Campervan Rental Bonds, 5 things you need to know…

When will the bond I paid when I collected my campervan be reimbursed? This is definitely one of our frequently asked questions at Salamanda Travel.

Bond amounts payable on pickup of your campervan or motorhome vary. Some are debited from your credit card; some are “swipe only” which means the credit card is swiped and pre-authorisation given, but the amount is not actually debited. In this case, if the vehicle is returned intact the pre-authorisation is simply removed on the return of your camper, and will not show on your credit card statement.


The campervan supplier does debit your credit card with the bond amount in the case of Standard Liability and Liability Reduction Option 1 (read more about these options here), and also with Hippie Camper vehicles. The amount that is debited when you pick up your motorhome is returned to the same credit card within 15 working days after return of your hire vehicle, assuming all is well with the state of your campervan or motorhome when you return it.

If there is a delay, it may be from your own financial institution – some process the amounts faster than others.

Our major supplier, Apollo Motorhomes, is available for any questions regarding the refund of your bond amount after the vehicle has been returned. Their number within Australia is 1800 777 779 or worldwide on +800 3260 5466. Check their website for further contact info.


If your bond amount is not returned after 15 working days following the vehicle hire, please do contact the supplier in the first instance, as they are the ones who actually debited the money.

Of course at Salamanda Travel we are always here to answer your questions, so you can call us or send an email if in doubt about the return of your bond or any other question to do with your self-drive holiday.

We are currently available by phone Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 1:00am Australian Eastern standard time (AEST). Our toll free numbers are:

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