Help – I only drive an automatic (which campervans and RVs have automatic transmission?)

At Salamanda Travel we get quite a few enquiries from customers who are only licensed to drive vehicles with automatic transmission. So we thought we would list here which vehicles are an option for drivers who want to hire a campervan or motorhome that is guaranteed automatic.

interior campervan


All Apollo and Star RV vehicles in the USA have automatic transmission.


All vehicles in the Canadream fleet are automatic.

Australia & New Zealand

If your campervan hire is for Australia or New Zealand, the following vehicles from the Apollo Motorhomes and Star RV range are automatic:


  • The 4 berth Endeavour Camper
  • The 4 berth Apollo Euro Star
  • The 4 berth Apollo Euro Slider
  • The 4 berth Apollo Outback Camper

Star RV

  • the Aquila 2 berth
  • the Phoenix 4 berth
  • the Pegasus 4 berth
  • the Hercules 6 berth


The following vehicles consist of a fleet that is a mixture of automatic and manual (we can request an automatic vehicle, but it can’t be guaranteed):

  • Apollo Euro Deluxe 6 berth
  • Apollo Euro Camper 4 berth
  • Cheapa Campa 4 berth motorhome
  • Cheapa Campa 6 berth motorhome

Manual transmission only

In Australia and New Zealand, all Hippie Camper vehicles are manual transmission only.


Questions? Feel free to call Salamanda Travel.

Route 66: A Two-Thousand-Mile Road Trip made for RVs

Route 66 is the world famous highway from Chicago to Los Angeles. This historical route was originally built for American residents wanting to live The American Dream in California. Route 66 is 2,295 miles (3,680km) from start to finish, crosses eight different states and two time zones. No wonder this route is on many bucket lists – what about yours? Maybe it’s time to cross that one off and take a motorhome along the famous Route 66?

Once the road was opened in 1926 at least one hundred thousand Americans took their chances and drove from the poor mid-west to the riches awaiting in California. For exactly that reason travellers today drive the route in the same direction starting in Chicago. The route takes you through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Book your RV with Salamanda Travel and cruise your way through the USA at your own pace and in style!


Here are some tips for must-sees along the trip, just to make sure you don’t miss anything while you’re there.

Make sure you start your trip with some photos of the ‘End Historic route 66’ sign at one end of Route 66 in Chicago. You’ll find the sign at the intersection of Jackson Boulevard and Michigan Avenue.

After the first couple of miles you’ll come along the Meramec Caverns in Missouri, the limestone caves, probably the oldest stop along Route 66, and absolutely worth a visit. The best way to explore these caves is by raft or with a canoe rental.

Midpoint Cafe in the mid-west is one of the best places to stop for a drink and typical American – Texas size – meals. You’ll probably meet some other like-minded travellers while you’re here. In Texas you also find the Cadillac Ranch where 10 graffitied Cadillacs are buried nose-down in the ground. This ranch is one of the few places where you can release your inner artiste and graffiti some art of your own.

A must-see during the last days of your trip is the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Take in the magnificent views you will recognise from many a movie during sunrise or sunset, or hike through the amazing red rocks and see for yourself why this national park sees five million visitors every year.

Did a road trip on Route 66 yourself recently? We’d love to hear your thoughts and tips for other travellers!