5 Money Savvy SA Destinations

It is regarded as the hottest state in Australia, literally and figuratively! Its climate and rich earth have blessed its inhabitants with an abundance of produce, making South Australia the food basket of the commonwealth. Its vineyards and sweet wines are also one of the most popular in the country and a campervan hired to tour the state capital Adelaide, as well as the other cultural hubs, ensures a wonderful holiday.

However, some of you might have apprehensions when travelling to South Australia. You might think that it might be too expensive to travel to the southern state especially that its capital is home to several cultural galas and artistic events. But you’d be surprised to learn that there are several ways to enjoy a cheap holiday on a campervan and tour one of Australia’s famous states.

1. The Cultural Centre that is Adelaide

The state capital was originally intended to be only 1 square mile. Colonel William Light founded the city with a desire to surround it with wide open avenues and lush green parks. The planned community was designed so that the garden city would have a ring encapsulating Adelaide’s heartland.

BY Les Haines

Because of the colonial design of most of the structures as well as the parklands within the ring area, these are now regarded as “State Heritage Listed parklands.” At present, the city lives to its reputation as the centre of culture in South Australia. It is home to several pubs and clubs as well as art galleries. If you’re struggling for parking spaces, you can reserve your own Adelaide Parking with Parkhound to ensure that you’ll have a spot for your vehicle.

The best part about the “City of Churches” is that they have caravan parks surrounding the collection of gardens surrounding the city. You can even hire a campervan in the city if you arrived via air or sea. Our office is just around 11 km away from the airport and within the city’s central business district.

From Adelaide, you can begin touring the magnificent destinations in South Australia thanks to the web work of major thoroughfares and regional roads that connect a holiday destination to the other. One of the legendary routes in South Australia is the Southern Ocean Drive which connects the city to the state’s tip. Another route is the mythic Barossa valley grapevine trail which is a trail away and back to Adelaide and around the lush vineyards of the valley.

2. The Food Basket that is Barossa

Arguably, Barossa Valley is home to some of the best wines in Australia and the World. In fact, Barossa wines are being exported to major cities in East Asia and in Europe. Apart from their collection of wines and spirits, Barossa is home to several vineyards and farms that are guaranteed to arouse your senses.

BY Chris Fithall

Follow the route and visit the picturesque villages around the valley like Angaston, which is recorded as the highest point of the valley. Angaston is also host to the Barossa Farmers Market. It is here where you can purchase fresh produce that you could prepare a lovely feast, which would complement the sweet wines in the region.

Meanwhile, Nuriootpa is considered as the business centre of the entire Barossa Valley. Here you can hire a bike, ride on modified tricycles or even get in a hot air balloon as you admire the magnificence of the lush green valley.

On the other hand, you can also visit the Nuriootpa Linear Park for a fascinating trip to memory lane with your kids. Just along the North Para River, the park offers a joy ride in a steam-powered locomotive that would surely bring peals of laughter to you and your children as you safely make rounds throughout the playground.

3. Hopping Around Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is one of finest examples of nature unspoilt by the embellishment of modernisation. The island is just a ferry ride from Cape Jervis. Be greeted by dolphins as you cross the sea into a different world devoid of human interference.


Upon arriving on the island you would be greeted by echidnas (spiny anteaters), endemic birds, and kangaroos! Many would feel that the island was left behind by modernity, but that’s what makes its rustic beauty truly admirable. If you scratch beneath the surface, you’ll find that you’ve just found a diamond in the rough.

Head to Flinders Chase National Park and check-out its sugar-gum forests. There are also patches of mallee scrub, which accentuate the park. Of course, there’s also the Ravine des Casoars which serves as the island’s western door where you can lose yourself to the vastness of the ocean.

Then, there are the eastern settlements on the island. This is where you can get a taste of Kangaroo Island’s fresh produce as well as amazing spirits. You’ll never forget the elaborate flavours you’ve tasted in the island.

