Pet friendly Holidays with Salamanda Travel

Can we bring our dog along on our campervan or motorhome holiday?

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We get quite a few enquiries from customers  looking for campervan and motorhome hire companies that allow pets. Especially lately, a number of customers have been very relieved to have finally discovered Salamanda Travel because we offer campervan hire that allows your dog to travel with you on your self-drive holiday.

So it seemed that a blog post on the subject was called for to help clear up any questions around pet friendly holidays.

The companies that allow a dog to travel in the vehicle with their owners are Star RV, Apollo and Cheapa Campa. There is a fee – Apollo and Cheapa Campa charge $200 and Star RV charge $300 per pet, per hire.

small pug dog on car seat

Small and medium-sized dogs are permitted to travel with their owners in their motorhomes and campers. Dogs up to a “medium-sized” dog, which would probably cover most family pets, are permitted.

Generally, our suppliers advise that for 2 adults plus a small to medium dog a 4 berth vehicle is the minimum size. If your dog is a very small breed, they may permit 2 adults plus a four legged friend to travel in a Hitop or similar vehicle, however all such requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule we recommend booking a 4 berth or even a 6 berth motorhome if travelling with your family dog.

small dog on leash with man

At Salamanda Travel we are happy to guide you through the process and discuss your individual requirements with regard to travelling with your pet dog. We know that many of our customers would much prefer to have their furry friend with them on their holiday rather than leave them at home on their own to be fed by a neighbour or go into a boarding kennel.

If you have any questions or to would like to make a booking for a campervan holiday plus pet, please call us or send us an email.

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