Food Delivery for your Brisbane Campervan Hire

The following scenario has been experienced by many campervan hire travellers – a 20+ hour flight to Australia with no more than a couple of hours of sleep, a wait at the Airport for baggage (which hopefully arrives), a taxi ride to the campervan hire depot and then pick-up of the rental vehicle for the trip ahead.

So what more is there to do? Oh yeah, buy food and other supplies. If the thought of battling more crowds at the shopping centre makes you want to cry, then Apollo Motorhome Holidays has a wonderful time-saving solution for you – online food orders and delivery with major supermarket retailer Coles Online.

Apollo has introduced food ordering through Coles Online to help clients pre-order their supplies ahead of time. This saves time and effort in driving to the shops, parking a motorhome and waiting in line at the supermarket.

So how does it work? Many people already use Coles Online for their weekly grocery shop and love the convenience of home delivery. Now Apollo campervan clients can sign up with Coles Online, order food and have it delivered to the depot prior to their arrival. Then it’s just a simple matter of packing the food into the motorhome and hitting the road. There are a few limitations, such as not being able to order chilled or frozen items, but the bulk of clients’ shopping needs will be covered by the ordering process.

Food orders are currently only available at Apollo’s Brisbane branch but will soon be rolled out to other campervan hire branches across Australia. You are welcome to contact us to find out more about this great time-saving opportunity for your next Brisbane campervan hire.

(And rest assured, the effort of getting to Australia to explore the country in your own campervan is well worth the long flight and sleep deprivation!).

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