Top Things To Do in Brisbane

Things To Do In BrisbaneMuch has been said about city of Brisbane and the bustling metropolis that it is. The capital city, which is Queensland’s most popular and most populous, is social, sunny, and sophisticated; it has never been one to charm its visitors with an idle calm known in other regions in the land of OZ. In fact, as one of the top three cities for local and international travel in the country, it has always been the contrary.

With all there is in Brisbane, listing down the best might not be fair. There are literally hundreds of things to do, from going to the Cruise Agency Australia for a cruise to visiting the Koala Sanctuary, but we had to list down our picks and here they are, without further ado.

Things To Do in Brisbane

Eat Everything from Everywhere

Food in Brisbane is mouth-watering and tastebud-popping!
Food in Brisbane is mouth-watering and tastebud-popping!

Foodie or newbie, you’ll find Brisbane spellbindingly amazing and full to the brim with spectacular food. Food in Australia, like most parts of its culture, is largely influenced by its neighbours; all fusing into one giant (and awesome) pot of gold. The city is basically a mecca for all the best food not only from Australia but also from all over the world. Brissie takes it gastronomy seriously from bite-sized wonders, full course meals, great-tasting and classic wine and coffee, and the freshest produce from the street markets.

Here in Brisbane, discover delicious and explore endless food possibilities. Some of the must try hotspots are Sono Japanese Restaurant, La Vue Waterfront Restaurant and Miel Container for the a taste of authentic Aussie.

Find yourself having the time of your life kayaking in the Brisbane River.
Find yourself having the time of your life kayaking in the Brisbane River.

Adventure Awaits

Energetic and electric, suffice it to say that Brisbane is eclectic-one will not run out of things to do among the variety of activities. Whether it is for the entire family or for a group of thrill-seekers, there are adventures from mild to wild. Play or watch a game of rugby, cricket or tennis, cycle, paddle or kayak along Brisbane River, go on ghost tours in Toowong Cemetery with friends, or, better yet, simply go camping or even visit laser tag brisbane. Laser tag is sure to be a great activity! If you’re going out with the family, visit the Warner Brothers studio or Dreamworld.

Night falls in Brisbane but life never stops.
Night falls in Brisbane but life never stops.

Rest and Relax

We know, we know. We said that Brisbane isn’t really the place for relaxation but when you come to think of it, amid all the busy, there’s always a place where you can recharge and relax. After a full day’s worth of adventures in Brisbane overflowing plate, you need a day or two step back, relax and enjoy the silence. Go on a cruise in Brisbane River, one of the most sought-after things to do. If you crave for more idle ordeals, unwind and be one with nature in the City Botanic Gardens or at Roma Street Parklands.

Cool art and graffiti can be found in Brisbane's streets.
Cool art and graffiti can be found in Brisbane’s streets.

Art Appreciation

Upon your arrival in Brisbane, you’ll find that it is one of the most diverse places you’ll ever visit in Australia.The city is offers a mix of cultural influences from all over the world particularly in Asia and United Kingdom That being said, part of the variety that was passed on over generations is appreciation for art. The city’s calendar is bursting to the seams with festivals of art, music and entertainment. Aside from visiting one of the many museums, view public art displayed along the River. Plus, street art has been rampantly making waves; graffiti decorated (yes, decorated) on walls making the already young vibe even fresh

See all there is in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.
See all there is in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

Meetings and Greetings

Brisbane will welcome you with open arms on your visit here. The Brisbane Greeters will make you feel at home. They are a group of locals who “love the city so much” that they want to share with you what makes Brisbane so sunny, sophisticated and definitely social. See, you’ll never be actually travelling solo, after all!

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