Best Luxury Train Rail Journey

If you are looking for a different way to explore Australia, then you might like to consider train travel. Okay, so a lot of people catch a train to work every day, but for a very different experience, jump onboard a Great Southern Rail (GSR) train to really see the land Down Under.

The basics that you need to know are:

The Indian Pacific Train – travels between Sydney and Perth up to 2 times a week during peak period. As the name suggests, it connects the Pacific Ocean from Sydney through to the Indian Ocean in Perth.

The Ghan Train – travels between Adelaide and Darwin (through Alice Springs) up to 2 times a week during peak period. Originally called the Afghan Express, the train’s name is inspired by the Afghan cameleers who helped explore and open up the Red Centre of Australia.

The Overland Train – travels between Melbourne and Adelaide 3 times a week. The Overland provides a comfortable and relaxing journey between the two cities.

The latest news is that GSR has been awarded the ‘Best Luxury Rail Journey’ for The Indian Pacific and The Ghan by Luxury Travel Magazine’s Gold List Awards. The Overland missed out but it’s more an affordable day trip rather than a luxury travelling experience.

The winners of the Gold List Awards are based on reader vote so it’s a good indication of the popularity of the two train journeys. Other nominees for the award included famous international rail journeys such as The Orient Express, The Rocky Mountaineer and The Blue Train.

If luxury travel is your preference, then GSR can certainly cater for your needs, especially in their Platinum class. But if you are on a budget, then GSR also offers their comfortable Red class with seating and cabin options. There is a mode of travel to suit everyone aboard the different GSR trains. So why not consider train travel the next time you need a break from the daily grind?

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