taking care of the dog’s skin. Finding a way to get rid of the fleas is important for not only the owner but for the comfort of the animals.

If that does happen, you can easily sort it by doing a Google search for “terminix iowa” to get your campervan pest-free again!

It is definitley best to have your pets dewormed and checked for other diseases before that trip around Oz or NZ in a campervan. Even if it means administering a course of Drontal Allwormer during the stay, it’s for the best for your pet. Remember, a healthy pet makes for a happy owner.

Beddings for your buddy

BY Taro the Shiba Inu

When you’ve had your pet checked for ticks and fleas, as well as worms and diseases, you might want to check out a sturdy collapsible cage for your pet. Or, what you can possibly do is find a Calming Dog Bed for sale before you start the trip. This makes it easier to transport your pet or keep them secure while you’re on the road.

Add to that, your pet would have their own place for the night instead of sleeping on the floor or outside the campervan. A collapsible bedding for your pet adds extra protection while you are traveling. Dogs can be prone to carsickness and if they are not kept on a stable platform.

A Feast for Pets

BY Ben Brown

Okay, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a feast. Just don’t forget to bring pet food when you bring your dog with you. Your pet would be fine eating the same hearty meals you prepared for your holiday. However, it would be great if you bring pet food that would suit their dietary needs.

Add to that, bringing pet food saves time. Just open up the can or bag and pour in your dog’s food and let them have a filling meal without waiting for you to finish your dinner before they can have theirs. Aside from feeding them well, you must make sure your pets are well hydrated throughout the trip.

Bring separate bowls for food and water to keep your pets in tip-top shape while you’re on a campervan holiday to any of the popular destinations in Oz or NZ. Having separate bowls for food and water ensures your dogs have enough water even if they are in the middle of their meals. Just remember to keep the water bowl filled so your dog can
have a drink anytime.

Locate with Dog Tags

When you go on a campervan holiday, your dog may wander off. This is normal for pets love to explore and, well, mark their territory. That’s why it’s always great to have a dog tag (with your name and contact number printed clearly) safely clipped on your dog’s collar, so your pet can be returned to you if they go missing.

Pet-friendly destinations

BY Jelly Dude

Finally, don’t forget to plan your destinations! Choose pet-friendly holiday routes. Luckily, most of the pet-friendly destinations are just along the Great Ocean Road which offers an array of holiday destinations for tourists that would like to bring their pets with them.

These destinations have amenities specifically designed for your little loves. You can take your dogs for a walk in the park and meet other dog owners and their pets. There are even areas where your dogs can do their “business” without feeling guilty about it!

Your dogs are considered part of the family. So, treat them with all the love and care that you would to a family member. They are loyal friends that you can always trust whether it be for security purposes or as a companion to your campervan holidays in Oz or NZ.

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5 Holiday Campervan Grocery Essentials

Memorable holidays would be incomplete without covering all your holiday essentials. A typical holiday checklist would include buying most, if not all, of the grocery items you will need for your trip. Buying and preparing everything you need for your holiday on a camper rental is something that you must practice all the time whether you’re headed to any of the local destinations in or out of the country.

So before you hire a camper in your next trip, how about checking this list we made on groceries that you might just need for your next holiday? They might even save your life, literally.

1. Squirrel-Sized Snacks

Dried fruits and nuts are considered as one of the most popular on-the-road treats. They come in small packets and can easily be carried and eaten anywhere.

BY Kara

Nuts also pack a lot of protein that you would need in your long journey. Apart from that, did you know that almonds can help with those darn headaches? Buy a combination of peanuts and almonds and enjoy that crunchy saltiness tickling your taste buds.

If you’re not a fan-nut-tic, there are other treats that you might indulge in. How about dried fruits and berries that would tickle your tongue? There are a lot of popular fruits to choose from like raisins, banana chips, and candied fruits.

Fruits are packed with vitamin C as well as B-vitamins that are good for your immune system.

BY NatalieMaynor

Another good thing about dried fruits and nuts is that they can be consumed even if you are on the road in your campervan. Avoid getting hungry in the middle of your journey by bringing a box of these sweet, salty, and tangy treats.

You can buy dried fruits and nuts in your favourite supermarket at affordable prices. You can even check the local market in your holiday destination to get the freshest deals.

2. Satisfying No-Cook Meals

Speaking of food on the go, buy easy to cook, or better yet, no-cook meals for your campervan holiday. These meals can easily be reheated using the built-in gas stove or microwave oven in your campervan. However, don’t get us wrong. It’s always a joy to prepare hearty meals in your campervan during your vacation in the great outdoors.

No-cook meals not only stave away hunger, they put in much-needed calories in your body for those challenging outdoor activities. Of course, you’d want to get the most out of your campervan holiday. That’s why you also need a body that’s ready for a day packed with adventure.

