How to Road Trip Like a Pro

How To Road Trip Like A ProWhen it comes to road trips and adventures, we’re confident enough to say that we know what we’re saying. We know just how thrilling self-drives could be, the love-hate relationship we have with the road and the satisfaction only discovery could bring. We’ve been in the biz for years so we know just how intimidating a road trip can be, too. The unknown routes, the preparation and all the rules can be so daunting that you might not even want to hop on the driver’s seat.

Oh but you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered what we learned while on the road and have listed them down for you, the reluctant camper. After reading this, we only hope that you grab the keys and get going! From the knows-how to the more abstract, here’s what we learned and what you need to know:

Here’s a rundown of things you need to have in check before you go:

Go On a Road Trip Like A Pro!

Navigate your way to the next destination. Photo from
Navigate your way to the next destination. Photo from
  1. Have some sort of navigation system. It’s important that you know where you’re going and how to get there but we understand that you don’t always know the routes. Nowadays, you can go from the traditional guide maps or the digital Google Maps to track where you’re going and where you currently are in real time. Other apps you can download for guides are Localeur and Route Planner. A lot of vehicles now come with navigation systems already installed. You might want to keep this in mind when shopping around for a new vehicle for your next road trip. You can find a wide selection of vehicles that are ideal for road trips on the Conklin Cars website. For more information, you can visit their website or even stop by and check out their used car lot.

  1. When worse comes to worst, that’s when you should start talking. Lose your pride and ask the tough questions whether from your campervan provider or the locals in the area. Ask for help in direction on navigating your way through a route or destination or how you can get your shower to run the hot water.

  1. Have a budget. It’s always good to have some sort of idea on how much you’ll be spending so you can plan ahead. Consider necessities and important supplies when budgeting. Also, it’s good to have an idea on the distances and so you can prepare yourself and all the things you need to bring.

The 3 Other Types of Fuel You’ll Need

Though we all know that it is important to gas up before you begin and when you need to (you really do not want an unprecedented stopover in the middle of the road), there are other kinds of fuel you’ll need for your trip.

Fill up on food fuel! Photo from
Fill up on food fuel! Photo from

Food is fuel too! Stock up on food for the road. Your body is much like the car you’re on so you’ll want to fuel it up to, especially for long haul drives. Make it easy with no mess snacks like trail mixes, nuts, fruits and chips. Do away with large meals that may spill all over the car and leave a foul odour.

Have a diverse playlist for your travel. Good music can go a long way to help you get you in the mood. There have been times when the roads were so long and music has definitely spike my energy level and give me more enthusiasm to hit the road. Music can also give you the calm you need on nights when all you want is just a satisfying sleep.

While driving or travelling alone can give you ample time to reflect about your current standing in life or help you learn more about yourself, having a reliable travel buddy can give you energy as much as the next big adventure. Having someone with you can make the long roads seem shorter and the hours go faster. It’s best to have a partner you can count on to have the same wavelength and wanderlust, as when you’re drained and out of battery, a simple talk can recharge you, and the other way around, too.

Keep in mind!

Have a road trip buddy! Photo from
Have a road trip buddy! Photo from
  1. Embrace the adventure. It’s important to condition yourself well before you even press the ignition. Whether it may be a long or short drive, think of it as one big adventure and not an arduous task that you’ll have to hurdle. Drive with a passion that can break walls and think of it as being able to spend quality time with yourself, your family your friends or everyone.

  1. Like we said, driving a campervan or motorhome is definitely like having seeing two sides of the coin all at once. For long drives, it’s okay to have plenty short breaks every once it in while to marvel at the a beautiful scenery or to simply have some fresh air to breathe.

  1. Have fun! This point should come as no surprise as the last in our list of tips. Although it has been said time and again that the fun lies in the destination, we cannot forget to always remember that the adventure and the journey can be as fun as getting to the destination if you let it!

Start travelling more today and we’ll help you bring that dream road trip to life! For campervan, motorhome and caravan hire, visit our website on

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