Ten Travel Workouts You Can Do While On-The-Go

5 Travel WorkoutsIt’s easy to fall into a routine when everything is set out and fits into place. You sleepily punch the snooze button of your alarm clock in the mornings, punch in the time clock for work at the same time daily. After work, you wear your gloves and, again, punch that boxing bag all the while feeling like a superhero. Then, you head home to the perfect meal paired with the good old telly.

We really are comfortable with the daily regimen but we also love to travel. While sometimes the point of the latter is to break the former, here are some things we just couldn’t leave home without and to some, that is to keep fitness in check.

The good news? There is absolutely no need to compromise

Forget for a moment that you are away. Just because you’re travelling for a few days (or even the entire year) doesn’t mean you have to leave everything behind. Stay in shape without having to worry about carrying all the gym equipment; all you need is your body weight. We’ve come up with a list of simple travel workouts you can do while travelling even if you are a beginner.

Travel Workouts


Assume a facedown position with your palms facing the floor. Raise and lower yourself using your arms making sure that your entire body is straight as a plank. Also, while doing the routine, it’s best to keep your elbows close to your body.  When done correctly, the push-up strengthens the upper body and chisels your chest and your arms.


There are the regular ones and the side-to-side variant. For the first one, stand with your feet wide apart and your arms down on your side. Lower down on a push-up position lowering your chest to the floor. Push your arms up, go back up to a squat position, jump up, raise both hands in the air and keep repeating. The burpee is a great way to exercise your whole body!

High knees and butt kicks

For more cardio, do both of these simple workouts. The high knees require you to stand straight with your feet hip-wide apart, jump in place using one foot after the other—lifting your knees as high as possible. For the butt kicks, stand straight, run in place with your legs alternately touching your glute. The faster, the better!


Squats are a good way to exercise your lower body and avoid the chicken legs you definitely do not want. Many people do it the wrong way but the secret to the right path lies in the form. Stand with your feet hip-wide apart, lower your upper back by pushing your hips back and bending your knees. While doing so, raise your arms out for balance. Take a pause and then lift yourself back up and repeat the process.

Crunches and obliques crunches

Now let’s not forget the core. Many dream of having abs but only a select few want to endure all the hard work (and initial pain). To do a crunch, simply lie back and bend your knees. Place your arms across your chest and lift your upper body until you get a 45 degree angle. Slowly lower yourself and repeat the workout. For the obliques crunches, while in the same position, place your left foot (or right depending on which area you want to start with) on top of your alternate knee. When lifting yourself up, make your right elbow meet your left knee. Do the same with the alternates.

Even when you are a little bit worn out from driving, the workouts will be easy enough to do. Now there’s no excuse—not even time. With these quick routines, you’ll stay light as a feather even while you’re out travelling. To make everything less worrisome, have the workouts printed out or save them on your phone. And don’t forget about food, you’ll need it I am sure!

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