Things to do in Melbourne During Summer Season

You can joke about Melbourne’s weather all year round, but not during summer.

The world’s “most liveable city” can rival, if not surpass, the summer experience that other places in Australia has to offer. Melbourne’s magnificent landscape, hidden laneways, sporting grounds and pristine beaches are sure to captivate you.

Melbourne is also a great starting point for any road trip like the Great Ocean Road. Going around the city is easy, especially if you rent a motorhome or campervan that serves as your home on the road.

If you still do not have  the slightest idea what to do when you’re in Melbourne this summer, here are 10 things that will surely make your trip memorable:

1. Sip a Cup of Melbourne Coffee

Melburnians love their coffee, perhaps a bit more than everyone else. If you are a coffee lover yourself, Melbourne presents an opportunity to taste several coffee brews around the world. Simply head over to cafes like Breakfast Thieves, Chez Dre or Kettle Black to have a great breakfast with an equally great tasting cup of coffee.


"Coffee time with a magic at St Ali South" by Katherine Lim available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Ful license at BY Katherine Lim

2. Tour the CBD via the Circle Tram

Riding Melbourne’s free tram is the most convenient way to explore the city’s business district. The tram also plays an audio commentary that discusses the details of city landmarks and its attractions like the Princess Theatre, Docklands, Melbourne Aquarium, City Museum and Parliament House. To ride in one, wait at any tram stop along the tracks and look for the City Circle sign.

3. Hang Out at the Summer Night Market

Spend your nights with tasty food and good drinks while watching splendid acts from street performers and musicians. Held every Wednesday night from November to March, the Summer Night Market gathers around 200 vendors that serve Middle Eastern, Spanish, Indian and Vietnamese food. Catch this feast of world flavours at Queen Victoria Market in Elizabeth Street.

4. Watch Films at The Moonlight Cinema

Watch a great movie under the night sky while picnicking in the grassy hillside of the Royal Botanic Gardens. Catch your favourite flicks from new releases, cult movies and even retro films. On some occasions, movie goers can also see a mass flight of bats. This year, tickets cost $14 for children and $19 for adults.

5. Catch a Game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

There is nothing like watching an exhilarating game of cricket or Australian footy. Buy a ticket for your favourite team’s game and cheer for them on the day of their match. MCG also hosts tours that introduce the stadium’s rich history and day-to-day operations. The “G” remains the largest stadium in Australia, with a seating capacity of 100,000.


" CWC Aus v Eng at the MCG" by Tourism Victoria available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at BY Tourism Victoria 

6. View the City at the Top of Eureka Tower

If you want to see Melbourne in its entirety, head over to Eureka Tower. On the 88th level is a viewing deck that gives you a bird’s eye view of the city. The highest building in the southern hemisphere,  its top ten floors is also plated in  24-karat gold. Tickets are sold at $19.50 for adults and $11.00 for children 4-16 years old. Kids under 4 years are free.

7. Picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens

You don’t have to leave Melbourne to experience nature. Head over to the Royal Botanic Gardens and immerse yourself in 38 hectares of landscaped gardens with a large collection of plants from around the world. The infamous Heritage Walk tour allows you to see the  Gardens through the eyes of its traditional Aboriginal inhabitants. Many of the plant species in the garden also have displays that provide information about them.

8. Swim at St. Kilda Beach

Summer is never complete until you have spent a few days at days at the beach. Just 6 kilometres from the city centre lies St. Kilda Beach which is popular for its sweeping views of Port Phillip. St. Kilda’s serene foreshore has an extensive network of boardwalks and paths ideal for walking, cycling, jogging and inline skating.

9. Take a Selfie at the Arty Alleyways

Melbourne is home to many artists and it is not only in galleries and exhibits that you can delight yourself in visual art. Just head over to one or two laneways in the main city grid and you will stumble upon some of the best street arts in the world. A galore of colourful murals, starting from Hosier Lane in the north, gives life to the once shortcut passages of the city.


"Melbourne street art." by Andrew available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at BY Andrew

10. Visit the Animals in Melbourne Zoo

Get lost  in the wilderness of Melbourne Zoo. Just less than 4 kilometres  from the heart of the city, stands this wildlife sanctuary that is home to over 250 animal species. Come and see all your favourite animals from lions, tigers, elephants, orangutans and even Victoria’s iconic little penguins and Australian fur seals.

