What to Pack and Bring for a Campervan Hire Holiday

Your flights are finally confirmed, the dog is booked into the local kennel and your hire campervan is ready for your big adventure across Australia. Now comes the fun part – packing!

If you are travelling in a campervan for the first time, you may be wondering what you should pack for your camper holiday. What comes in the campervan already? What do I have to bring myself? We have outlined some helpful info below to answer these questions and ensure that you don’t forget anything important.

As a starting point, it is handy to know what comes in your campervan or motorhome already. There’s no point on doubling up on anything, especially when your luggage space is at a premium. All Australian campervans and motorhomes come with kitchen equipment. This includes all crockery and cutlery such plates, cups, knives, pots and pans, etc. Generally there is nothing else that you need to bring to cook yourself a yummy meal or enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee. Please note that the smaller campervans will only have the basics but the larger motorhomes will have fully-equipped kitchens with all utensils and some extras (like electric kettles and toasters).

If your campervan comes with a shower and toilet, you will be supplied with a small amount of toilet chemicals and toilet paper. But you will need to bring your own soap, shampoo and other toiletries. Some companies like Apollo provide a “Welcome Pack” which contains small samples of dishwashing liquid, shampoo, conditioner and other items to get you by on your first night. All campervans and motorhomes come with enough bedding for everybody onboard so unless you can’t sleep without your favourite pillow or blanket, there is no need to bring any extra linen. The only item you may wish to bring is your own beach towel so that your supplied bath towel remains exclusively for bathroom use.

So what should you pack? Apart from the obvious like clothing, toiletries and electrical items (camera, phone, etc), some items you may not have thought of are:

  • Soft luggage bags: these store away a lot easier than hard suitcases. But if you do have hard suitcases, you can unpack your belongings into the vehicle and leave the suitcase at the branch (only if you are returning to the same branch). Most rental companies offer this facility but please check ahead of time. If you are doing a one-way rental, you will just need to store your suitcase in the vehicle as best you can (most cupboards are too small although some of the larger motorhomes now come with outside storage lockers).
  • Alarm clock or watch: although you are on holidays, you may wish to be on the road by a certain time, so an alarm will help you stay on schedule. If you prefer to use your mobile phone as an alarm clock, don’t forget your phone charger and electrical plug adaptor (if needed).
  • Thongs/Sandals/Flip Flops: whatever you call them, a pair of cheap sandals will be your best friend when using communal campground bathrooms. You can leave them outside your vehicle for those midnight trips to the bathroom (if you don’t have the convenience of your own onboard facilities).
  • Torch: also handy when nature calls in the early hours and also good for general foraging through cupboards and bags in the middle of the night. A torch also serves as a reading light if you don’t want to disturb your sleeping travelling companions.
  • Plastic bags: you will almost certainly be doing some food shopping for your campervan holiday so don’t throw out any plastic bags that you collect. The bags can be used to store dirty laundry, wet bathers and towels, excess garbage and the like. Zip-lock plastic bags are also good to store left-over food.

Most importantly, remember that you can always buy supplies once you arrive at your destination, so don’t panic if you have forgotten anything. You will be collecting your campervan or motorhome from a major city within Australia so you won’t be far from a supermarket or convenience store. So if you want to save some room in your luggage for other gear, then plan on buying certain items (like soap, washing powder, etc) once you arrive. Happy packing!

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