4. Freedom at the Flinders Ranges

Free your mind from all the stresses of city life at Flinders Ranges. This is where you’ll see the majestic Wilpena Pound. The vast bowl of red earth is one of the most remarkable destinations in the Outback. If you’re lucky you might even see fog covering the entire natural formation turning it into a cauldron of water vapour drifting freely in the sky.

BY Ben Cooper

Flinders Ranges is also home to the legendary Lake Eyre, which is a catch basin of several bodies of water from the Northern Territory and Queensland. Once it floods, it is the largest lake in Australia. The flooded lake opens a lot of opportunities for both men and beast to enjoy the waters that rarely rupture its banks.

Sailors come during the occasional floods to conquer the vastness of the placid waters. Meanwhile, there are several species of birds that benefit from the waters that find the parched earth inescapable and hard to resist. It fills the lake with a variety of fish, which makes for a great fête for migratory fowl welcoming the turn of the seasons.

5. Remembering the Murray

Finally, there’s the Murray and its river cruises. Hop on any of the available houseboats which are actually restored paddle wheelers or steamboats from an era long lost but not forgotten. This is how the first Australians voyaged at the heartland as they discovered new habitable regions.

BY John Hutchins

Before the first European settlers lived and thrived in the Outback, the aboriginal people have long called this place home. Now, their imprint is still visible from the mythic waters of the Murray to the “canoe trees” that whisper a thousand memories that drift in the wind.

Enjoy the tour where you’ll also have a taste of Murray’s finest delicacies. Their produce is guaranteed fresh. Also, try freshly caught Coorong Mullet that are sold along small stalls nearby the highway.


The best thing about these destinations is that they have campervan or caravan parks where you can park your hired motorhome for the night. Whether you begin your campervan holiday in Adelaide or in any of the popular destinations in South Australia, you’re certain there are affordable places where you can write your epic adventure!

These are just some of the best and affordable destinations in South Australia. Actually, there are more attractions out there to be discovered. Just be ready for all the fantastic possibilities that you might encounter.

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Top Adventures To Take Aboard Your Australian Campervan Hire

Hired campervans are one of the best ways to see tourist destinations around Australia, considering these destinations are connected by major thoroughfares. Most tourist spots remain unspoilt,  giving them a rustic beauty that definitely make for great memories.

Since there are plenty of places to go, we’ve compiled 5 of our favourite destinations aboard an Australian campervan hired for a fun filled holiday!

 Bendigo Vineyards

Bendigo is home to some of the finest winemakers in Victoria. These wine cellars first opened their doors during the 19th-century gold rush. Deep red shiraz and cabernet sauvignon are famous wines created by Bendigo’s masters.

"Bendigo roundabout” by anne beaumont available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/eannieb/3787470287/ under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

"Bendigo roundabout” by anne beaumont available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/eannieb/3787470287/ under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ BY anne beaumont

The gold rush also made the town rich in history. Early settlers contributed to Bendigo’s well-preserved classical colonial architecture. The line of colonial shops and houses command attention from visitors. Indeed, this town would take your breath away.

 Gold Coast Surf

This city is a popular surfing destination, with its 57-kilometre coastline perfect for walks or swimming. The Spot or Mermaid Beach is the best spot for surfing. Afterwards, you can bring the kids to Surfers Paradise for an ice cream cone.

"Surfers Paradise” by Phalinn Ooi available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/phalinn/6876321076/ under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

"Surfers Paradise” by Phalinn Ooi available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/phalinn/6876321076/ under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ BY Phalinn Ooi

Gold Coast City is not only about sand, sea and surf. There are also plenty of theme parks for the whole family. For a more scenic holiday, visit Green Hinterland Walk. Lamington and Springbrook are World Heritage Rainforests where you can observe local wildlife.

Brave Tasmania

You can bring your hired campervan to Tasmania via ferry (like the Spirit of Tasmania) from Melbourne. The island has several national parks that are also great campervan destinations. Take pictures of local wildlife including, of course, the famed Tasmanian Devil.

