Top Things To Do in Melbourne

Things To Do in MelbourneHearing the word Melbourne uttered by the locals is like music to everyone’s ears. It might just single-handedly be the reason why you want to visit the world’s most livable city. Those who live here are shamelessly proud of their city and, in fact, it’s not hard to understand why.

Often told to be comparable to great and internationally-known cities of New York and Paris. The city of Melbourne, which is also the coastal capital of its home state, has been making waves in the tourism industry since its makeover that started in 1835, after the discovery of gold. It’s booming wealth is what has brought it to magnificent heights. And now, it’s something that we all can enjoy!

If you happen to be travelling in Australia, make one of your stops (or make it your only stop) Melbourne in the southeastern state, Victoria. Even with four million residents you’ll find your place here. It has been said that Melbourne has been competing with its older brother, Sydney, for years, but we’ve listed down what makes the Second City the first in our wanderlust hearts.

Shall we get started on our self-drive adventure?

Here are top things to do in Melbourne:

Art and Architecture

When showered with beaches and coasts, perhaps Melbourne was the last to come—the scarcity of water attractions and aquatic destinations could prove this theory. Still, Melbourne was lucky enough to be gifted with an artistic hand—carving intricate buildings out of stone and colouring walls with a dose of urban art.

Melbourne’s streets are sprayed and brushed with street art so ingeniously thought of and expertly executed that they at gloriously at par with those in Berlin and New York. At the South Bank, meanwhile, you’ll see modern public art displayed in the tree-lined alleys. As for the architecture,  the streets of Collin, and Bourke will have you awestruck with the old-age charm of the buildings while Fed Square mixes old and new through its wondrous tenants.

Sports and Shower Houses

Are you a big fan of anything sports related? Well, Melbourne us too. The locals treat their sports here a religion—something they must have a dose of weekly, nay, weekly. The city is regarded widely as the world’s sports capital. Several sporting events are held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, a tantalizing arena that capitalises on being the place to play the sport. If you’re not entirely convinced, well just drop some truth bombs: Melbourne is home to the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Rules Football and the Australian Tennis Open.

Not really related to sports but similarly celebrated largely in Melbourne are the Brighton Bathing Boxes. Noted to be dating as far back as 1862, these World Heritage Listed figures are an icon in the city and a true wonder among all jewels.

Discovery and Adventure

We know that learning and recreation is not really uniquely Melbournian but is so full of twists and turns that missing out on any of this attractions will cause a serious problem on your road trip. After all, how can we neglect fun while self-driving?

First up is the Luna Park, one of the oldest in the world but definitely not one to put last on the list. Enjoy the historic and family-friendly amusement park’s whirlwind of attractions! The Australian Centre for the Moving Image, which is up next, presents you with an immersive experience in the world of film, television and digital culture. For culture, go to the National Gallery of Victoria, the Immigration Museum and for aquatic adventures, try the Seas Aquarium.

Home and Food

By now, we all know that the city of Melbourne is among the most livable cities not only Down Under but in the entire world are there are so many things to do! It has continuously and continually topped lists and research so that’s just no rumor. It’s a fact. But what does make it so anyway? According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s survey, the city scores a perfect rating in the areas of healthcare, education and infrastructure and tops other areas like culture, environment and stability. Its final rating: 97.5 out of a hundred.

Not among the factors that make a city livable (according to the survey) but surely of great importance to locals and travellers alike is the food. Head on to Queen Victoria Market for the city’s freshest of produce from artisanal products and homemade trinkets to seasonal fruits and the crispest of vegetables. Restaurants in Ligon and Acland street are the best. Enough said.

Coffee, of course

You really didn’t think we’d forget coffee did you? We’re just saving the best for last. Forget everything else we said about Melbourne and visit the city just because of its coffee. We’re serious. This is imperative.

The coffee capital introduces us to some lip-smackingly great new tastes and familiar fragrant blends in all of its corners and cafes. Must taste coffee places are Market Lane Coffee and Two Birds One Stone Cafe.

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We’ve got one thing to leave you with: just do it!

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