Camper Comfort: Make Life Easier While Living in a Motorhome

Camper Comfort - Make Life EasierWe have heard, time and time again, among travellers and avid tourists, that joy is found not only when reaching the destination, but also in the journey itself. True enough, the ride is where the bonds are first formed, where stories are first shared and energies often first spark up and replenished (during the travel back). Driving a campervan or motorhome provides such joy while filling you in with beauteous wonders from the scenery and the excitement of discovery of new places.

Still, many people would dread spending time outdoors as it’s no folktale that camp life is a hard nut to crack; with most moments being full of things to remember and things to prepare. We at Salamanda Travel always want to make your experiences better, if not the best so far, so here, we write about how you can make your camping trip on a campervan easier and more comfy!

Make Life Easier in A Campervan

The bed

Whether you are in your hometown or travelling elsewhere, after a long day out or a long drive, you’ll want your rest and respite to be as luxuriant as possible. Campervans and motorhomes have built-in beds with linens and pillows. To make it even more comfortable, plush ‘em up with fresh extra comforters and even more fluffy pillows. Also, you can opt to add more linens or bring your own ones depending on your preferences or overall theme of the campervan design. If you’re feeling extra crafty and have more time on your hands (or maybe just looking save), consider sewing the pieces yourself. Meanwhile, To get access to stuff that you need while in the bed, replace or remodel your headboard so that you can add pockets to place your things.

The study

Call us workaholics but there are some of us who find it hard to take a regular break just like everybody else. For those who, like me, must get out and travel once in a while but have a demanding job at the same time, making use of a regular table and chair just won’t do the trick. There are some of us who feel more productive when the environment is right, professional and not too relaxed. Inside a campervan, consider putting up a study with a table attached to the wall of your campervan that can also flip away when unneeded. Then, you can use a foldable chair to save space when you aren’t using it.

Pop up is the way to go

One of the best aspects of a campervan is its compactness. This feature makes it easy for you to travel anywhere you want as you can fit even the narrowest of streets. With it, you can drive anywhere and anytime you want. The only downside this may cause, is compromising space. We’ve done as much as we can for you to have more space but if you want to up your game, you can add pop-up tables and chairs, pop-up chopping boards, slide-out shelves and you can even install more drawers.

Food storage

One of the quickest ways to have an easier life while travelling in an RV is by careful planning and preparation. One of the first things that you should take care of, meanwhile, is food. To avoid spoilage, damage and bad odours, carefully separate items from the wet goods to the dry ones in different containers. Refrigerate those that need to be frozen or chilled while you can also buy while on the road to ensure freshness. If the days of your road trip are definite, you can already plan ahead and divide ingredients according to how you will cook the meals. This will ensure that while travelling, you’ll have less hassle as everything is ready. Also, you’ll see the ingredients you’re lacking so you can run to the market if need be. Another way to separate ingredients is to use old tic tac containers for spices. Don’t forget to label!

Quick fixes

  1. Add hooks behind doors for quick hanging (or when you just could not be bothered to sort stuff out). Use them for bags, clothes, towels, dish rags and pot holders.

  2. Add organizers (hangers) behind car seats for easy grabbing. When you need something, it will definitely be easy to locate it.

  3. Stick strips of Velcro to pieces that tend to move so you can keep them in place while driving.

  4. Staple strips of elastic or garter in your bathroom wall for your toilet essentials to keep them in place. No moving and no spills!

  5. Always have Ziplocs, enough said.

Your campervan is basically your home away from home as you wander around Australia, New Zealand or even all over the world. To book one, just hover over to our website on or follow our Facebook page to get more updates on travel tips and even specials.

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