Glamping in Australia: 5 Ways You Can Up Your Camping Game

Glamping in Australia“Glamping? What’s glamping?” a voice from behind me asked. I turned and said “well glamping is short for ‘glamourous camping’. It’s a new trend where you can camp while staying stress-free, without having all the difficulty that goes along with camping (normally) and live almost luxuriously”.

Well, honestly, I wasn’t able to answer that smoothly as I was baffled myself, but I managed to sum it up. While I was researching, I got asked that question more than once. But really know, who says you can’t have best of worlds while camping? Now, you can enjoy an outdoor adventure without having to handle all the roughness of the wild side. Wouldn’t it be great to sleep under the stars sans the back pain that ensues from being cramped inside a tight sleeping bag?

With a campervan or motorhome from Salamanda Travel, everything is easier. There really is no need to worry about pitching a tent. Just open up your car to feel the nature even more and you’re set! If being outdoors doesn’t sound appealing, a city break where it means staying in accommodation similar to the voco Hotel Gold Coast and exploring the city may be something worth looking into. But if glamping sounds like fun, these tips could help up your game.

But, of course, we want to make your camping experience even more worthy of a second trip down memory lane (and those Instagram photos will be a lot cooler too!). Set up tent and decorate it the way you want. Here are some tips on how you can glam up your camp:

Glamping in Australia

  1. A normal sleeping bag sounds fine until a bothersome twig keeps on poking your sides to a point of no return (to sleep). The solution? Ditch the sleeping bag and get a portable bed instead. We suggest getting a cute little sofa bed or a comfortable air mattress that you can inflate and deflate easily, fold and pack up and bring anywhere. The next step is to unpack your duvets, blankets, and quilts. It’s okay if you accidentally bring more than you intended for a softer recline. You can also stack up or cut back some depending on weather conditions. And, of course, don’t forget to bring extra comfy pillows!

  1. The outdoors are, without a doubt, a wonder unto themselves. The stars provide the best night lights and sleeping under them might just be the single most beautiful thing that happens in your glamping trip but having a great interior environment is also fantastic plus. If you’re a serious ‘glamper’, you’ll want to move around in beautiful surroundings in or out of camp. Create DIY ambient lights by using a flashlight strapped to a gallon jug of water, or bring extra decoratives, small bedside tables, pretty flowers or plants and anything you’ll want to see for extra wattage to brighten up your day.

  1. A simple camping trip will never, ever, be complete without great food and the same goes for glamping. Bring your A-game to camp and vamp up your food by doing away with baked beans on toast or hotdogs on the grill. You’ll find awesome food that you can easily cook up when you go to Pinterest (and follow our board while you’re at it). There’s no excuse; whether you’re prepping up breakfast, lunch, desserts or dinner, you’ll find something awesome you’ll want to try. And for most, there is no actual cooking involved. Some ‘fundeas’ you can try are zucchini chips, apple cider cinnamon rolls, quinoa salads, no-bake cakes and, of course, desserts you can make on the grill.

  1. Throw a glamping party! Sure, it could be great to just relax and cozy up with a few people here and there or even alone (by yourself or your significant other) but one satisfying way to truly enjoy a vacation getaway is by sharing the experience with more people. If you’re taking a trip with other people, it might be cool to have one night dedicated to have a party with them. Make it even more special with great food (and even some booze). The best thing about it is not only do you have a party but also a great environment.

  1. So where can you go on a glamping holiday? In Australia alone, there are already so many places you can visit for your glamping trip. These places aren’t only attractive on their own; they are also surrounded with eye-catching and inspiring landscapes and spots that will surely make you say ‘wow’. Here are some ideas: Paperback Camp in Jervis Bay, Ikara Safari Camp in Flinders Ranges or The Escape in Bawley Point. These areas might cost you some money but if you’re a bit tight on the budget, then follow our steps found above.

Glamping is a lot easier if you’ll be staying in a certain place for a longer period of time, otherwise, you might find it a tad bit pointless if you’re leaving so soon after all the prep time. Some may say that glamping is expensive and takes too much effort but with our steps above, then you’ll need not worry about the money or the energy. Also, great experiences don’t have to cost too much. With glamping, you can now have all the luxury while away on an outdoor adventure!

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