High Aussie Dollar equals cheap USA Campervan Rentals

With the Aussie dollar at an all-time high against the US dollar, there really has never been a better time to explore the United States in your own campervan (or “RV” as they are known in the US). That’s because with the Aussie dollar nearly equal to the US dollar, you can literally drive your dollar further in a USA rv rental.

Gone are the days when you would kiss a good portion of your money away when booking an American campervan holiday. Now the most you lose is 1 or 2 cents for every dollar spent. So a US$500 rv vacation is now almost the same price in Aussie dollars for Australian travellers.

So what’s on offer? Currently, you can hire a spacious 6 Berth (31 Foot) Motorhome from Apollo Motorhome Holidays from US$78.00 (AU$80.00) per night, picking up in Los Angeles on 01 November 2010. And prices get cheaper as the end of the year approaches as this is winter in the USA.

Apollo offers branches in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Denver (from April 2011 onwards). Cheapa Campa is another USA rental company who offer cheap rv rentals.

To get to the USA, Qantas and other airlines are offering cheap fares from the east coast of Australia to Los Angeles. Qantas fares are as low as AU$500 one-way between Sydney and Los Angeles for travel in mid-November (based on current sale fare so conditions do apply).

And if the Aussie dollar surpasses the US dollar, USA rv hire will be even cheaper! Who knows if that will happen, but if you have been thinking about travelling to the US now, there’s no time like the present to lock in your campervan. RV rental rates are available up until 31 March 2012 so you can start planning for 2011 and beyond. Campervan hire companies like Apollo offer early bird discounts for booking in advance so you can save even more.

The USA is very well set-up for RV rentals as the locals love their RV’s as much as the tourists. There are lots of RV parks to stay at with hook-up facilities to electricity and water. So if you have every dreamed about travelling along the pacific coast from LA to San Francisco, exploring Yellowstone National Park or admiring the view at the Grand Canyon, then the time for dreaming is over. Aussies can cash in their dollars and be rewarded with a fistful of US dollars in return. Make the most of the high Aussie dollar!

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