These are just a few of the activities you can do in Melbourne this summer. To fully enjoy your stay in this magnificent city, travel aboard a motorhome or campervan. This option is not only cheaper than staying in a hotel, it also gives you schedule flexibility.

How To Travel Queensland With A Baby (And Still Have Fun)

Can you still have your dream vacation even if your family just recently had a baby? The answer is a big yes.

Karen Edwards and her partner Shaun Bayes, together with their then 3-month old  baby, Esme, explored Australia, Asia and New Zealand for 10 months.

If they can do it, so can you.

If you are looking for an ideal year-round getaway, look no further than Queensland.  Its serene beaches like the Whitehaven’s, and laid-back lifestyle will surely ease the stress from your body.

The state has a compact land area which can be travelled aboard a motorhome with ease.

Here are some reminders that will help you in your travels around Queensland.

Travel While They are Young

The best time for your newborn to first experience the joys of travel is between the age of six months to one year. During this period, babies are actually much stronger than they look. They also weigh less at this point, making them easier to carry around.

Furthermore, babies have yet to develop preferences. For example, they don’t mind what food you give them. As long as your kids’ basic needs (food, sleep, play time and clean nappies) are being met, they are less likely to interrupt your travels.


"Niall and Elissa" by furiousmadgeorge available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license available at BY furiousmadgeorge

Vehicle Safety for Babies

Choosing the service of a motorhome or campervan hire in Sydney is one of the safest ways to go around Queensland when you are travelling with a baby. You can prepare your child’s food in the motorhome’s kitchen and have your baby sleep indoors anytime of the day.

One of the main challenges when travelling with your baby is securing him or her while your vehicle is on the road. Luckily, most motorhome rental companies provide baby seats to ensure the safety of their 6 months to 4-year old passengers.

For your baby’s safety, always check with the motorhome rental company if the particular unit you booked has baby seats. It may cost you extra for this safety feature, but it is a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

Here is a complete guide in choosing child restraints for your toddlers.

Things to Bring When You  Travel

Your baby’s needs may outweigh your own needs. Often, when a baby gets cranky or cries it only means that some of his or her needs (food, sleep, playtime, diaper change, etc.) are not being met.

Here is a list of things you should bring with you when you are going on a road trip with an infant:

  • Small toys and touch-and-feel books for entertainment
  • Extra clothes and nappies
  • Baby carrier to free your hands while moving around with your baby
  • Your baby’s favourite low-mess snacks or pureed food
  • Nappy rash cream and wipes for hygiene
  • First aid kit for emergencies
  • Formula milk, if you are not breastfeeding
  • Removable window shades to shield their eyes and skin from the sun
  • And of course, a CAMERA to capture those precious moments

Baby-Friendly Sites in Queensland

Contrary to popular belief, travelling with a baby will not significantly limit the places you can visit or the activities you can do. In Queensland, there are tons of travel destinations where families with toddlers can spend quality time together.

Below are a few baby-friendly activities you can do in Queensland:

  1. Hit the Sunshine Coast

Babies and the beach are a perfect match. Your little ones just love the feel of sand on their feet and to swim in the sea as much as you do. Drive your way into one of the magnificent beaches in the Sunshine Coast and splash around the refreshing waters with your tot. Minimise their exposure to the sun and avoid the hottest times of the day between 11 A.M. and 3 P.M.


"Luke Discovers the Beach" by Eduardo Merille available at under a Creative Commons attribution. Full license available at BY Eduardo Merille

  1. Picnic at one of Brisbane’s Parks

You don’t need to travel far from the capital to enjoy a piece of Queensland. Picnic in one of the lush green parks in Brisbane and let your child snooze under the shades of trees. Colmslie Beach Reserve, Kalinga Park and Roma Street Parklands are just a few of your options.

  1.     Meet and Greet the Koalas

Introduce your child to the importance of nature and wildlife as early as possible. The tranquil Daisy Hill Conservation Park has lush trees that provide sufficient amounts of  shade. Possums and wallabies can also be sighted once in awhile.

  1.   Frolic at the Carrara Market

Head to Queensland’s biggest market with your tot tucked in a baby carrier. The popular family destination has merry-go-rounds, pony rides, bazaars and face painters which you can check out on top of your shopping. Best of all, the market has free entrance and parking.

Carrying your Child Through Your Travels

Babywearing is perhaps the best way to carry your child as your family travels. This ingenious contraption allows you to move around while your baby stays close to you. Other benefits of this parenting activity are: less crying, breastfeeding, freeing your hands and a quiet bonding moment.

