Top 10 Famous Celebrity RV Fanatics

Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrity cruises around town? Well now you know – in an RV! Recreational vehicles are a popular means of travel for thousands of everyday people, but over the years, many celebrities have also fallen in love with the freedom and privacy offered by RV’s. Even if this is not used all the time, when it does come to finally get the vehicle of out of rv garages, it will all be worth it! No matter what you call them – recreational vehicles, mobile homes, campervans or motorhomes – they all offer the perfect home away from home for singles, couples, families and now celebrities.

We have compiled a list of 10 famous celebrities who just love traveling in an RV camper, starting with American actor Matthew McConaughey.

1. Matthew McConaughey (USA Actor)

Matthew’s chiselled abdominals often grab the headlines, but the American actor’s love of campervans is fast becoming known outside the normal RV circles. The star owns a customized Airstream trailer (nicknamed the “Canoe”) that he travels in for both work and pleasure. As he states, “there’s nothing not to like about it. The freedom of being able to pull up, stop, power up anywhere you want – beach or whatever. Set up and have your front yard different every single day.” He is a big advocate of RV’s and even won the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association Spirit of America Award in 2007.

2. Jeff Daniels (USA Actor)

Jeff is another American actor and musician who enjoys hitting the road in an RV, particularly with his family. The star of Terms of Endearment, Gettysburg, Arachnophobia, Jeff likes the closeness that traveling in an RV brings to his kids, saying “You’re driving with them and talking to them at the age of eight. It became this adventure and they learned to love it. You connect, you really do.” Coincidentally, Daniels also starred in the RV (Runaway Vacation) movie alongside Robin Williams, playing the father of a wacky RV-loving family.

3. Bode Miller (USA Olympic Skier)

Well known for taking out the gold medal in the Super Combined event at the 2010 Winter Olympics, Bode Miller is also a campervan enthusiast. He owns a Concorde Liner that he often takes to training camps and competitions. This allows him to avoid spending weeks on end in different hotel rooms and minimizes the hassle of having to unload and load his ski equipment and luggage all the time.

4. Davis Love III (USA Golf Professional)

Everyone always wants the best deal for their campervan hire holiday, but when you are a celebrity in the golfing world, why not just buy the best there is? Over 5 years ago Love paid US$1.25 million for a 45-foot RV that he often travels in to golf tournaments around the US. His house on wheels offers all of the amenities of a luxury hotel, minus the chocolates and turn-down service. He says that RV’ing helps ease the stress while on the tour and he likes the convenience of having all of his belongings in one spot. “Having all your clothes in the motorhome and not having to pack suitcases, you can get used to that. Plus we can take our motorcycle. It fits right underneath”. Of course.

5. Pamela Anderson (USA Celebrity)

For sale! A 2001 Airstream RV complete with round vibrating bed, stripper pole and a mirror ball. This special RV also comes with mirrored ceilings, white carpeting and playboy bunny logos on some of the furnishings. You may know more about the owner (one Pamela D. Anderson) than you care to admit, but don’t let that scare you off. Originally a gift from Hugh Hefner, this RV is sure to be a talking point at the next caravan park BBQ. The “Lovestream” is a bargain at only US$100,000!

Check back soon for our 5 remaining celebrity RV fanatics…

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