The Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Travel

Why You Should TravelYou’ve dreamed it, planned it in your head, saved tabs on your computer for destinations, checked the cheapest flights and talked about it with your friends but you still have not come around to actually doing it. You say you have wanderlust but the only travelling you have done are the commutes to and from work over and over again. You’ve memorized the road, the streets, and even the faces of people you meet like they were drawn at the back of your hand.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the top reasons why you should travel, whether you are in your twenties or at your prime.

Why You Should Travel

Travel to feel

There comes a point when you wake up and see things differently. The usual routine doesn’t seem right or the mandatory morning coffee just doesn’t do the trick anymore. Almost like a robot, you’ve been reduced to functioning according to what is required that you might have forgotten how it is to ‘feel’. The good news is that’s just the glitch you need!

Breakaway from your routine and take a risk! Book a flight or a campervan with Salamanda Travel now or go to a cruise! Even if you’re not entirely sure if you’ll be free on those days. Make yourself available. There is a lot out there that is waiting to be felt, to be seen (up close and personal) and to be experienced!

Travel to discover

The sheer size of the Earth alone should give you an idea of how much there is to discover! Every country (nay, even just another city) is different. With travelling, you can learn about diverse modern and traditional cultures that will help you understand the nature of people, discover the birth, the growth, and sometimes the end of a nation or empire through it’s history, open your eyes to different beliefs and heritages or marvel at how beautiful a place is. Plus, given the chance, you can even learn a new language or two!

Travelling not only gives you the opportunity to discover about the place you’ll be going to; surely you’ll discover more about yourself. The thing is, you never really know if you like something until you’ve tried it and the same goes about the things you’ll discover. You could find out the career you really want to be in, get a new set of skills or discover hobbies that were otherwise unknown  to you.

Travel to unwind

You might be thinking you don’t deserve a break because you haven’t met any of your goals. But really, don’t we all deserve a vacation? Sometimes, being away will be good for you. It relaxes your mind from the conundrums of work or life in general, it could give you a new perspective to an issue you’ve been hard-pressed trying  to solve or simply, you just need to give your body a rest.

Everyone needs a day off, now all you are required to do is have one that will be meaningful as well as meeting your needs and desires.

Travel to meet

There is more to the world than your immediate surroundings and your social circles. Travelling helps you meet other people and perhaps gain insights and see the world through their eyes. Expose yourself beyond your horizons and talk to people. Build meaningful relationships with someone from across the globe.

There are many perks that go along with meeting other people while travelling. Someone could help you get your itinerary in order and teach you of places not found on the Internet. It’s also important to try and talk to socially diverse people to better understand cultures and maybe even discover a few more things about yourself in the process.

Travel to experience

Wouldn’t it be great to one day look back, remember what has been and have a silly smile on your face because of all the amusing experiences you had?

Travel for the food that you’ve never tasted or only heard about. Although there may be “authentic” versions near you, nothing beats the taste of the food’s home country. Travel for the activities you’ve been meaning to challenge. Go on heart-pounding adventures and thrilling experiences. Step out of your comfort zone. Most of all, travel for yourself. Whether you earn battle scars or you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face for months, wisdom originates from experiences and that is something money cannot buy.

Travel to connect and disconnect

Connect to the real world and unplug from the digital. Nowadays, you’ll find a lot of  people glued to some kind of screen from phones and tablets to laptops and desktop computer. You might be one that abhors it or is gratuitously unaware of the fact but all you really need is a quick break.

Although it could be good to see images through the lens, it’s better to actually be able to be there. When I say be there, I mean breathe the air, taste the food, talk to the people or be one with nature, and many more.

Travelling is a way to make memories, if not a way of life. Every place has a story but with travelling, you’ll have your own stories to tell. When it all comes down to it, travelling is a learning process. Go on adventures, go exploring, take that leap of faith and experience. Experience because it’s the best thing that could happen to you.

Why should you travel? Because you can!

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