"309a" by Suzanne Shahar available at under a Creative Commons attribution. Full license at

"309a" by Suzanne Shahar available at under a Creative Commons attribution. Full license at BY Suzanne Shahar

For a hassle-free babywearing experience, here are a few tips:

  • Practise wearing your child at home before your travel so your infant can get used to it.
  • Ensure your baby’s nasal airways aren’t blocked. Riding a bike or driving while wearing your baby is certainly a no-no.  
  • Be attentive and pay attention to your surroundings. Lastly, hydrate well. Babywearing can be a little hot, especially on hot days.

These are just some of the important points you should know when travelling around Queensland with a baby. To reduce the hassles of travelling with a baby, rent a motorhome. This vehicle will help you control your schedule and have enough room for everything your child needs when travelling.



No Meat? No Problem! Easy Camping Recipes For Vegans

Eating is one of the most enjoyable parts of camping. You get to prepare food from scratch, cook it over a campfire or portable stove, and eat together while sharing stories.

Barbecued meat is the preferred food for most camping trips because they are easy to prepare and requires only a few ingredients. But, vegans may find it difficult to enjoy conventional camping food. Hence, the need for these easy-to-do vegan camping recipes:

 1. Vegan Kebab

Can’t have meat but still need a good source of protein? Try Teriyaki Tofu Kebabs. Just like regular kebabs, marinade the tofu in a mixture of soy sauce, lemon juice and spices. The marinating time should be shorter than that of meat because tofu softens up faster.

Next, choose the veggies and fruits you want to compliment the tofu. All-time camping favourites are: onions, mango, mushrooms, bell peppers, zucchini, peaches and pineapple. Skewer them and then grill.

Preparation time: 8 to 10 minutes per skewer


"Grilled Vegetable Kebabs with White Balsamic Vinaigrette" by Scott Veg available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at BY Scott Veg

2. Grilled Sweet Potato

When it comes to root crops, sweet potato is king. It’s rich in fibre, vitamin B6 and carbohydrates. This healthy eat also has low glycemic index and anti-inflammatory properties.

Start the recipe by slicing the sweet potato into wedges. Then, season with salt and your choice of herbs. Place it on the grill and turn every 3 minutes or so on each side. Use a fork or knife to check if it’s already soft and tender. When the potatoes are ready, remove it from the grill and serve.

Preparation time: 10 to 25 minutes

3. Corn on the Cob

Corn is a staple in camping trips. It lasts for a long time and can be cooked in many ways. Plus, it’s healthy and yummy. To grill, you need only to put the corn cob over burning charcoal, turning it every minute or so to avoid burning the kernels.

Another way to cook this camping favourite is to toss the corn wrapped in aluminium foil in an open campfire. It will also give the same effect as the corn was grilled. Add herbs and spices before grilling to amplify flavour. Our suggestion, add chilli and lime.

Preparation time: 3 to 10 minutes

4. Veggie Hotdogs

Being away from the city shouldn’t stop you from enjoying healthy, tasty veggie dogs. This easy to prepare snack is available in supermarkets. It’s so easy to cook, even your kids can make it with some guidance. You will need vegan buns, vegan hotdogs, mustard, ketchup and your preferred toppings like pickles, coleslaw and hummus.

To cook, simply skewer the hotdog and hold it over the fire. Rotate until it’s cooked equally. Pull it out of the skewer and into the bun. When cooked to your liking, just add mustard, ketchup and your preferred toppings.

Preparation time: 5 to 10 minutes


"Delia's Chicken Sausage Stand" by Jeff Gunn available at under a Creative Commons Attribution. Full license at BY Jeff Gunn

5. Veggie Stew

Stews are great to keep you warm during those chilly evenings in the wild. To make one, you only need to bring canned vegan faves like vegetarian chilli beans, vegetarian baked beans, yellow corn, mushroom and tomatoes.

Mix the veggies together in a cooking pan or casserole and heat over medium fire. This dish is also good even when served lukewarm on a hot day.

Preparation time: 4 to 8 minutes

6. Yoghurt Parfait

This recipe is great if you travel with a campervan with fridge. Yoghurt parfait is ideal for a quick breakfast or snack. The recipe can vary depending on the fruit you want to add. Basic ingredients are yoghurt, cream, vanilla and vanilla. Adding egg and cereal is optional.