No-cook meals can also include foods that could be served for breakfast like oatmeal, bread, deli meat, fresh vegetables, and a variety of spreads. As for spreads, don’t forget to bring some margarine and good old vegemite.

3. Stock-up on Sugary Delights

BY m01229

The moment you go outside of your campervan to explore, you would certainly be using energy. That’s a lot of energy you’d be burning by walking, hiking or swimming in any of the wonderful national parks that dot the entire continent.

What better way to energise your body than to eat sugary delights like candy bars! You can often buy these in bulk to save a little money and stay prepared, though you could save more if you find a coupon or special offer to go with. If you think buying your fiber or energy bars in bulk isn’t necessary, you’d be surprised how many you can get through when you are doing high-impact exercise in the mountains. So bring a bar or two in your pocket and have it ready while on the move from one scenic destination to the next. Avoid getting woozy with fatigue by eating something that would pump fuel in those muscles.

For the health conscious tourists, there are healthy alternatives to your traditional candy bar. You can buy energy bars or granola bars for the same energy boost without the fear of packing extra fat around your belly. Candy bars and their healthy alternatives are your best bet for a jolt of power for those long strolls at the legendary Outback.

4. Agua Vida

BY Tim Geers

Don’t forget to bring water and energy drinks. It’s important to stay hydrated while walking under the heat of the sun. Although there would be a lot of public bubblers in the national parks, it would be great if you carry around a water bottle wherever you go.

Remember that your body is made mostly of water and it is losing a lot of liquid while you are on the move. Massive loss of fluids in your body might result in many health complications in the long run. Add to that, drinking water helps cool down your body from the sweltering heat.

5. Handy First Aid Kit

BY DLG Images

Meanwhile, there is one more thing that you might want to consider buying while you are in the supermarket. That would be a handy first aid kit. Buy some insect repellant, sunscreen, cotton balls, and rubbing alcohol for emergencies. Have quick remedies within reach for common ailments during your campervan holiday. Even a dip in the beach could bring its unwanted surprises. That’s why it’s better to always be prepared by keeping a first aid kit ready at hand.

These are just some of the items that you can include in your grocery list for in your next holiday. Not only are these grocery items handy, they can also be stored in your camper’s built-in fridge to store in their freshness. As for the first aid kit, you can keep it safe and away from the reach of children in any of the cabinets or compartments pre-installed in your campervan.

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5 WA Holiday Safety Tips

Western Australia is the biggest state in the commonwealth. Because of its size, it also guarantees a lot of surprises for both regular tourists as well as new backpackers and visitors of the golden state. A hired campervan can surely take you to your destination of choice, like from Perth to Broome or in Australia’s heartland – the Outback.

However, you must always remember to watch your step when travelling in the great wilderness of Western Australia, even if you are in a comfy Cheapa campervan. There are real dangers when you step out of your campervan and explore the vastness of the state, even if it’s at one of the pristine beaches or the national parks of your choice.

As the adage say: “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” So, we have prepared some important reminders for when you visit Western Australia or any other location in Australia, for that matter. So, read on and learn more about the things you can do at the dangerous destinations in the golden state.

Sun’s Out Guns Out!

BY Michael Theis

Apply as much sunscreen as possible before you go out. Western Australia is mostly hot, arid land. From the long coastline down to the orange sands of the Outback, you need to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Get the SPF50+ sunscreen that is highly recommended by experts in Australia. Also, remember to apply the lotion 30 minutes before exposing yourself to sunlight.

Although sunscreen would protect you from some of the harmful effects of UV exposure, it is also great to protect your eyes and face by wearing a good visor and a pair of sunglasses before stepping out.

Swim Safely

The beaches of Western Australia are famous for their cool blue waters and abundant marine life. However, most of the marine life dwelling in these calm seas are untamed. That is why you need to take some precaution when swimming in open water.

BY Tim Sneddon
The sea is full of sharks and other wild aquatic animals that have been thriving in the waters. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from fulfilling your dream vacation to, let’s say, swim with sharks.

Actually, there are great ways to enjoy being one with the marine wildlife of Western Australia.

Visit one of the many national parks in the state where you can observe marine animals at a safe distance, like the Aquarium of Western Australia. They offer tours where both kids and kids at heart can watch sharks up close, separated only by a thick industrialised strength glass.

If you’re a true adrenaline junkie, you can still swim with sharks under close supervision, of course. There are several tours in Western Australia that offer shark cage diving tours. You can observe these giant sea predators in their element inside the safety of a stainless steel cage.

Slithering Snakes

The Outback is teeming with of wildlife even if most of the region is covered by desert sand. The loose, orange-hued sand hides some of the most fantastic species of insect and snakes. One thing to remember while walking amidst low shrubs and the stony terrain is to be on the lookout for insects and reptiles that may be venomous. Their stings or bites could even be deadly if you are allergic to its toxic composition.

