Top 5 Things To Do in Hobart, Tasmania

Your first step in Hobart is unmistakably deceptive. The peace that envelopes the capital city of Tasmania, Australia’s southernmost state, makes it hard to believe that it once was a penal colony. Through the years, however, Hobart has successfully found its silver lining, rapidly growing as a city on its own; creating a community that has long since outgrown the prejudices and pretexts of its history.

Almost reaching the bottom of the world is not the end but a string of new beginnings. Little is known about Hobart’s tourism, but it certainly is one that strives to create a name for itself. Hobart has long since become an open home; one that is slowly being frequented by travellers and visitors who are always on the lookout for the next big thing.

Things To Do in Hobart

Mount Wellington

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There is no use beating around the bush and the best way to begin is to see everything. Mount Wellington dominates the city’s skyline with its almost always snow-capped peak scraping the clouds sometimes even during the summer. Mount Wellington has landed the spot as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hobart. The 1270-metre mountain is drivable through sealed roads while outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, bush walking or horse riding are possible for adventure seekers.

It’s pull is not easy to resist: it is the perfect point for a near-360 view of the surroundings including Hobart, to where much of its foothills are built, the Derwent River and valley to the east and the port found outskirting the city along the Southern Ocean.

The Museum of Old and New

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The past certainly brings a hope of a better future in Hobart. Marrying the past and the present to create a collection of stark contrasts, the Museum of Old and New (MONA) is one of the most well-known museums not only in Tasmania but also in the entire country. The museum, which is also the largest privately-funded museum in Australia, is perched with the Moorilla winery.

Although half of its name may denote the museum to be historical, it much less so. Emphasis lies on the ‘new’ as MONA presents a contemporary collection of modern, progressive and often controversial (due to the dark nature of some) art pieces. The museum has been making waves across the international art scene and has tapped a many art enthusiasts and travellers although being one of the relatively newer attractions (opened on 21 January 2011). Even without anything inside, the building is an exciting, creative and vibrant artwork on its own.

Bruny Island

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If there’s one cruise that you are to take in Tassie, the it has got to be in Bruny Island. Located 56 kilometres south of Hobart, it is the destination to go to if one is looking for a relaxing tour. Many say that it’s natural beauty rival those located in mainland Australia; even going as far as saying the island surpasses in terms of being unspoilt and untouched. The tour will take you closer to nature with encounters with wildlife such as seals, dolphins, albatross and even whales. The view is splendid; with natural rock formations creeping out from the water.

There are many ways to visit the Bruny Island but cruising is one of the more popular ones. The Bruny Island cruises provide any kind of trip you are looking for whether it’s a slow, relaxing course to high-adrenaline rides in jet boats much like being in a 4WD but in the water.

Battery Point

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If you’re not entirely convinced that Hobart is a place of contrasts, then you might not have been to Battery Point. Being here is akin to arriving via wormhole back in time. The architecture is reminiscent of their colonial origins. A walk will take you back to the 1830’s, when the city was young; while its old world charm will captivate your eagerness for a quiet respite.

The suburb is not only dotted with homes to where most people would love to move in. Many coffee shops and restaurants give a subtle vibrancy to it’s otherwise quaint nature. On Saturdays, people flock to the Salamanca Market; a positive hubbub of trinkets, goods and food of reasonable price and of great variety.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

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There might come a point when everything has been said and done in Hobart.  But, there is something truly revitalizing about getting in touch with nature and in Hobart, the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden does just the trick. With all the activities you’ll be doing, the Garden will relax you from being travel tired.

The Royal Tasmanian Gardens does not run out of great reviews from travellers and tourists making it one of the top-rated attractions in the city. An entire day’s trip will not be enough to enjoy the cascading vines, beautiful shrubbery and the blooming flowers. The cloud over your head is sure to dissipate upon seeing the lively greens, a cornucopia of colourful flowers and the energetic birdlife.

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Things To Do in Hobart

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