4WD Campervan Hire Australia – Perth, Broome, Darwin and Cairns

4WD campervan hire season is fast approaching in Australia and time is running out to secure a 4-wheel-drive camper for your upcoming adventure. Why the rush? Well, 4WD campervans are very popular during high season, which is normally between May and September and they book out very quickly. This time of the year is the dry season in the northern areas of Australia. So what are your 4WD campervan hire options and where can you travel?

4WD campervan rentals are the busiest in the northern parts of Australia, including Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Perth, Broome, Darwin and Cairns are the most popular campervan hire branches to collect from when it comes to the 4WD’s. This is because they are the gateways to some of Australia’s best 4WD itineraries and attractions, including the Gibb River Road, Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles), Kakadu National Park and Cape York.

There are a range of 4WD campervans on offer from the various rental companies in Australia. Most 4WD campervans are built on either Toyota Landcruiser or Toyota Hilux vehicles, making them very robust for the challenges faced on the road.

  • For 2 to 3 people: all of the major campervan hire companies offer 4WD campervans for 2 people (some offer room for 3 people but space is tight). Vehicles include the Apollo 2 Berth Adventure Camper, Cheapa 2 Berth 4WD Camper, Britz 2/3 Berth Bushcamper, Britz 2 Berth 4WD Challenger and the Maui Spirit 2 4WD campervan. All of these campervans feature indoor sleeping, a gas stove, a fridge, water tanks and extra fuel capacity.


  • For 3, 4 and 5 people: the 4WD campervans are not just restricted to 2 people. There are now some good options for larger groups or families wishing to experience a 4WD adventure together. The latest and greatest 4WD campervan on offer is the Apollo 4 Berth 4WD Outback. This campervan offers seating and sleeping for up to 4 passengers, so now more people (including children) can travel together in the one vehicle. Everyone sleeps inside the campervan and the dual-cab offers extra seating just behind the driver’s compartment. Or for groups of 5, Britz offer the 5 Berth 4WD Safari campervan which comes with a large 5-person ground tent for everyone to bunk down in. It also features a rear awning and roof racks.


There are lots of 4WD campervan trips to enjoy across Australia. Our campervan hire itineraries give you some options to read through, including the ever-popular Broome to Darwin 4WD itinerary taking in the Gibb River Road. We also include a return trip from Broome back to Broome, which includes the Gibb River Road and Purnululu National Park (the Bungle Bungles).

So if you are thinking of doing a 4WD campervan trip in 2011, now is the time to lock in your campervan before they all book out. Availability is getting low but we can still help get you a good deal. Contact us now for more information before the 4WD campervans book out in the next month or so. We are also happy to build a personalised 4WD campervan itinerary for you based on what you want to see and do. We have put together campervan itineraries for our clients for Broome to Darwin, Cairns to Alice Springs, Darwin (return) and many more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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