The best way to avoid these hidden desert creatures is to go on a tour of the Outback with a reliable guide. Or if you want a more intimate vacation, always follow the familiar footpath which has been used by previous visitors. Avoid taking off on your own, especially if you have never toured the desert before.

BY dilettantiquity

Being lost in the desert is something you would want to avoid. Aside from the creatures lurking in the sand, there is also the threat of dehydration if you wander too far from your campervan. Add to that, it would be very difficult to contact anyone using your mobile phone if you lose your way in the desert.

To avoid getting lost in the desert, it would be better to move in pairs so that you have enough resources as well as instant help when the need arises. Always bring a bottle of water when walking in the desert to avoid dehydration as you take in the smouldering beauty of the legendary Outback.

Wild Western Australia

The “Golden State” is home to many endemic species. These creatures live in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries where they can be observed by both locals and tourists at a safe distance. Some of the most popular animals in these parks are the kangaroos and wallabies.

BY Scott Calleja

Although you may be allowed to come close to these marsupials, you must approach with caution. Kangaroos could pack a wallop if they feel threatened. It is best not to provoke these animals by teasing them or showing them food that you do not intend to share with them. Those things might rub them in the wrong way.

The best way to observe these wild animals is at a safe distance. If you want to come close, at least have someone from the park

nearby so that you’ll have someone to assist you when something goes awry. Also, remember the other golden rule that is “do not feed the animals.” Most of the attacks were caused by people trying to feed these cuddly by wild animals.

Actually, this rule applies to all wild animals that you come close contact. No matter how cute or cuddly they may appear, they are still untamed and must be approached with caution.

Campfire Cares

BY badjonni

When you set-up a campfire in the woods, always remember to put it out before leaving the campsite. There had been incidents of bushfires caused by campfires that weren’t properly attended to.

Wildfires destroy several kilometres of forested areas, which would make several wildlife species homeless. Add to that, the plants that once covered the earth would take years to grow. These plants hold the soil together, which prevents soil erosion.

It is only common courtesy to put out your campfire properly before you leave the campsite. In this way, the next visitors would also have a great time in that holiday destination, just like you did.

So these are just some of the things you need to remember when going on a tour of Western Australia. What’s more important is that you enjoy every minute of your holiday. What other safety measures do you have in mind when touring the wilderness of Western Australia? We would love to hear from you. Connect with us on Facebook and on Twitter and share the destinations you’ve been while in a campervan holiday.

5 Breathtaking WA Holiday Escapes

Western Australia covers around a third of the vast continent. The “Golden State” is bursting with so much life that the entire 2.5 million square kilometres is full of surprises. This is despite the fact that the state’s population is just around 2.5 million. When you hire camper van, a day won’t be is not even enough to tour even just the state’s capital city, Perth.

From the western shores where you can catch some of the best sunsets in the world, to the highlands where you can discover the hidden jewels of this vast region, you certainly can never go wrong with spending your holiday in Western Australia. From historical hotels (you could do an online search similar to ‘Historic Hotels America‘ to find something similar for this state) to the sandy beaches of Perth – you can never get too much of WA! Whether you’re visiting for the first time or returning to your old haunts, a cheap campervan hired to tour Australia’s western front would be the best choice so you can get the most out of your holiday.

But Western Australia is HUGE. Where do you start? Well, that’s why we’ve prepared a list of destinations that would guarantee a memorable holiday.

Exhilarating Esperance

Esperance is where Western Australia makes an eternal handshake with the southern waters of the mighty Pacific. The town is nature’s canvas where you can see different hues of blues and greens. You can even see oranges and reds with the outcrops around the area. The beaches are breathtaking with white sand blanketing the entire coastal area.

You can see a lot of the tourist destinations that Esperance has to offer when you take the Great Ocean Drive. While on the road, you can visit the Wind Farms at Salmon Beach and marvel at how the strong draft is “harvested” to generate electricity, which helps reduce the fuel costs of farms nearby. You will also be awestruck once you head off to the Pink Lake. The changing colours of the lake, from sparkling blue to powdery pink is caused by the living in the lake.

The “Bay of Isles” is absolutely fantastic from September to November when the wildflowers start to blossom. This is also the best time to visit Cape Le Grande National Park. The national park also offers some of the best sites where you can gasp in astonishment as you observe the Archipelago of the Recherche from a viewing deck.

Nearby Esperance at the town of Hyden you can face one of the biggest breaks in Australia. The Wave Rock is a geographical feature that was transformed by the elements for over 2 billion years. It stands at 15 metres from its base, which should be covered by brilliantly coloured wildflowers in spring. While at Hyden, visit the cuddly koalas and the rare white kangaroo at Hyden’s wildlife park.

