Weird Food in Australia That Will Make You Want To Travel

Weird Food in AustraliaThere’s a lot of strange things that have been around us recently. Still, nothing beats what we’ve been thrown at in the past. From crazy happenstances and food, we can say that we’ve had our fair share of the mysterious.

Speaking of weird, we know that there are a lot of weird food going on in our neighbour’s borders.

One of the most known weird street food in the Philippines is the Balut—a developing duck that has been boiled alive in its shell. It’s even known as an aphrodisiac, though that is up for a debate, perhaps fire up an explicit site like and test it out one day?! In Mexico, they have Tequila worms. China eat starfish and a lot of other, um, unusual things while in Cambodia, thy eat fried spiders. That last one could be a solution to end all the deadly arachnids in Australia but we’ll have to research on that first.

Weird Food in Australia

We might have been a wee bit influenced by our brothers and sisters and so, without further talk, here are four weird food in Australia that will make you want to travel! (Just for the thills!)

Vegemite or Marmite

We know, we know. It’s one of our staple favourites so how can it be weird? You see, other people (the weaklings) have never tried it while those who dared just never want to taste the yeast extract that we so love.

Witchetty Grub

This one’s a famous bushmeat food from the indigenous and was eaten whilst they were in the deserts. The grub can be eaten in two ways. When taken raw, it is said to taste like almonds, meanwhile, when lightly cooked and put to crisp, it can taste like chicken with the consistency of eggs.


Crocodiles have become a large part of Australia’s delicacies although they are not quite common. While they are protected in many countries, some restaurants in the serve them and the taste is said to be a cross between chicken and crab!


This marsupial is a true Australian icon. Once you see even just a silhouette, you’ll know that we’re talking about Land Down Under. What you probably didn’t know is that due to the immense population, they’re also a delicacy in the country. Kangaroo meat is low in fat and high in protein and its flavours is gamey.

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