5 WA Holiday Safety Tips

Western Australia is the biggest state in the commonwealth. Because of its size, it also guarantees a lot of surprises for both regular tourists as well as new backpackers and visitors of the golden state. A hired campervan can surely take you to your destination of choice, like from Perth to Broome or in Australia’s heartland – the Outback.

However, you must always remember to watch your step when travelling in the great wilderness of Western Australia, even if you are in a comfy Cheapa campervan. There are real dangers when you step out of your campervan and explore the vastness of the state, even if it’s at one of the pristine beaches or the national parks of your choice.

As the adage say: “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” So, we have prepared some important reminders for when you visit Western Australia or any other location in Australia, for that matter. So, read on and learn more about the things you can do at the dangerous destinations in the golden state.

Sun’s Out Guns Out!

BY Michael Theis

Apply as much sunscreen as possible before you go out. Western Australia is mostly hot, arid land. From the long coastline down to the orange sands of the Outback, you need to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Get the SPF50+ sunscreen that is highly recommended by experts in Australia. Also, remember to apply the lotion 30 minutes before exposing yourself to sunlight.

Although sunscreen would protect you from some of the harmful effects of UV exposure, it is also great to protect your eyes and face by wearing a good visor and a pair of sunglasses before stepping out.

Swim Safely

The beaches of Western Australia are famous for their cool blue waters and abundant marine life. However, most of the marine life dwelling in these calm seas are untamed. That is why you need to take some precaution when swimming in open water.

BY Tim Sneddon
The sea is full of sharks and other wild aquatic animals that have been thriving in the waters. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from fulfilling your dream vacation to, let’s say, swim with sharks.

Actually, there are great ways to enjoy being one with the marine wildlife of Western Australia.

Visit one of the many national parks in the state where you can observe marine animals at a safe distance, like the Aquarium of Western Australia. They offer tours where both kids and kids at heart can watch sharks up close, separated only by a thick industrialised strength glass.

If you’re a true adrenaline junkie, you can still swim with sharks under close supervision, of course. There are several tours in Western Australia that offer shark cage diving tours. You can observe these giant sea predators in their element inside the safety of a stainless steel cage.

Slithering Snakes

The Outback is teeming with of wildlife even if most of the region is covered by desert sand. The loose, orange-hued sand hides some of the most fantastic species of insect and snakes. One thing to remember while walking amidst low shrubs and the stony terrain is to be on the lookout for insects and reptiles that may be venomous. Their stings or bites could even be deadly if you are allergic to its toxic composition.

The best way to avoid these hidden desert creatures is to go on a tour of the Outback with a reliable guide. Or if you want a more intimate vacation, always follow the familiar footpath which has been used by previous visitors. Avoid taking off on your own, especially if you have never toured the desert before.

BY dilettantiquity

Being lost in the desert is something you would want to avoid. Aside from the creatures lurking in the sand, there is also the threat of dehydration if you wander too far from your campervan. Add to that, it would be very difficult to contact anyone using your mobile phone if you lose your way in the desert.

To avoid getting lost in the desert, it would be better to move in pairs so that you have enough resources as well as instant help when the need arises. Always bring a bottle of water when walking in the desert to avoid dehydration as you take in the smouldering beauty of the legendary Outback.

Wild Western Australia

The “Golden State” is home to many endemic species. These creatures live in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries where they can be observed by both locals and tourists at a safe distance. Some of the most popular animals in these parks are the kangaroos and wallabies.

BY Scott Calleja

Although you may be allowed to come close to these marsupials, you must approach with caution. Kangaroos could pack a wallop if they feel threatened. It is best not to provoke these animals by teasing them or showing them food that you do not intend to share with them. Those things might rub them in the wrong way.

The best way to observe these wild animals is at a safe distance. If you want to come close, at least have someone from the park

nearby so that you’ll have someone to assist you when something goes awry. Also, remember the other golden rule that is “do not feed the animals.” Most of the attacks were caused by people trying to feed these cuddly by wild animals.

Actually, this rule applies to all wild animals that you come close contact. No matter how cute or cuddly they may appear, they are still untamed and must be approached with caution.

Campfire Cares

BY badjonni

When you set-up a campfire in the woods, always remember to put it out before leaving the campsite. There had been incidents of bushfires caused by campfires that weren’t properly attended to.

Wildfires destroy several kilometres of forested areas, which would make several wildlife species homeless. Add to that, the plants that once covered the earth would take years to grow. These plants hold the soil together, which prevents soil erosion.

It is only common courtesy to put out your campfire properly before you leave the campsite. In this way, the next visitors would also have a great time in that holiday destination, just like you did.

So these are just some of the things you need to remember when going on a tour of Western Australia. What’s more important is that you enjoy every minute of your holiday. What other safety measures do you have in mind when touring the wilderness of Western Australia? We would love to hear from you. Connect with us on Facebook and on Twitter and share the destinations you’ve been while in a campervan holiday.