BY kcp4911

Colonial Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Kalgoorlie boasts one of the most well preserved colonial districts. The historical Hannan street is home to some of the most iconic colonial establishments in Western Australia. The Kalgoorlie Town Hall is among the most well preserved facades in the area. The town hall is was established in 1908, it became the silent witness to the many challenges and victories of gold panners and diggers at a time when the glittering metal was an inescapable temptress in the region.

The remnants of gold mining’s glory days are still visible at the present time. Visit the Old Ivanhoe Mine Head at the Kalgoorlie – Boulder Goldfields Museum. Its steel frame tells the many tales of people that have once thrived in the largest city at the Western Australian Outback. You can even see where miners once lived while digging for the elusive ore. Meanwhile, the pièce de ré ·sis ·tance in the museum collection is the Mundrabilla meteorite exhibit.

The extraterrestrial rock, which is mostly iron, was discovered in the region around 1911. Now, a portion of the ancient rock lies in display as a testimony to the element rich earth of the region. Another testimony to the massive mining industry in the region is the Super Pit just on the outskirts of the city. The magnificent terraces were built using giant earthmovers as miners search for earth’s robust veins filled with precious metals.

After a day in the arid landscape, you can stretch your legs on a comfy bed at any suites in The York Hotel. The hotel has a red bricked facade adorned with two minarets would surely pull you back in time when the streets were laden by horse-drawn carriages and the air buzzing with the excitement of the gold rush.

BY Mark Ireland

Perky Perth

Perth is Western Australia’s capital. When you look at the map, you’ll see that Perth is the only state capital that faces the Indian Ocean. That alone tells you the significance of the metropolis. It could be regarded as the western gate of the huge state – of the country, for that matter.

Being one of the first settlements during the English exploration, Perth boasts a number of historical sites brimming with

tales of people that long have gone preserved in monuments that celebrate their achievements as well as their struggles. Visit the Old Courthouse, the Arts Centre and the Fremantle Prison.

The city is host to the Western Australian Museum. The museum has a huge collection of several artifacts that celebrate the scientific innovations and cultural diversity of the state. If you want to catch the indigenous spirit of the entire region, you can take a tour at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

After you’ve made your way through the cultural hubs and cafés of the central business district, why not try cruising Perth’s coastline? Apart from being Australia’s western gateway, it is also a city of sails! Many of Perth’s residents love being one with the sea. You can be part of this communal practice when you visit the Royal Perth Yacht Club.

BY Ruth Ellison

Captivating Kalbarri

The Kalbarri National Park is a breathtaking exposition of the rustic beauty of Western Australia’s desertland. Explore the fantastic rock formations that adorn the entire nature reserve that covers around 2,000 sq kilometers of river gorges and wild bushland.

Ride towards the Z-bend, which offers one of the best lookouts where you can see in astonishment how nature carved out a deep gorge in the region. From above, you can see how the river’s rapids dull the Tumblagooda sandstone. After being overwhelmed by the view, gather your strength for the 1.4 km walk back to the car park.

Eagle Gorge also offers a panoramic view of the national park. The gorge takes its name from the eagles that have built their nests on the area. You might also want to catch a glimpse of wild kangaroos that could be grazing along the Mushroom Rock Walk trail.

Finally, you can take your meal while being drenched with all the natural beauty of the park at Hawk’s Head. There are picnic tables that are already set-up in the area where you can still have a great view of the Kalbarri National Park.

BY K McLean

Relaxing Ningaloo Reef

The Ningaloo Reef is a protected marine sanctuary that is home to over 500 species of tropical fish as well as around 200 species of corals. Snorkeling is one of the best ways to observe these sea creatures more closely. There are also dive sites where you can have a close encounter with whale sharks, the biggest fish on earth.

The Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area measures around 600,000 hectares. It is a complex that includes Bundegi Park, Cape Range National Park, Jurabi Coastal Park, and Ningaloo Marine Park. Some areas of this marine sanctuary even boasts of secluded beaches which are protected from modernity that ravaged some of the more popular beaches in the country.

If you do not wish to dive, why not try the double sea kayaks that are also part of the tours that feature the sheltered lagoons. Or you can even take a semi-submersible which would bring you underwater without getting your feet wet. This is also one of the best ways to grab that perfect photo of the underwater splendour of the Ningaloo Reef.

After a tiring but enjoyable day at the ocean, retreat to Exmouth. The town is a centre of eco-tourism in the Northern portion of the state. Most of its streets are named in honour of Australian and British servicemen. You can relax in any of their historical pubs and hotels.

These are just some of the best destinations in Western Australia. You can hire a camper van and start from the capital Perth to the waters in Ningaloo Reef. Just imagine the possibilities! You can hire a cozy camper van from our website and start your epic journey.

So, do you have any ideas where to begin in your Western Australia journey? We would love to hear from you. Connect with us in Facebook and Twitter and start sharing your adventures with other travel junkies across the globe.