What You Need to Know for Festival Camping

Photo by Thomas Rousing via Flickr
Photo by Thomas Rousing via Flickr

You’ve watched the after-movies from last year’s music and cultural festivals and, well, it definitely triggered something inside there. I know the feeling; I just watched one before I started writing the intro to this blog. Ask anyone what they feel after going to a festival and they would say that they ‘feel more alive’. Thinking about the heart-pounding music, the epic surrounds and wonderfully cheerful crowd, the seemingly endless days and nights and the overall high-voltage vibe just wanna makes you to jump out of your seat and head onto the next big festival out there.

While undoubtedly enjoyable, after gathering some of the best and most useful intel about festival camping we came up with the ten things you need to know and do before you go scrambling away to get that ticket.

Here’s what you need to know for festival camping:

Read the Rules

Similar to travelling, you should do your homework and research what everyone has been saying about the event through blogs, forums and the social media pages. While this list is definitely this cheat sheet is what you need for a kickstart, reading the rules and information from the official websites will save you a lot time and effort. There are some who would not allow bringing selfie sticks or elaborate cameras so it’s best you if you knew that beforehand.

What You Need (and Want)

While we’re on the subject of things that might not be allowed, you should not, in any case, bring things that are too valuable. Meanwhile, aside from the tons of clothes that you need to pack, and the all-important 2 person tent for sleeping in, here are a few things and trinkets that will help you survive any festival:

  • Fanny pack. Just because other people say they’re out of style doesn’t mean they’re not useful. Things could get pretty wild so you must have everything handy and close to you. Putting all your things (cellphone, money, sunscreen etc.) in a secure bag will help you not lose things.

  • Waterproof cellphone cases. There is 99.9% chance that the organisers are going to shower you with cold water courtesy of their friends from the fire department. Trust me, you do not want your stuff your to be swimming in those puddles. To protect your things, especially your phones, you can insert them in a waterproof case.

  • First aid kit. Just in case you get hurt, add this to your priority list. Enough said.

  • Inflatable Couch. Yes you read that right. You most definitely want to take an inflatable camping couch with you. You don’t want to be stuck sitting in the mud at the end of the day do you?

  • Instant spray shampoo. If you’re always on-the-go (and you will be), you might not have time to take a proper shower so we thank the heavens for gifting us with one of the best hair products there is.

  • Portable phone chargers. You can’t really expect your phone to be running with enough battery power all the time what with all the memories you want to capture in photo and video. Get one of those handy chargers that you can take anywhere.

Photo by sputnik mi amor_ via Flickr

Study the maps and the set lists

Step one involves going to the festival’s official website or social media and looking for the venue map. Step two involves actually studying it and planning where to park your campervan or mount your tent. You’ll want a spot that is close as possible to the festival grounds or the entrance to the camp grounds while still maintaining close proximity to the comfort rooms (not too close though; we all know how the loo can stink and having multiple ones beside you don’t help either).

Then, if they’re available, have a look at the set lists and lineups to plan which bands and artists you’ll watch. There would be times when your favourites will play at the same you’ll have to make a (heartbreaking) decision.

Be the Early Bird

Being the early bird doesn’t only mean getting the tickets when they’re fresh out of the oven. There are some organisers that don’t allow reservations for spaces in the camp grounds. You can always arrive at the festival venue earlier than everyone else to get the space for your campervan you want.

Stock Up on Food

Everyone knows that when the demand is high, the prices of commodities skyrocket. It’s the basic law of supply and demand. But enough talk about economics, we’re here to talk about food. Make sure you pack enough food (and water) to last the days you’ll be spending in the festival and buy them ahead of time. Worse comes to worst, if you find yourself with the need to buy from the food stalls, go when they are about to close so you can get discounts.

Campervan Friendly?

Not all festivals are able to accommodate campervans or motorhomes; to some, only camping in a tent is allowed so it’s advisable to check the organising committee or check the FAQ pages if the venues are conducive for campervans. Why do we so insist? Well, with a motorhome in a festival, you’ll be able to enjoy a secure living environment, have your car with you all the time, get a better night’s sleep not to mention the savings!

Photo by Eva Rinaldi via Flickr
Photo by Eva Rinaldi via Flickr

Make a Camper Checklist

One other tiny thing you should consider on a campervan for rent is if it has just what you need. Imagine getting an RV only to realise that the space isn’t enough to make for a comfortable sleeping area. Get one that will suit your style and give you it is you are looking for. Thankfully, with Salamanda Travel, you can choose from our wide variety of vehicles from 2-berth campers to large family-friendly RVs or even cars.

Check the weather conditions

This is one thing that most people don’t think about often but is one of the things you should never forget. By knowing what weather it is you are in for, you can be prepared with the things you should pack, what to wear and how you can fight back. The festivals will most likely keep running whatever happens so you’re the one to adjust. The sun is shining a little too brightly? Wear sunscreen. You don’t roast all that easily? Wear sunscreen, still.

Gear your Gadgets

With all the hubbub that is bound to happen, you might momentarily lose your friends in the crowd. Electronics are mostly a no in festivals but they can also help you keep track of your friends’ whereabouts. To prevent getting lost (and being eaten alive by the crowd) stick to your buddies through apps like Find My Friends. Some other apps you should have on your arsenals Lyft, Shazam and, of course, the official app of the festival you are going to.

Stay Gold!

We cannot emphasise this enough: have fun! Don’t sweat over the small stuff. These tips are here not to make you scratch your heads, we’re only here to help you have grand time! Just keep on partying (responsibly, of course).

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