"Tasmania” by HK.Colin available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/picturesfromcolin/8826746954/ under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

"Tasmania” by HK.Colin available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/picturesfromcolin/8826746954/ under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ BY HK.Colin

Include Hobart in your day tour. Be blown away by what this centuries old city has to offer. They have shops and award-winning restaurants you’d surely love. There are also historical tours along Battery Point. Visit Hobart Town and learn about the first European settlers on the island.

 Ningaloo Reef Snorkeling

Head to Ningaloo Reef for a day of snorkelling in Western Australia and marvel at its marine ecosystem that has over 200 coral species. The Ningaloo Marine Park is also home to different species of fish. You can even spot a whale shark, the biggest fish in the world.

"Ningaloo Reef Snorkel” by sharon mckellar available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/dearanxiety/4711559280/ under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/

"Ningaloo Reef Snorkel” by sharon mckellar available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/dearanxiety/4711559280/ under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/ BY sharon mckellar

There’s also a scuba diving course you could take while at the UNESCO World Heritage site or buy souvenirs at any of the shops at the beach. After your day tour, why not have dinner as you enjoy the lovely sunset on the Indian Ocean?

 Toowoomba Blooms

Toowoomba is known as Queensland’s Garden City. The city, which is 700 metres above sea level, has over 150 parks and gardens. Take a leisurely stroll on the city’s central business district and admire the churches and well-preserved architecture from decades ago. Toowoomba’s annual Carnival of Flowers is a spectacle to behold, so take pictures of the colourful parade of flowers.

"Carnival of Flowers in Toowoomba” by Tatters ❀ available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/dearanxiety/4711559280/ under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/

"Carnival of Flowers in Toowoomba” by Tatters ❀ available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/dearanxiety/4711559280/ under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/ BY Tatters ❀

Take a sip of sparkling champagne or have a cup of hot coffee in any of the restaurants in the city. The flavours of Toowoomba would surely melt your heart and take you back home.

These are just some of the best places in Australia to bring your hired campervan. The destinations are connected to the major cities through major highways. The best part about this is that there are other amazing tourist spots along the way and all you need to do is make a stop.

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5 Breathtaking WA Holiday Escapes

Western Australia covers around a third of the vast continent. The “Golden State” is bursting with so much life that the entire 2.5 million square kilometres is full of surprises. This is despite the fact that the state’s population is just around 2.5 million. When you hire camper van, a day won’t be is not even enough to tour even just the state’s capital city, Perth.

From the western shores where you can catch some of the best sunsets in the world, to the highlands where you can discover the hidden jewels of this vast region, you certainly can never go wrong with spending your holiday in Western Australia. From historical hotels (you could do an online search similar to ‘Historic Hotels America‘ to find something similar for this state) to the sandy beaches of Perth – you can never get too much of WA! Whether you’re visiting for the first time or returning to your old haunts, a cheap campervan hired to tour Australia’s western front would be the best choice so you can get the most out of your holiday.

But Western Australia is HUGE. Where do you start? Well, that’s why we’ve prepared a list of destinations that would guarantee a memorable holiday.

Exhilarating Esperance

Esperance is where Western Australia makes an eternal handshake with the southern waters of the mighty Pacific. The town is nature’s canvas where you can see different hues of blues and greens. You can even see oranges and reds with the outcrops around the area. The beaches are breathtaking with white sand blanketing the entire coastal area.

You can see a lot of the tourist destinations that Esperance has to offer when you take the Great Ocean Drive. While on the road, you can visit the Wind Farms at Salmon Beach and marvel at how the strong draft is “harvested” to generate electricity, which helps reduce the fuel costs of farms nearby. You will also be awestruck once you head off to the Pink Lake. The changing colours of the lake, from sparkling blue to powdery pink is caused by the living in the lake.

The “Bay of Isles” is absolutely fantastic from September to November when the wildflowers start to blossom. This is also the best time to visit Cape Le Grande National Park. The national park also offers some of the best sites where you can gasp in astonishment as you observe the Archipelago of the Recherche from a viewing deck.

