3 Must-Have Gadgets For Your Australian Holiday

The gadgets any traveller should never go without.
The gadgets any traveller should never go without.

Whether you are visiting Australia for the first or fiftieth time, being prepared is always the best way to enjoy your holiday. We’re not just talking about your travel documents (passports, travel VISAs, tour itineraries) or travel outfits here. Today, we are listing the top 3 gadgets that you – as a traveller – should never go without.

1. Smartphone

If you have never been to Australia before, you will find that it is very easy to get lost in the country even in cities like Brisbane or Sydney so it is always good to have your smartphone with you. With the Smartphone statistics these days, it doesn’t seem as though this would be difficult, with a staggering amount of people worldwide already owning one!

Travel apps like Google maps or Waze make it easy to find your way around metropolitan areas and locate tourist spots. Make sure too, that you have arranged to have call roaming capabilities before travelling. This way, you can easily communicate with folks back home, wherever you are.

2. MP3 Players/Bluetooth Speakers

Suppose you’re taking a long self-drive to Tassie, or you would be driving down the Great Ocean Road to the 12 Apostles, you need to have something to accompany you while you’re behind the wheel of your car or campervan. Playing your favourite tunes in the background helps keep you alert throughout the trip.

Bluetooth speakers are lightweight, and connects to your phone or portable music players easily. If you want something a bit more powerful and to immerse yourself in the music, getting yourself a portable Hi-Fi system will satiate your musical needs, places such as hifisystemcomponents.com will be one to check out before your trip to look at sound equipment. Need help putting together a playlist for your road trip? Here’s our list of road trip songs you can check out.

3. Cameras

Yeah, we know this should have been at the top of this list, sorry for that but we just thought keeping communication lines open with your loved ones back home is more important. Plus we’re music lovers, who doesn’t enjoy great music on road trips? So – on with the cameras.

Although many travellers use their smartphone’s camera to capture the highlights of their trip, it is best to still have digital cameras along for the ride. Besides, today’s DSLR cameras are very user-friendly so you are sure to take postcard worthy photographs every time.

If you’re going to take on Australia’s top surfing spots, you better invest in a good quality underwater camera so you can take snaps of all your adventures on the beach. Whether you plan to go snorkelling, sunbathing or diving, you can easily find a waterproof camera that fits your needs and budget.

Video cameras on the other hand, are very helpful if you want to have more than just still images of your trip. You can also check out waterproof video cameras that you can take with you when you go have fun at sea. Like most DSLRs today, video cameras are very easy to use and are lightweight. You would not have any trouble taking them with you on your trip.

You do not have to be very tech savvy to use these three must-have gadgets on your upcoming trip to The Land Down Under. As long as you know the basics, have a good eye for detail and a heart for adventure, you are well on your way to documenting one of the best vacations of your life.

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