Healthy Food For Travelling in Australia

Healthy Food to Keep Fit While Travelling - FoodIn this era of quick fixes, it’s can be difficult to keep track of what we’re eating especially while we’re travelling. Time and time again, we’ve proven how easy it is to “forget” that we are on a diet—opting for a quick drive through a fast food chain for some greasy cheesy burgers. Road trips and travels can be tempting what with all the glorious delicacies to try, the char-grilled barbecue nights, or munching on those oh-so-delicious crisps while idly making conversation inside a campervan.

We’re not saying you should miss out on any of that great food; we just want you to keep it balanced. If you don’t want to stare at a muffin top scare when you get back home, here are some food, drinks and tips to keep fit while on a campervan adventure!

Healthy Food For Travelling

Detox Drinks

Nothing beats hunger like buffets and we all love to give in to all the selections from appetizers to desserts. When, you’ve had your fill of everything from the table, that’s when you noticed a bulge in your tummy that was definitely not there two hours ago. Get  help in flushing away all the junk with detoxifying juice drinks like:

  • Carrot and mint juice

  • Cucumber, lemon, and mint-infused water

  • Banana, pineapple and apple shake

  • Ginger, apple, lemon and apple juice

Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated while on the road or ticking off tourist attractions from your checklist; always keep a bottle of water within reach.

Energy Everyday

Aside from the regular breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks are the bridges to keep us fueled all day. It’s okay to give in to snacks without getting all guilty and sad. Some food are simply a gift from the fit gods helping us stay in shape when all seems futile. Pack in some homemade bran bars  or trail mixes with cereals, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. These food choices are full of protein, vitamins and quickly metabolizing carbohydrates. These will give you the energy you need for all the walking, touring and driving.

Fruit Fusion

If you think all this talk of health is keeping you from having fun with food, then worry not. Turn the frown upside down with fruits to make the diet a little less like a chore and more colourful. Adding fruits to your diet will help in fighting all sorts of bad bacteria you might get from your travels. Meanwhile, there’s also no need to worry about fast spoilage because you can always purchase them fresh from fruit stands and green groceries. Make sure you have some bananas, citrus fruits, mangoes and apples, blueberries and even sugar snap peas on your list.

Stopover Search

There are probably two ways your diet can go: it can get lost while stumbling upon restaurant upon restaurant for all your meals or you can plan ahead and prepare meals and eat clean. There is absolutely no way we can stop you on doing the former but if we can offer some sound unsolicited advice: don’t make restaurant trips a habit. What actually happens is all your money (that’s supposedly for experiences) goes straight to your belly!

Another tip? Go to the grocery store after a meal and never before. This will help you stay within your needs and not buy unnecessary stuff that are only within your whims.

Don’t forget to have fun! You still deserve to have what you want as long as you keep ‘em moderated. Tell us what you think by commenting below and keep following our blog for more travel tips and updates. Like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter too!

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