The Best Travel Apps You Absolutely Need For Travelling

The 7 Travel Apps You NeedNo study is needed to prove that technology has changed the way we travel. In the most recent of years, it has increasingly shown potential not only in changing but altogether shaping the way we do things. The digital age is here and although some may argue it only brings confusion and nuances on the table, we like to be defensive and say that the former is not entirely true.

We understand that it’s an ocean out there and you could virtually drown in all that mess. So, we’ve rounded up the travel applications that you’ll actually need, away from all the digital debris. Here are the best travel apps you need to travel with (and some recommendations) that will actually solve your problems.

The Best Travel Apps Today!


Who needs directions? We know we do. There really is no point in acting like you know the directions to the place you’re driving to when, the fact is, you’re as blank as a new unlined notebook. Most of the time, all you need is a bit of help so a map app is the first things you need to tick off that list. We recommend Google Maps for its simplicity. Plus, it’s usually already installed on your phone.


The best thing about having everything on your mobile devices is the ease of access. You don’t have to waste gas driving around town in search of the best place there is. Now, all you need to do is type in where you are and there will be recommendations waiting for you to click or, in this case, tap. Get reliable information from fellow travellers on top-rated restaurants or activities you can do. For this, we assure you that the TripAdvisor mobile app will have everything you need, in the most brutally honest way possible sometimes. Runners-up for this category on our best travel apps list are Pin Drop, Schemer and Foodspotting.

Currency Converter

If you think this is not one that you should add to your arsenal, then think again. Having a quick currency converter will save you time searching; computing; and counting in your head. XE Currency has a simple interface making it easier to navigate and uses real time to update currencies. The best takeaway is knowing the app is accurate!


We’re gonna be frank and say that if you visit another country, then you should learn at least some basic communication skills. Everyone will appreciate it and it’s always fun learning something new. Save yourself innumerable hours of searching the guidebook for how to say “How are You Doing?” in Yiddish by getting an app that gives you the answer in seconds. Download translator apps that also teach you how to pronounce a word so you don’t make a fool out of yourself. Better Translation Pro is the top-rated app on Android to do just the job. If you want one that’s of space age, try Word Lens—take a photo of a word and translate it as you need. Cool, eh?


Now who doesn’t love a great discount? If it were up to us, we’d be handing out deals and specials like they were pancakes. If you want your fair share of opportunities to save for your travels, then a good deal finder is what you need. Travelzoo keeps it fresh by updating every week, listing down the best packages on cruises, hotels, car rentals and airfares. It’s good for many countries (including Australia) and is also topping reviews on the stores!

Memory Keeping

This one might digress a little bit but after all the travels, it’s always nice to go back and reminisce the days of pure unadulterated journeys. Aside from notepads, cameras and sound recorders readily installed on your smartphones, get Instagram as your photo diary. You can even let your friends (and followers) know what you’re currently up to since it’s a social app. Who doesn’t like the idea of making their followers jealous of the places that you are visiting? People love to have a look at what other Instagram followers are getting up to, especially when it comes to the people who are always traveling to different places. Share your photos and memories with even more Instagram users by gaining free followers from sites like socialfollow so that people have the chance to become inspired by your pictures. It’s definitely something worth considering if you want the opportunity to express your posts with more people. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated journaling experience, get Trip Journal with all its mapping and geo-tagging features!


When everything is said and done, you’ll want to have someone to go back to; someone you miss or simply someone you need to talk with. We’re leaving out other social media that can get you sucked in the digital hole (after all, travel is a way to get out of that and not the other way round). We simply recommend you getting WhatsApp or Viber (the apps make use of WiFi or your telecom’s data plan so they’re free) to communicate back to your relatives who might be on the other side of the world or that friend who you’re visiting in the region.

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