Put yoghurt into a bowl. Add cream and vanilla. Whisk it slowly until it’s thick. Put brown sugar on top of the mixture. Cover it with a plastic wrap or foil, making sure the edges are tightly sealed. Place it in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes. Take it out and add berries or your choice of fruit. Repeat the process depending on how many layers you like. Best served when cold and not frozen.

Preparation time: Less than an hour

7. Campfire S’mores a la Vegan

Campfire and s’mores are synonymous. Children and even some adults can’t have a campfire without s’mores.  Here is a simple s’more recipe that requires only three ingredients: chocolate syrup, Graham crackers and vegan marshmallow (look for Dandies’). Vegan marshmallows don’t contain dairy but can be pricier than regular brands.

To make this awesome treat, toast the marshmallow over the campfire. After toasting the marshmallows to your liking, cover it with chocolate syrup and place between the crackers. If you hired a campervan, cook the s’mores on the stove instead.

Preparation time: 4 to 5 minutes

Cooking your own food is one of the greatest joys of camping. It makes you feel independent and resourceful. For vegans, it’s a challenge on creativity. Hopefully, these easy camping recipes can add to your food choices when camping with your family.

If you prefer cooking using a stove than a campfire, hire a motorhome equipped with a small kitchen. Salamanda Travel can help you book the most competitive camper rental Australia has available. All you need to do is try our price comparison tool and get your road trip started today!

The Best Sunshine Coast Spots For First Time Visitors

Sunshine Coast’s laid-back lifestyle revolves around its serene beaches, subtropical forests and warm weather.

Self-driving a campervan or motorhome from Brisbane is the most convenient way to go around, but it can be overwhelming to decide which places to go especially if you’re visiting for the first time. So to help you get the most out of your self-drive vacation, we’ve listed some of the best Sunshine Coast spots you can check out with your friends or family.

1. Mooloolaba Beach

Mooloolaba is one of Australia’s top rated beaches. With stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and patrolled waters, the place is perfect for swimming, surfing, snorkeling and marine life watching. All year round it has near perfect weather conditions and the water temperature is ideal for aquatic activities.

Mooloolaba Beach

"Alexandra headland / Mooloolaba" by texaus1 available at under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic. Full License terms at BY texaus1

The coast is full of restaurants, cafes and shops so you will never go hungry, if you didn’t bring food with you. The beach is also near the Underwater World Sea Life Aquarium where you can see and sometimes even touch their collection of aquatic creatures.

How to get there:

Just like the previous destinations, take Bruce Highway. When you reach Sippy Down, turn right to Sunshine Motorway. Continue driving and turn left to Brisbane Road. The beach front is at the end of this road.

2. Stumers Creek

The dog-friendly estuary of Stumers Creek is just a  kilometre north of Coolum. The creek is shallow, making it ideal for children to swim in the waters. You can take the leash off  your pet here and let them frolic in the sand.

The nearby shaded grassy bank area serves as the picnic area. Stumers also has showers, toilet facilities and dog washing areas. The nearby shore is also ideal for kite flying. In fact, it used to be the venue of the Coolum Kite Festival which attracted kite flyers all over the world.

Make sure that you arrive early because the place is quite popular with locals and it’s difficult to find a parking space, especially during hot days. There are also nearby pet-friendly accommodations that charges $650 to $750 per week.

How to get there:

From Brisbane, drive north via  Bruce Highway. Turn right to Sunshine Motorway and when you reach a roundabout, turn right to Yandina Coolum Road. Continue driving until you reach the coast. Stumers Creek is just a bit up north.

3. Noosa Everglades

The Noosa Everglades is a must-see destination for any nature lover. Its assortment of flora and fauna is unparalleled in all of Sunshine Coast. Nestled in the Great Sandy National Park, this place is also a fave spot among canoers and kayakers. The Everglades also has access to Lake Cootharaba, Queensland’s largest natural lake.


"Everglades kayak" by eGuide Travel available at under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. Full terms at BY eGuide Travel

Cruise deep into the dark and tranquil waterways of the Everglades when you go on a wilderness tour. It also includes a meal at “Harry’s Hut”, a logger’s camp where they serve fish, steaks, salad and beverages.

Don’t miss walking on the elevated mangrove walk, and experience the beauty of the Everglades up close. You can camp at Cooloola Recreation Area along the upper Noosa River for $5.45 per person or $21.8 per family. Generators and open fires are prohibited on the site.

