Top Things To Do in Queensland

Things to do in QueenslandYou can expect no time will be idle in Australia’s Sunshine City! After all, Queensland is not nicknamed so just for naught.

Concentrated mostly on the borders of the state are 14 points of interest just waiting to be discovered! You may find the drive through the coasts, one destination at a time, a bit off-putting but you’ll soon be perplexed by how much harder it is to leave for your next stop.

You’ll be begging to stay, even just for a few more moments, to marvel at the beauty of the state which is named after Queen Victoria, no less.

Ask the friendly locals and the most seasoned of travellers for the best way to press on Queensland, and they’ll answer simply by making you have a self-drive through a campervan or motorhome. From the teeming tropical North to the “wild, wild west” (Outback Queensland) down south we’ve listed the five destinations (and the top things to do) so you would never miss them.

Things to do in Queensland

Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef and tour the Daintree Forest in Tropical North Queensland

Step one means going a step back and a step upwards to Tropical North Queensland where we are tied between two of Australia’s World Heritage Sites.

The fantasies with the seas your adventurous soul craves for are satisfied. Plunge deep into the visual explosion that the Great Barrier Reef provides. A dive in the pristine sapphire waters will surge you to a marine wonderland of coral reefs, fishes and many other aquatic life.

The Daintree Forest, meanwhile, takes you on a journey seemingly back in time when the plains were lusciously green and the flora majestically diverse. Zipline through the dense forest and feel a fresh rush of cool wind blow through you. Feel even more rush with 4WD adventures plus exciting water sports.

Frolick in the Whitsundays

Still and tranquil, The Whitsundays is a haven for those who seek respite. Crystal clear aquamarine married with splashes of teal and indigo water envelope the islands of pearly and powdery-white sands often accompanied by a luscious emerald expanse.

The mystifying 74 islands of The Whitsundays are most notable for being unparalleled. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you as what are found on photographs translate to reality, stunning you with the vistas that would never, in a million years, disappoint.

Australia Zoo adventure in the Sunshine Coast

Perhaps the reason why Queensland is aptly described as eclectic is because of the elaborate blend of adventure and relaxation found within its borders. When the former ravenously dictates, the Australia Zoo is the sure way to have the ultimate wildlife adventure. Located an hour north of Brisbane, go on unique encounters with wildlife, join on conservation projects and learn more about animals in the Australia Zoo.

Wine from the Southern Queensland Country

While many a natural adventure can be found within the Queensland frontiers, nothing beats the relaxation the sound of exquisite wine being poured for your own pleasure. In the Southern Queensland Country, you are spoiled, in the best possible way, with all things bright and beautiful.

The tour will never be completed without a pour of some of the best-tasting wines from award-winning wineries made fresh by local producers; their smiles aplenty and charm captivating.

Sleep under the star-studded skies of Outback Queensland

If there is a place you’d want to call home while on the road in Queensland, one that you would never expect to welcome you with open arms is the Outback, found on the west side of the region. The Outback may be far from comfort, challenging you in ways that will give you battle scars to boast about but this is exactly the reason why you’ll fall in love.

If that’s not enough for you, consider a night under its starry skies, dream-like but real, sleep in the town of Charleville.

You’ll never want to visit elsewhere when you see the wonders of Queensland. Some may even begin to say that its beauty is otherworldly, and in this lovely state, that might just be a possibility. Travel today with Salamanda Travel! Book a vehicle today and enjoy low rates and specials! Follow our Facebook page and Twitter and stay connected!

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