Nearby Esperance at the town of Hyden you can face one of the biggest breaks in Australia. The Wave Rock is a geographical feature that was transformed by the elements for over 2 billion years. It stands at 15 metres from its base, which should be covered by brilliantly coloured wildflowers in spring. While at Hyden, visit the cuddly koalas and the rare white kangaroo at Hyden’s wildlife park.

BY kcp4911

Colonial Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Kalgoorlie boasts one of the most well preserved colonial districts. The historical Hannan street is home to some of the most iconic colonial establishments in Western Australia. The Kalgoorlie Town Hall is among the most well preserved facades in the area. The town hall is was established in 1908, it became the silent witness to the many challenges and victories of gold panners and diggers at a time when the glittering metal was an inescapable temptress in the region.

The remnants of gold mining’s glory days are still visible at the present time. Visit the Old Ivanhoe Mine Head at the Kalgoorlie – Boulder Goldfields Museum. Its steel frame tells the many tales of people that have once thrived in the largest city at the Western Australian Outback. You can even see where miners once lived while digging for the elusive ore. Meanwhile, the pièce de ré ·sis ·tance in the museum collection is the Mundrabilla meteorite exhibit.

The extraterrestrial rock, which is mostly iron, was discovered in the region around 1911. Now, a portion of the ancient rock lies in display as a testimony to the element rich earth of the region. Another testimony to the massive mining industry in the region is the Super Pit just on the outskirts of the city. The magnificent terraces were built using giant earthmovers as miners search for earth’s robust veins filled with precious metals.

After a day in the arid landscape, you can stretch your legs on a comfy bed at any suites in The York Hotel. The hotel has a red bricked facade adorned with two minarets would surely pull you back in time when the streets were laden by horse-drawn carriages and the air buzzing with the excitement of the gold rush.

BY Mark Ireland

Perky Perth

Perth is Western Australia’s capital. When you look at the map, you’ll see that Perth is the only state capital that faces the Indian Ocean. That alone tells you the significance of the metropolis. It could be regarded as the western gate of the huge state – of the country, for that matter.

Being one of the first settlements during the English exploration, Perth boasts a number of historical sites brimming with

tales of people that long have gone preserved in monuments that celebrate their achievements as well as their struggles. Visit the Old Courthouse, the Arts Centre and the Fremantle Prison.

The city is host to the Western Australian Museum. The museum has a huge collection of several artifacts that celebrate the scientific innovations and cultural diversity of the state. If you want to catch the indigenous spirit of the entire region, you can take a tour at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

After you’ve made your way through the cultural hubs and cafés of the central business district, why not try cruising Perth’s coastline? Apart from being Australia’s western gateway, it is also a city of sails! Many of Perth’s residents love being one with the sea. You can be part of this communal practice when you visit the Royal Perth Yacht Club.

BY Ruth Ellison

Captivating Kalbarri

The Kalbarri National Park is a breathtaking exposition of the rustic beauty of Western Australia’s desertland. Explore the fantastic rock formations that adorn the entire nature reserve that covers around 2,000 sq kilometers of river gorges and wild bushland.

Ride towards the Z-bend, which offers one of the best lookouts where you can see in astonishment how nature carved out a deep gorge in the region. From above, you can see how the river’s rapids dull the Tumblagooda sandstone. After being overwhelmed by the view, gather your strength for the 1.4 km walk back to the car park.

Eagle Gorge also offers a panoramic view of the national park. The gorge takes its name from the eagles that have built their nests on the area. You might also want to catch a glimpse of wild kangaroos that could be grazing along the Mushroom Rock Walk trail.

Finally, you can take your meal while being drenched with all the natural beauty of the park at Hawk’s Head. There are picnic tables that are already set-up in the area where you can still have a great view of the Kalbarri National Park.

BY K McLean

Relaxing Ningaloo Reef

The Ningaloo Reef is a protected marine sanctuary that is home to over 500 species of tropical fish as well as around 200 species of corals. Snorkeling is one of the best ways to observe these sea creatures more closely. There are also dive sites where you can have a close encounter with whale sharks, the biggest fish on earth.

The Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area measures around 600,000 hectares. It is a complex that includes Bundegi Park, Cape Range National Park, Jurabi Coastal Park, and Ningaloo Marine Park. Some areas of this marine sanctuary even boasts of secluded beaches which are protected from modernity that ravaged some of the more popular beaches in the country.

If you do not wish to dive, why not try the double sea kayaks that are also part of the tours that feature the sheltered lagoons. Or you can even take a semi-submersible which would bring you underwater without getting your feet wet. This is also one of the best ways to grab that perfect photo of the underwater splendour of the Ningaloo Reef.

After a tiring but enjoyable day at the ocean, retreat to Exmouth. The town is a centre of eco-tourism in the Northern portion of the state. Most of its streets are named in honour of Australian and British servicemen. You can relax in any of their historical pubs and hotels.

These are just some of the best destinations in Western Australia. You can hire a camper van and start from the capital Perth to the waters in Ningaloo Reef. Just imagine the possibilities! You can hire a cozy camper van from our website and start your epic journey.

So, do you have any ideas where to begin in your Western Australia journey? We would love to hear from you. Connect with us in Facebook and Twitter and start sharing your adventures with other travel junkies across the globe.

6 Big Sydney Day Tour Destinations

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Lao Tzu

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu emphasized the importance of taking that decisive action of moving towards the direction you want to go. However, where do you begin making that first step if you were in a camper van hired for a quick day tour in one of Australia’s largest and busiest metropolitan centers?

It doesn’t even have to be a hired camper van though, you can easily invest in your own camper van (if this is something that interests you), as you might decide that you want to take your camper van with you to every location that you visit. Just remember that if you do this, then you will need to spend an evening and compare camper van insurance, you don’t want to get caught out on your travels! But at least when you’ve got your insurance sorted and all the kit you need, you can go and enjoy yourself by going on some amazing adventures!

Sydney is a webwork of roads, nature trails and bridges that intertwine with the vast expanse of ocean before it vanishes to infinity. A camper van hired for a quick day tour around the city is absolutely a daunting challenge. But with that being said, owning a camper van or hiring one may make traveling around a city like Sydney a lot easier. There’d be no need to worry about taking public transport. Plus, considering there are camper vans with facilities such as a bathroom, being comfortable on any trip is very important. Why not check it out if you’re looking to find out more information? The more you know, the better it maybe when it comes to planning a trip.

The city’s approximately 26.15 sqm of steel and concrete towers combined with parks and recreational areas make up the metropolitan region alone. It doesn’t cover the remainder of the city’s rugged nature trails, beaches, and national parks.

Let us help you take that decisive step by giving you a guide on where to go for a quick day tour of Sydney. Not only would you be able to tour some of the most spectacular sights in the city, but you would also have a taste of what “the harbor city” has to offer to every traveler eager to make that first step towards a great holiday.

Big Sydney 6

Before even moving a muscle, you must remember that Sydney is a cluster of “regions.” The entire city is so rich in cultural diversity that each of these regions offers a different perspective of what Sydney is truly all about. To help you out, we searched for some of the best places for your day tour in 6 key areas just to get you started.

These locations are within the bay area and are accessible through the various public transportation available in the metropolis. The 6 “regions” are: the City of Sydney, Inner West, Northern Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs, Western Sydney and Southern Sydney.

City of Sydney

The City of Sydney is ideal for first time tourists. The community is right across the legendary Sydney Harbour where you can visit the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the picturesque Sydney Opera House. Both had adorned postage stamps and tourism posters since anyone could remember. Also, both of these man-made marvels could be visited by going on a leisurely stroll along Circular Quay.

BY hjjanisch

This area is where you can check out the city’s 1st central business district (CBD). While at the CBD, visit the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) where you can shop for jewellery and home wares. You can also try the line-up of cakes and pastries that are served in the cafés established in this iconic façade.

Speaking of shopping, why not visit Sydney’s Chinatown and Haymarket for an introduction to the Oriental palate? Immerse yourself to a parade of authentic Chinese delights as well as a showcase of gift shops that would absolutely inundate your senses.