How to get there:

From Brisbane, drive northward via Bruce Highway. Take the turn-off at Eumundi and simply follow the Eumundi-Noosa Road. Exit at Gympie and turn off at Cooray. Continue following the signs along the Cooroy-Noosa Road. Average travel time is less than two hours. When you arrive in town, you can rent kayaks for as low as $55 per day.

4. Kondalilla National Park

Hiking enthusiasts will love Kondalilla for all the right reasons: the park has a challenging trail, dense forest, the backdrop of Mount Everglades, a swimming hole and a 90-metre waterfall. The place is a great stopover on a road trip and is perfect for picnics. So whether you want to spend your holiday relaxing and swimming or hiking and playing a game of golf, Kondalilla National Park has everything you need.

The park’s trails are also grouped into different categories. The walking circuit is about 4.7kilometres long and takes 2-3 hours to finish. There are parts that are easy enough for children, making it perfect for family bonding. If you don’t have food, there are plenty of stores at the nearby towns of Maleny and Montville you can go to for supplies.

How to get there:

From Brisbane, drive 54 kilometres northward via Bruce Highway then exit through Steve Irwin Way, Exit 163. Travel 22 kilometres north and head to Landsborough, following the signs to Montville. Near the top of the range, simply turn right to Maleny – Montville Road. About 2.6 kilometres of Montville, turn left to Kondalilla Falls Road and drive another 700 metres to the park entrance.

5. King’s Beach Foreshore

The stretch of Kings Beach has lots to offer in terms of water activities, from kayaking to boogie boarding. Children would also love its interactive water fountains and flying fox playground. The coast is also swarmed by cafes, shops and restaurants to satisfy any food craving. There are also barbecue and picnic facilities if you brought your own food.

The highlight of the beach is its salt water tidal swimming pool where people can swim for free. The facility is also equipped with shade sails and wading area with disabled access.

How to get there:

From Brisbane, just head north via Bruce Highway. Turn right when you reach the intersection with Caloundra Road. Follow this route and turn left to Sugar Bag Road which changes its name to Queen st. Continue on this road until the waterfront is on the horizon.


6. Mary Cairncross Reserve

Sunshine Coast is not just about its beaches. It is also famous for its lush mountains. The Mary Cairncross Reserve has 55 hectares of subtropical rainforest that any nature lover would feel right at home in. The hinterland’s walking tracks are wheelchair and stroller-friendly. The reserve also overlooks the famous Glass House Mountains, so make sure you take lots of photos.

The reserve is also home to  native Red-legged Pademelons, Regent Bowerbird, Southern Angle-Headed Dragon, Brush Turkey and a forest of giant trees like Blue Quandong which can reach heights of 40 metres.

How to get there:

From Brisbane, take Bruce Highway and turn left onto Steve Irwin Way. When you reached Landsborough, head left to Railway Street and then turn to Maleny Street. Switch to Landsborough- Maleny Road and head straight until you reach Mountain View Road. From here the reserve is just a walk away.


This post barely scratched the surface when it comes to naming some of the greatest destinations in Australia’s Sunshine Coast. Whether you’re visiting for the first or tenth time, it’s best to rent a campervan or motorhome when you are travelling in groups to these places, so you can stop any time to enjoy the great views along the way.

To get competitive deals on your next motorhome hire, call Salamanda Travel right away. We look forward to helping you plan your Sunshine Coast holiday!

Great Eats For Under $20: 10 NSW Must-Try Restaurants

Delicious food  doesn’t need to be expensive. If you’re on a tour of New South Wales, driving around in your Australian camper van hire and want a unique culinary experience without hurting your budget, we have compiled a list of NSW must-try restaurants where you can satisfy your cravings for less than $20.

1. Chinese Noodle House

One of the most celebrated small restaurants in NSW is the Chinese Noodle House, where you can enjoy affordable Chinese cuisine.  How affordable? Well, their dumplings are sold at less than $10. The noodles are also a must try. During lunch, the line snakes in this 30-seater diner so be sure to get there early if you don’t want to be left out.

Where: 8 Quay St, Haymarket, Sydney 2000

Sample Menu: Combination Noodle with Minced Beef Sauce and Cucumber, Xinjiang Stir Fried BBQ Lamb, Pork and Chives Pan Fried Dumplings

2. El Loco

For Mexican food that  fires up your appetite without burning  your budget, choose El Loco with their  wide variety of dishes from Torta (Mexican sandwich) to Quesadilla (corn tortilla with cheese and meat/vegetables). They’re also famous for their tacos which can be bought for as low as $6. The place also serves wine and cocktail to complete your gastronomic experience.

