7 Adventures In Australia You Need To Do In Your Life

Adventures in AustraliaIt’s one thing to keep scrolling through your Instagram feed—double-tapping photos worthy of your elusive “heart” before moving on to the next—while it’s another to be driving outside being immersed in adventures so enlivening, stopping only for the wonderful experience that surely ensue. Following the latter, the pictures we painted in our minds now become alive, more vivid, as we are enthralled with all the realness. Suddenly we are awake, ready to rev our engines and drive to the next great adventures that were once only seen in glossy magazine pages or through pixels from our mobile devices.

We have some suggestions to help you get started. With a campervan rental from Salamanda Travel, we’ll drive around Australia in seven (awesome) adventures. Allow us to tease you with some of the most popular attractions and activities from the states and territories Down Under.

Adventures in Australia

Bungy Jumping in Cairns

Bungy Jumping in Cairns. Photo from Flickr
Bungy Jumping in Cairns. Photo from Flickr

There’s probably a study somewhere that supports the claim that bungy jumping actually makes your heart stop even just for a millisecond. Even if that is real, we can’t stop ourselves from taking on this adrenaline-inducing mountain-jumping activity! In Cairns, however, you need not to climb a mountain for a drop. Drive up to the Tropical North Queensland along Smithfield for a 50 metre dive (on air)! While you’re on the road, you might also want to consider the Great Barrier Reef, because, you know, it’s the GREAT BARRIER REEF!

Hot Air Ballooning over Byron Bay

There’s something about experiencing something from a different perspective. Some will argue that because it’s Byron Bay, basically a body of water, the rational thing to do would be to go for a dip. While you can always do this, you can also experience one of the most famous coastal areas of New South Wales (over even Australia) while in one of the sunrise flights on a hot air balloon. See the awe-inspiring views above One thing we can assure you is that the entire experience is way better that those found in the post cards.

Swim with Seals in Kangaroo Island

The Kangaroo Island (no to be mistaken by the Valley found in Queensland) may imply that it is only home to Australia’s most beloved living icon, the kangaroo but it’s not. While the fact that it does have a large of number of the boxers, the third largest island in Australia also has plenty other species of animals living in its terrain. One aquatic mammal that we know you’ve always wanted to see up close (and swim with) are seals. And yes, there is a whole area dedicated for their protection and conservation, the Seal Bay Discovery Park along the sandy beach and dune area. Now, we’re excited too!

A Seal in Kangaroo Island. Photo from Flickr
A Seal in Kangaroo Island. Photo from Flickr

Craze over the Cage of Death in Darwin

This is the only place where danger is worth the thrill! In Darwin, you can get up close and personal with the largest of all living reptiles in the world and the one of the most deadliest (gulp) reptiles in Australia! Swim (while you are in the so called “Cage of Death”) with the largest Saltwater crocs. If you’re asking us why we’d recommended something we also dub to be very dangerous, it’s all for fun. And fret not, the cages are fool-proof and tested thoroughly!

White Water Rafting in Franklin River in Tasmania

Tasmania is known for its calm and collected cool but if you’re in for a cool heart-pounding adventure,we have it here too! Drive with your campervan from Salamanda Travel to Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park by the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage to unleash your wild side. Feel the water splash around you while you raft through the rapids and experience a thrill you’ll be itching to repeat all your life!

Great Ocean Road of Victoria

It seems like we are cheating a little bit here but, if we are, why not? The Great Ocean Road spans 243 kilometres of breathtaking coastlines and it encompasses some major cities such as Apollo Bay, Lorne, Torquay, Port Campbell and Peterborough. Here, we can also see some of the best destinations (some of them iconic and well-loved) like the Grampians National Park, the Great Otway National Park, the Twelve Apostles and Port Campbell National Park. So really, if you’re looking for a place where you can have more adventures all rolled into one scenic road trip, drive up to Victoria.

Grampians National Park. Photo from Flickr
Grampians National Park. Photo from Flickr

Rockin’ at Wave Rock, Western Australia

If you think that the Wave Rock is nothing but a giant rock formation, well this alienistic monolith actually gives you more than meets the eye. Upon driving to Wave Rock Road, you’ll see that you are able to enjoy what you left behind in the city—cafes, a number of restaurants, museums and even gardens of Salmon Gum in Hyden. The granite cliff that is the Rock is 15 metres high and 110 metres long. If you’re looking to stay here for the night (and you should), you may do so at the Wave Rock Kiosk and Caravan Park.

Surfing at Wave Rock. Photo from Flickr
Surfing at Wave Rock. Photo from Flickr

I don’t know about you but I’ll ahead and rent a campervan now. I’m gonna go and have fun in all of the adventures in Australia! If you wanna tag along, give us a call or visit our website www.salamandatravel.com. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to learn more Australian destinations!


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