BY Pablo Rodríguez

Inner West

If you haven’t gotten your fill of the food choices sold at Sydney City’s restaurants, why not try some of those served in the Inner West? This area is all about food and shopping!

Shop around the fashionable streets of Oxford and William. Meanwhile, you can also check-out the second-hand shops at Balmain, Glebe, Leichhardt and Newtown. These streets are also filled with bookshops and cafés that would arouse any bibliophile’s interests.

Among the marketplaces founded in the area, Balmain’s could be one of the oldest, as it has been serving locals and tourists with fresh produce and tasty delicacies since the 1800’s. On the other hand, some of the shops focus on regional gourmet dishes, like Leichhardt, which serves mouthwatering Italian delicacies.

Northern Suburbs

The Northern Suburbs is where you’ll get your first treat of Australia’s wildlife. There are several places that exhibit the local flora and fauna in the continent as well as imported featured species from the African savannah and tropical forests around the world.

Taronga Zoo in Mosman is a perfect spot where family and friends can learn a thing or two about the estimated 4,000 species that have called this park their home. Apart from foreign wildlife, Taronga also hosts several endemic species like the well-loved koala.

If you’re more of a sea-loving chap, you can visit the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary. Or you can also try your agility and strength in commanding the waves at popular beaches in the area, like Manly Beach and Palm Beach. It is also here in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs that you can visit the Northern Beaches for an afternoon of sea and surf.

Eastern Suburbs

The Eastern Suburbs is also about sand, sea and surf, with Bondi Beach serving as the cherry on top of this oceanic delight. Bondi boasts of a 6 km paved path known as the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk, which features the thunderous sea juxtaposed the heavy immovable rocks to create an imagery that can only be described as breathtaking.

BY Justin Otto

There are also other attractions in the area, most of them beaches and parks where your family and friends can enjoy either a quick dip at the sea or a relaxing afternoon surrounded by nature’s calm. Meanwhile, Watsons Bay is the best place in the area where you can buy fresh, sweet and succulent seafood. It is also known as the oldest fishing village in the city.

Western Sydney

After getting a perfect tan at the fantastic beaches at the Eastern Suburbs, take a step back in time at the heritage sites in Parramatta located at Western Sydney. The Old Government House, which was built in 1799, is the jewel on the crown of Sydney’s 2nd central business district (CBD).

Still hungry for adventure? Well, there’s also something for sports enthusiasts. If you want to catch the latest game, check out the events scheduled at the Parramatta Stadium. Then, visit Campbelltown for their scenic bush walking trails that lead you to Georges River Nature Reserve.

After that, you can end your visit to Western Sydney with a feast at Cabramatta where they serve the best southeast Asian dishes in the city. After all, they aren’t called Sydney’s “Little Saigon” for nothing.

Southern Sydney

Southern Sydney is all about nature’s finest gallery of cliffs, nature trails, and coastlines that strum the chords most familiar to the heartstrings. This area is where you can find the Royal National Park as well as La Perouse Museum, which features the history of Southern Sydney. The museum was named in honour of French explorer Comte de la Perouse who came to the continent in 1788.

These are the 6 biggest tourist zones for a memorable day tour in Sydney. Although there are a lot of them, they are all very accessible through the major roads as well as public transportation that connect them to each other. Looking at the list, your itinerary options are definitely limitless.

It’s up to you which of these destinations you would like to cover. When you’re done deciding where to take that first brave step, why not turn on the ignition of that camper van you hired and start touring the gleaming beauty of Australia’s “harbour city” – Sydney? You know you want to.

We always love to hear from you! Which of the featured tourist destinations in Sydney would you visit next? Share your love and comments via Salamanda Travel’s Facebook and Twitter pages today!

Things to do in Melbourne During Summer Season

You can joke about Melbourne’s weather all year round, but not during summer.

The world’s “most liveable city” can rival, if not surpass, the summer experience that other places in Australia has to offer. Melbourne’s magnificent landscape, hidden laneways, sporting grounds and pristine beaches are sure to captivate you.

