5 Money Savvy SA Destinations

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It is regarded as the hottest state in Australia, literally and figuratively! Its climate and rich earth have blessed its inhabitants with an abundance of produce, making South Australia the food basket of the commonwealth. Its vineyards and sweet wines are also one of the most popular in the country and a campervan hired to tour the state capital Adelaide, as well as the other cultural hubs, ensures a wonderful holiday.

However, some of you might have apprehensions when travelling to South Australia. You might think that it might be too expensive to travel to the southern state especially that its capital is home to several cultural galas and artistic events. But you’d be surprised to learn that there are several ways to enjoy a cheap holiday on a campervan and tour one of Australia’s famous states.

1. The Cultural Centre that is Adelaide

The state capital was originally intended to be only 1 square mile. Colonel William Light founded the city with a desire to surround it with wide open avenues and lush green parks. The planned community was designed so that the garden city would have a ring encapsulating Adelaide’s heartland.

BY Les Haines

Because of the colonial design of most of the structures as well as the parklands within the ring area, these are now regarded as “State Heritage Listed parklands.” At present, the city lives to its reputation as the centre of culture in South Australia. It is home to several pubs and clubs as well as art galleries. If you’re struggling for parking spaces, you can reserve your own Adelaide Parking with Parkhound to ensure that you’ll have a spot for your vehicle.

The best part about the “City of Churches” is that they have caravan parks surrounding the collection of gardens surrounding the city. You can even hire a campervan in the city if you arrived via air or sea. Our office is just around 11 km away from the airport and within the city’s central business district.

From Adelaide, you can begin touring the magnificent destinations in South Australia thanks to the web work of major thoroughfares and regional roads that connect a holiday destination to the other. One of the legendary routes in South Australia is the Southern Ocean Drive which connects the city to the state’s tip. Another route is the mythic Barossa valley grapevine trail which is a trail away and back to Adelaide and around the lush vineyards of the valley.

2. The Food Basket that is Barossa

Arguably, Barossa Valley is home to some of the best wines in Australia and the World. In fact, Barossa wines are being exported to major cities in East Asia and in Europe. Apart from their collection of wines and spirits, Barossa is home to several vineyards and farms that are guaranteed to arouse your senses.

BY Chris Fithall

Follow the route and visit the picturesque villages around the valley like Angaston, which is recorded as the highest point of the valley. Angaston is also host to the Barossa Farmers Market. It is here where you can purchase fresh produce that you could prepare a lovely feast, which would complement the sweet wines in the region.

Meanwhile, Nuriootpa is considered as the business centre of the entire Barossa Valley. Here you can hire a bike, ride on modified tricycles or even get in a hot air balloon as you admire the magnificence of the lush green valley.

On the other hand, you can also visit the Nuriootpa Linear Park for a fascinating trip to memory lane with your kids. Just along the North Para River, the park offers a joy ride in a steam-powered locomotive that would surely bring peals of laughter to you and your children as you safely make rounds throughout the playground.

3. Hopping Around Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is one of finest examples of nature unspoilt by the embellishment of modernisation. The island is just a ferry ride from Cape Jervis. Be greeted by dolphins as you cross the sea into a different world devoid of human interference.


Upon arriving on the island you would be greeted by echidnas (spiny anteaters), endemic birds, and kangaroos! Many would feel that the island was left behind by modernity, but that’s what makes its rustic beauty truly admirable. If you scratch beneath the surface, you’ll find that you’ve just found a diamond in the rough.

Head to Flinders Chase National Park and check-out its sugar-gum forests. There are also patches of mallee scrub, which accentuate the park. Of course, there’s also the Ravine des Casoars which serves as the island’s western door where you can lose yourself to the vastness of the ocean.

Then, there are the eastern settlements on the island. This is where you can get a taste of Kangaroo Island’s fresh produce as well as amazing spirits. You’ll never forget the elaborate flavours you’ve tasted in the island.

4. Freedom at the Flinders Ranges

Free your mind from all the stresses of city life at Flinders Ranges. This is where you’ll see the majestic Wilpena Pound. The vast bowl of red earth is one of the most remarkable destinations in the Outback. If you’re lucky you might even see fog covering the entire natural formation turning it into a cauldron of water vapour drifting freely in the sky.

BY Ben Cooper

Flinders Ranges is also home to the legendary Lake Eyre, which is a catch basin of several bodies of water from the Northern Territory and Queensland. Once it floods, it is the largest lake in Australia. The flooded lake opens a lot of opportunities for both men and beast to enjoy the waters that rarely rupture its banks.

Sailors come during the occasional floods to conquer the vastness of the placid waters. Meanwhile, there are several species of birds that benefit from the waters that find the parched earth inescapable and hard to resist. It fills the lake with a variety of fish, which makes for a great fête for migratory fowl welcoming the turn of the seasons.

5. Remembering the Murray

Finally, there’s the Murray and its river cruises. Hop on any of the available houseboats which are actually restored paddle wheelers or steamboats from an era long lost but not forgotten. This is how the first Australians voyaged at the heartland as they discovered new habitable regions.

BY John Hutchins

Before the first European settlers lived and thrived in the Outback, the aboriginal people have long called this place home. Now, their imprint is still visible from the mythic waters of the Murray to the “canoe trees” that whisper a thousand memories that drift in the wind.

Enjoy the tour where you’ll also have a taste of Murray’s finest delicacies. Their produce is guaranteed fresh. Also, try freshly caught Coorong Mullet that are sold along small stalls nearby the highway.


The best thing about these destinations is that they have campervan or caravan parks where you can park your hired motorhome for the night. Whether you begin your campervan holiday in Adelaide or in any of the popular destinations in South Australia, you’re certain there are affordable places where you can write your epic adventure!

These are just some of the best and affordable destinations in South Australia. Actually, there are more attractions out there to be discovered. Just be ready for all the fantastic possibilities that you might encounter.

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