Top 10 Famous Celebrity RV Fanatics – Part 2!

Here’s the rest of our Top 10 Celebrity RV lovers…

6. Robert DeNiro (USA Actor)

Bigger is always better in the US and Robert DeNiro’s personal RV is no exception! His $2 million motorhome is 3-storeys high and comes with 11 plasma TVs and climate control system. This is handy when he is on a movie set and uses the motorhome for a make-up room and dressing area. Catering for up to 30 people, you would think DeNiro’s RV must be used for the occasional wrap party with so much room to offer.

7. Dolly Parton (USA Singer)

For all the show and spectacle that is Dolly Parton, the famous country singer is more than comfortable in her RV camper with husband Carl Thomas Dean. Dolly is a big fan of RV travel and enjoys heading out into nature with her cozy home away from home. Certainly, there are some comforts of home that just can’t be found in a hotel room. And it helps when the RV comes with china plates, a nice big shower and a very well lit vanity mirror. Dolly could easily escape the city life and hit the road in her motorhome, perhaps for a drive to Dollywood? Dolly recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the theme park’s opening.

8. Lisa Curry Kenny (Australian Swimming Champion)

Lisa is a big fan of campervan hire after renting an RV in the USA with her family. “We had a campervan in the US and that was lots of fun because we could stop wherever we wanted to. We’d park and we’d wake up in the morning and there’d be snow on the ground or there’d be a great view. We were free to go wherever, whenever we wanted”. If she ever wants to explore her own backyard in a campervan, there are lots of campervan hire options to choose from in Australia.

9. Jamie Oliver (UK Chef)

Jamie Oliver is famous for his culinary creations, but his split-screen Volkswagen campervan is almost as famous as the chef himself. The 1959 VW Samba campervan was restored by Jamie and fitted with a Porsche engine, but that didn’t stop it breaking down numerous times during Jamie’s cooking adventures through Italy in his early T career. Mind you, it was towing a heavy trailer that doubled as a makeshift kitchen, so it was probably to be expected. But Jamie managed to complete the tour and his classic campervan is still alive and kicking…just. With his busy schedule and hugely popular TV shows, Jamie may not get out as much in his campervan as he would like, but his trusty little camper will be ready to hit the road again when he is.

10. Jensen Button (British F1 Driver)

Jenson Button is a British Formula One racing driver who also owns a 1956 VW campervan. He recently took his campervan for a late-night spin around London after visiting a club in Park Lane. Not really sure what the point of the jaunt was, but he would have definitely been travelling at a lot slower pace than he’s used to! He also teamed up with fellow racing driver Lewis Hamilton to promote the 2010 Formula 1 British Grand Prix by driving around in a 1966 VW campervan and giving out free tickets to the event. Click on VW Campervan to view the footage.

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