Melbourne is also a great starting point for any road trip like the Great Ocean Road. Going around the city is easy, especially if you rent a motorhome or campervan that serves as your home on the road.

If you still do not have the slightest idea what to do when you’re in Melbourne this summer, here are 10 things that will surely make your trip memorable:

1. Sip a Cup of Melbourne Coffee

Melburnians love their coffee, perhaps a bit more than everyone else. If you are a coffee lover yourself, Melbourne presents an opportunity to taste several coffee brews around the world. Simply head over to cafes like Breakfast Thieves, Chez Dre or Kettle Black to have a great breakfast with an equally great tasting cup of coffee.


BY Katherine Lim

2. Tour the CBD via the Circle Tram

Riding Melbourne’s free tram is the most convenient way to explore the city’s business district. The tram also plays an audio commentary that discusses the details of city landmarks and its attractions like the Princess Theatre, Docklands, Melbourne Aquarium, City Museum and Parliament House. To ride in one, wait at any tram stop along the tracks and look for the City Circle sign.

3. Hang Out at the Summer Night Market

Spend your nights with tasty food and good drinks while watching splendid acts from street performers and musicians. Held every Wednesday night from November to March, the Summer Night Market gathers around 200 vendors that serve Middle Eastern, Spanish, Indian and Vietnamese food. Catch this feast of world flavours at Queen Victoria Market in Elizabeth Street.

4. Watch Films at The Moonlight Cinema

Watch a great movie under the night sky while picnicking in the grassy hillside of the Royal Botanic Gardens. Catch your favourite flicks from new releases, cult movies and even retro films. On some occasions, movie goers can also see a mass flight of bats. This year, tickets cost $14 for children and $19 for adults.

5. Catch a Game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

There is nothing like watching an exhilarating game of cricket or Australian footy. Buy a ticket for your favourite team’s game and cheer for them on the day of their match. MCG also hosts tours that introduce the stadium’s rich history and day-to-day operations. The “G” remains the largest stadium in Australia, with a seating capacity of 100,000.


BY Tourism Victoria

6. View the City at the Top of Eureka Tower

If you want to see Melbourne in its entirety, head over to Eureka Tower. On the 88th level is a viewing deck that gives you a bird’s eye view of the city. The highest building in the southern hemisphere, its top ten floors is also plated in 24-karat gold. Tickets are sold at $19.50 for adults and $11.00 for children 4-16 years old. Kids under 4 years are free.

7. Picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens

You don’t have to leave Melbourne to experience nature. Head over to the Royal Botanic Gardens and immerse yourself in 38 hectares of landscaped gardens with a large collection of plants from around the world. The infamous Heritage Walk tour allows you to see the Gardens through the eyes of its traditional Aboriginal inhabitants. Many of the plant species in the garden also have displays that provide information about them.

8. Swim at St. Kilda Beach

Summer is never complete until you have spent a few days at days at the beach. Just 6 kilometres from the city centre lies St. Kilda Beach which is popular for its sweeping views of Port Phillip. St. Kilda’s serene foreshore has an extensive network of boardwalks and paths ideal for walking, cycling, jogging and inline skating.

9. Take a Selfie at the Arty Alleyways

Melbourne is home to many artists and it is not only in galleries and exhibits that you can delight yourself in visual art. Just head over to one or two laneways in the main city grid and you will stumble upon some of the best street arts in the world. A galore of colourful murals, starting from Hosier Lane in the north, gives life to the once shortcut passages of the city.


BY Andrew

10. Visit the Animals in Melbourne Zoo

Get lost in the wilderness of Melbourne Zoo. Just less than 4 kilometres from the heart of the city, stands this wildlife sanctuary that is home to over 250 animal species. Come and see all your favourite animals from lions, tigers, elephants, orangutans and even Victoria’s iconic little penguins and Australian fur seals.

These are just a few of the activities you can do in Melbourne this summer. To fully enjoy your stay in this magnificent city, travel aboard a motorhome or campervan. This option is not only cheaper than staying in a hotel, it also gives you schedule flexibility.