Where: 64 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, Sydney 2010

Sample Menu: Fried Chicken with Chili Dip, Choriso Quesadilla, Grilled Minute Steak, Churros with Chocolate or Caramel Sauce

3. Ocean Master

For over 20 years, Ocean Master has served sumptuous seafood dishes and is now one of the most popular food chains in NSW. They also serve burger combos, salad and desserts. Their fish and chips only cost $11.90. Their stores are also easy to find; just look for the blue and white themed shops.

Where: 385 Barrenjoey Rd Newport Beach, 2106

Sample Menu: Calamari Pack, Sea Scallops, Bacon & Egg Roll, Garden Salad, Grilled Fish & Salad

4. The Soda Factory

Are you a fan of American food? The Soda Factory serves US-style grub like hot dogs and crispy fried chicken. The diner also has a lively, sometimes soundful atmosphere that speaks out to the youth. The best thing about it is the food is almost free! On Tuesdays, you can get gourmet hotdogs for only $1.

Where: 16 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills, Sydney

Sample Menu: Kick Ass Hot Buffalo Wings, Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, Texan BBQ Bite Size Pork Ribs, Soda Made Nachos

5. Lord of the Fries

Spinned from one of the greatest coming of age novels, Lord of the Fries cater to every hungry chap. The store primarily serves hotdogs, sausages and fries with at least 10 sauces to choose from. One of the most sought-after items  on their menu is their fries (sweet potato included) that you can get for less than $5.

Where: 537 George St, Sydney

Sample Menu: Melbourne Hotdogs, New Guru (veggies patty), Shoe String Fries, Onion Rings

6. Indian Home Diner

Someone said that variety is the spice of life and that is what Indian Home Diner brings to the table. With food rich in unique flavours and fragrance, it’s a great place to be introduced to Indian cuisine. Their Chicken Tikka Roll (Indian Kebab) only costs $7.00.

Where: 86 Oxford Street, Paddington, 2021

Sample Menu: Lamb Korma, Mango Chicken, Saag Tikka (Tandoori Chicken), Mixed Vegetable Curry

7. Mr. Crackles

If crispy food is your thing, Mr. Crackles is the place to go. One of their iconic dishes is the crispy pork belly that takes 3 days to prepare. The store also has a unique open-front layout which stands out in one of NSW’s busy streets. Their crackling is also sold for only $5.

Where: 155 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, 2010

Sample Menu: Chicken Katsu, Sweet Potato Wedges, Sticky BBQ Pork, Vego (vegetarian) Rolls

8. Lentil As Anything


"Melbourne: Lentils As Anything!" BY Eli Duke available at under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Full terms at BY Eli Duke

Have you ever paid for the food you ate with just a donation? At Lentil As Anything, you pay what you think the food is worth. The store is, after all, a non- profit vegetarian catering service. So what’s on the menu? A lot. From Vietnamese salad to Tibetan Momos (dumplings). This self-served restaurant is a definite must-try for the health conscious.

Where: 391 King Street, Newtown, 2042

Sample Menu: Greek Honey Doughnuts, Miso, Tofu Kebabs, Ragu Pasta

9. Takumi

In the mood for Japanese food? This round sushi bar is smack right in one of the busy streets of Sydney and offers food at very reliable prices. At any given time, Takumi has about 40 food selections on the menu. It’s also one of the favourite hang outs of college students. Their sushi train also serves $3 a plate. They also serve bentos and noodles.

Where: Level 3 Market City, 2 Quay Street, Haymarket, Sydney 2000

Sample Menu: Soft Shell Crab in a Bowl, Grilled Scallop Roll, Eel and avocado Roll, Sashimi

10. Room 10

A hole-in-the-wall coffee shop with a warehouse-chic ambiance is a good place  to spend your break. You can also eat a healthy breakfast in this shop that is  famous for their barista-styled cappuccino. One of their must tries is the $13 tuna and egg salad.

Where: 10 Llankelly Place, Potts Point, 2011

Sample Menu: Toasted Banana Bread, Handcrafted Organic Muesli, Breakfast Pane (Toastie), Toasted Sourdough

I know  you’re feeling hungry reading about the great food from  these fabulous diners. If you’re  on a long vacation and travelling via campervan or motorhome, don’t miss these NSW must-try restaurants when you’re in the city.

To get the best deals on your campervan or motorhome while in NSW, use Salamanda Travel’s  vehicle price comparison tool today!